The Third Trimester Life

Have you seen those memes that say something to the affect of “When you’re pregnant, shaving your legs is an Olympic Sport”?  I always thought that meme was funny.  Maybe even clever.

But now that I’m three and a half weeks from my due date, I’m not finding it so humorous.  😉  Forget shaving…  I can barely handle putting on my pants.  Between  Kaitlyn practicing future ballet moves and digging her chubby toes into my ribcage, the sciatica that’s sending intense pain down my lower back and legs, the exhaustion and breathlessness of anemia, and the ginormous belly?  I can’t bend or get comfortable or walk.  I’m at the point that I have to sit down to just put on my makeup, because I don’t have the energy to stand.  I have to sit down to prepare dinner.  I have to sit down to put on my shoes.

I even have to sit down to eat chocolate if I want to enjoy it!


I do have this really awesome, penguin waddle going on though.  It’s totally sexy.  I feel like a confident, watermelon-toting Victoria’s Secret model marching down the runway.  Nate seriously can’t take his eyes off me…  (Although I have my suspicions that he’s sympathetically grimacing in pain while he watches me hobble by.  My belly looks as heavy as it feels these days.  I’ve officially passed the cute stage…  left behind the watermelon smuggler phase…  and now I’m entering blimp territory).   

I don’t even know how it’s possible that the 9 months aren’t up yet.  This third trimester really has been never-ending.

50 Funny Pregnancy Memes That Will Make You Pee Without Even Sneezing:

However, during this time, I’ve also mastered the art of kicking things into the air and catching them, which is quite impressive.  Bending down to pick things up is SO two months ago.  Even Brady is in awe of my mad reflexes.  I’m thinking of submitting a tape of myself and applying for America Ninja Warrior.  (I’ll bet being a mom has prepared me for most of the obstacles.  As for the warped wall, all they need to do is put a cup of iced coffee at the top, and – let me tell you – I’d make it up there in record speed.  Not even sure if my sneakers would need to touch the ground to get me up there…).

Image result for warped wall

In all seriousness though, this pregnancy has been completely different than my pregnancy with Brady.  I was so energized and active during that third trimester.   Of course, in between the energized activity, I did have time to nap and rest.  That doesn’t happen these days…  This time around, things have been much harder, because I’m constantly chasing after an ever-energetic little tyke.  (I feel like I’m even chasing him during the moments that I’m sitting down to pee.  I don’t know how that’s humanly possible, but – trust me – I do it.  Bathroom breaks are seriously no longer breaks…  It’s like trying to relieve yourself while being locked in a restroom with a wild monkey).  

Thanks to the added exhaustion and physical exertion, my body doesn’t seem to want to cooperate, resulting in more uncomfortable and painful pregnancy symptoms than last time.  And most times, my strong-willed toddler cooperates just as well.  😉   His favorite words right now are “in five minutes, Mama” or “no thanks.”


The more I reply with “No, Mama, needs you to listen now,” the more he seems to retreat into his little toddler world of Mickey Mouse, icecream, bubbles, and puppies.  Seriously, men get a bad rap for selective hearing, but toddlers have turned that into an art.  They really do live in their own little world!  I say “green beans,” and he hears “icecream”.  I say “time to change your bum,” and he hears “time to dump out all the blocks and play.”  I say “time to put your coat on,” and he hears “let’s dance”.


It’s a good thing that he’s cute, lovable, absolutely hilarious, and my entire world.  Because he’d be in trouble otherwise.  But, you know, despite the insanity, I just can’t imagine my long, exhausting days without him!  And he really is SUCH a good little boy.  He’s just, well, a toddler.  We’ve all had to go through that stage and drive our mothers a little crazy.  It’s like a requirement for growing up…

But yes, three and a half weeks.  That’s it.  That’s all that’s standing between me and meeting my precious baby girl.  And then, this will ALL be worth it… right down to the hairy legs, swollen feet, and out-of-control hormones.

For now, I’m going to do my best to see the humor.  To focus on our beautiful prize.  To be the best preggo mom that I can possibly be.  And to practice that sexy penguin waddle.  After putting in all this effort to learn it, I don’t want to forget how to do it just because I’m not pregnant anymore!  😉

50 Funny Pregnancy Memes That Will Make You Pee Without Even Sneezing:

Pregnancy is SUCH a blessing…  but it’s also a tough – often uncomfortable – journey.  Do you have a funny pregnancy story to share?




Preggo Journal – Week 28 Recap

How Far Along – I’m 29 weeks tomorrow.   (You guys, that means there are only 10 weeks left until my C-section.  Gasp!!  This is all flying by SO fast)!!

Baby Name:   Kaitlyn Marie

First and Second Pregnancy, Comparison Pics:  

THEN –  (2014)

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, outdoor, nature and water

NOW (2017) –

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, tree and outdoor

I’m Craving / Disliking:   Craving rootbeer (that seems to be pretty typical for me when ‘m pregnant), fresh fruit, chocolate, and bread.  Nothing much has changed there…  😉   Still not a fan of meat and some vegetables.

Exercise:  I did a ton of walking with Nate in Boston on our Babymoon, so I’m counting it!!

A Moment I Don’t Want to Forget:  Nate and I enjoyed a Babymoon in Boston.  (Don’t worry, I’ll be blogging about that in the next day or so).  🙂

Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and nature

Something I Miss:  I do miss cute clothes…  My wardrobe is extremely limited right now, so I wear a lot of repeat outfits.  (Hey, a mom has to do what a mom has to do).  But even more than that, I miss having energy and being able to bend down.  Ha, ha.

Sleep:  Still sleeping well!  🙂

To-Do List Completions:  My parents stayed at our house to watch Brady when Nate and I went on our Babymoon, so we cleaned / organized the upstairs where they would be sleeping.  Now our goal is to keep everything neat and tidy.  (Since I’m scheduled for a repeat C-section, I’ll be out-of-commission for several weeks; so I want to get everything as clean as possible before that).  🙂   I also cleaned / organized the pantry and dropped off several bags of gently-used baby clothes to Salvation Army.

Purchases:  For me – I finally broke down and bought a pair of Sketcher’s, walking shoes.  I’ve been living in flats and boots, and my feet have been killing me because of it.  I feel like a new woman now that I can walk comfortably!  Seriously, why did I wait so long to buy new shoes??

Image may contain: one or more people and shoes

For the baby – I bought two ADORABLE outfits from Macy’s (because they were on sale for 60 percent off at only $7 each)!  And my parents bought us a new stroller, since our other stroller decided to bite the dust.  I actually don’t have too much left to buy now, which is great!  

Symptoms:  I was just diagnosed with anemia, so many of my symptoms are actually related to that.  (Nausea, shortness of breath, extreme exhaustion, weakness, pale lips, irritability.  Well, okay fine, maybe not the irritability…  But let’s just blame that on the anemia and call it a day, shall we?).   🙂

I need to eat more iron-rich foods in addition to taking an iron supplement, so hopefully that will help.  Honestly, ‘m realizing that the third trimester is going to be a LOT harder this time around.  I felt pretty great last time at this point, but I’m now chasing after an energetic toddler.  So I’ve been cramping, uncomfortable, achy, and experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions…  I’m just really, really tired; and my body is screaming at me to slow down already.  I don’t want to go into labor early, so I’m doing my best to listen when I can.

Final thought:  I feel  like I should start working on a hospital bag (or at least on a list of things I plan to pack in my hospital bag).  So maybe I’ll start that this week!



Never Too Early To Give Thanks

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.

Even as a child, I embraced its warmth and simplicity…  Unlike the Christmas holiday that follows (which I still happen to adore), it easily avoids the hype and over-the-top commercialism.  It’s main focus is giving thanks for what you have.  Appreciation.  Counting one’s blessings.  Thanking God.

Family, faith…

and food.

I fully expect Thanksgiving to be different this year, as my due date is the day before the holiday.  If I go into labor early, I’ll be home caring for a precious little miracle by the time November 27th rolls around.  If I go late, I’ll probably be a little too uncomfortable to run from my parent’s house to my in-law’s house, as we normally do.  And if I’m on time, well, we’ll be eating a turkey dinner in the hospital’s recovery room.  😉


No matter what, I’ll be especially thankful this year for what we have.  And we’ll see family around Thanksgiving, even if it’s not on the day itself.  So I’m surprisingly okay with realizing that this year will be so different.  I guess knowing that we’re going to meet our baby boy so soon is enough to leave me positively happy, no matter what.  🙂  And I also know that different doesn’t always mean not-as-good.

It will be a memorable year, for sure, even if it doesn’t follow in the path of past traditions.  Sometimes different is okay, especially when you focus on the positive that comes with it, instead of comparing your current situation to the way things used to be.  (And next year things will go back to normal, just in time for Brady to turn one).  🙂

That being said, I wanted to make sure that my hubby didn’t miss out on the food part of Thanksgiving this year, so we celebrated together just a ‘few’ days early.  😉  You know, just in case!  So on Saturday, I made a herbed turkey breast in the crockpot, along with garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, nutmeg butternut squash, cranberry sauce, stuffing…

…AND pumpkin pie, of course!

My hubby was pretty excited about it and kept gushing, “Thank you, Babe!  Thank you!”  It was pretty cute!

As everything simmered and baked, our house began to smell just like Thanksgiving!  It put me in such a good mood and brought back memories of Thanksgivings past.  As we ate our dinner (oh, so yummy), I thanked God for all of my many blessings.  (AND I was especially thankful that our turkey dinner carried us over for two more suppers, which meant I didn’t have to make dinner for those two nights!  Ha, ha).

Even if it’s a little early to say Happy Thanksgiving, it’s definitely never too early to give thanks.  🙂

What’s your favorite holiday?

Retail Therapy

I haven’t shopped at a mall for months.  The last time I went, it was so hot out that I was wearing flip flops, a tank top, and shorts.  And my only destination for that trip was Motherhood Maternity to pick up a few more maternity tops and necessities.  Other than that, I’ve been living at Babys’R’Us and taking advantage of their expectant moms parking.  (It’s pretty much the only store that has such conveniently placed parking spots, and I could hug them for it).

So I was most definitely aching for a trip to the mall that wasn’t quite so practical.  As I had no plans on Friday, I knew that it was now or never.  Once baby Brady arrives, it will be a good while before I’m up to venturing out in public, never mind shopping at a mall.  And while these next couple of weeks will be perfect for finalizing last-minute things (like finishing the nursery, packing a hospital bag, and prepping freezer meals), I also think it’s important to rest… and maybe squeeze in a few fun things that will probably be put on hold for awhile!  🙂

Much to my surprise, the stores are already coming out with Christmas things…  Normally I might be tempted to rant about how it’s way too early and how they’re skipping over my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving).  But I quickly remembered that I won’t be Christmas shopping at the malls this year, as I’ll be home snuggling with a newborn; so it made me rather happy to immerse myself in all things red, green, and wintery.

Hmmm, it kind of makes me want to plan an early Christmas-shopping trip with my sister this weekend, along with our traditional gingerbread cookie baking.  Yeahhh, I think we might have to do that. 

Maybe we should even do a vlog…  Okay, now I’m getting excited! 

My only purchases were actually from Old Navy, as I was pleasantly surprised by their selection of clothes.  Then again, there wasn’t a store I went in that didn’t leave me feeling elated and slightly giddy.  It’s just been so long since I’ve browsed racks of non-maternity clothes.  I’m pretty sure that I would have skipped through the aisles if I didn’t feel so heavy…  But instead, I rocked this really cool, over-the-top-happy pregnancy-swagger (not to be mistaken with a waddle, which is not-so-cool).

These flannel pajama pants are SO crazy comfy and will perfect for the cold evenings this upcoming winter.  (I needed a new pair, because the ones I wear now have a nice tear along the side, thanks to being stretched out by my belly).  Ha, ha.  So I guess you could say that this purchase was both fun AND practical.

(Am I the only one who gets really excited about a new pair of pajamas)?


I also bought this over-sized, long-sleeved T, which fit despite not being maternity.  It’s really comfy, so I thought it’d make a great lounging outfit for when I return home from the hospital.  I’ll want to look presentable, as I expect visitors to pop in and out, but – at the same time – I fully intend to put comfort first.  😉

I found these leggings, which I plan to wear with the long-sleeved T and a sleep-shirt I purchased from Motherhood.  They’re so festive and wintery, perfect for comfort during the holiday season!  (They feel like pajamas but are also cute enough to wear when visitors come a’calling).

leggins 2

AND last, but not least, I couldn’t resist buying this Ooh, La, La sweater.  It pretty much fits now as well, although it will fit a lot better once I’m not quite so pregnant.  😉

Oh, new clothes, how I missed you!

Everything else I purchased was practical, which meant that I went home without purchasing this giant, stuffed Olaf.  😉  I figured that I probably wouldn’t be able to convince Nate that this was just a really expensive body pillow and that cuddling with it at night would help me sleep better.  Ha, ha.

Gosh he’s cute!

Anyway, that night, I found a comfy spot on the couch, cuddled with my two fur-babies, and online-shopped to just about finish my Christmas shopping.  Score!!  🙂

Now THAT was a fun day!!!  🙂



Everything is Awesome

Going forward, my doctor’s appointments are now going to be on a weekly basis, since I’ve reached week 36.  What, what!?!  Four weeks left (or possibly even less) until the newest member of our family arrives!

Up to this point, the appointments been very noninvasive…  The visits have consisted merely of my stepping on the scale (always the scariest moment of the appointment, as I hold my breath and hope for a healthy weight-gain), getting my blood-pressure taken, listening to baby’s heartbeat, and then chatting with the doctor a bit.  And as far as the chatting with the doctor goes, even that has been pretty minimal.  This pregnancy has just been so easy and uncomplicated that I rarely have questions and concerns.

At the end of the day, any discomfort I have is normal, and I’m aware of that.  So I’m not concerned about the symptoms I do experience, although – like any pregnant woman – I will be more than happy when they are no longer a part of my daily routine.  😉  At this point in the game, I am very ready to snuggle my baby boy and to say goodbye to daily backaches!

Even labor hasn’t freaked me out very much, and one doctor commented on how calm I seemed about everything.  I don’t know, I guess that I just realize it’s going to happen and freaking out about it isn’t going to help anything.

I know, this is so not like me!  It’s amazing how being pregnant has really calmed me when it comes to worrying about the future.  (Ahem, except for breastfeeding.  That kind of still freaks me out, if I’m going to be completely honest.  Ha, ha).  But anyway, I’ve viewed labor as a marathon or an extreme mountain climb.  It will be difficult and painful, but I plan to pace myself and to focus on just getting through one contraction at a time.  And in the end, it will all be worth it!  🙂

However, it’s funny how one’s confidence can be shattered so very quickly, isn’t it?  😉   For today’s appointment, as always, I was worried about stepping on the scale… And, as always, I hadn’t gained as much as I thought  I had. (I only gained 1 extra pound over the past two weeks, and both the nurse and doctor said that I was right on track for weight gain).  It’s seriously amazing how triumphant I felt in that moment!

Then the doctor measured my belly to predict Brady’s weight…

Well, remember how I said he seemed to be growing like a weed?  Apparently that was no exaggeration…  Today, when the doctor measured my stomach, she said that I’m measuring large.  Which means that I could be having a big baby…  She assured me that it doesn’t 100% mean that I’ll have a big baby, but measuring big could point to that.  So I may need to go for another ultrasound to check things out more accurately, just to be safe.  (She started to talk about baby’s shoulders getting stuck on the way out, and I kind of tuned her out around that point…).  😉

I definitely was not expecting that kind of report, only because people keep telling me that my belly isn’t all that huge.  I mean, sure, I’ve popped exploded.  But still, I’m not that big…  Or am I??

Well, time shall tell, I suppose.  Time shall tell!  (I’m hoping that maybe Brady just hasn’t dropped in my stomach yet, so that’s why my belly is measuring larger than it should at this point).  🙂

Anyway, I did what any pregnant woman would do after being told that she may be pushing out a football player…  I went to Panera for a chocolate chip cookie!  Actually, I went to Panera for a lemonade (as my thirst has been insatiable lately, and I’d already drunk all of my water), and Nate commented on how good the bakery items looked.  So I suggested that we split one…

Because who am I to deny my husband something that he really wants?  😉

Then we went to Burlington Coat Factory, where Nate bought me a wedding ring.  (Explanation:  My fingers are just swollen enough that my wedding ring was cutting off circulation to my ring finger.  It took a ton of pulling, Windex, and olive oil to get the ring off in the first place; and I was worried about the ring cutting into my finger if I kept it on.  So – sadly – it’s off for the next month or so, just until my fingers go back to normal).  Anyway, my wedding ring is just a symbol of the love and commitment that I have for Nate…  But that being said, my hand just felt so lost without a ring on my left hand ring finger!

SO Nate bought me a stretchy, gold ring that I can wear for now!  🙂  (It was only $4.99; but it’s super cute, and I love it)!

Nate teased me that he’s going to have to propose again…  Ha, ha.

Maybe I don’t know how big baby Brady will end up being, and the doctor’s filling me in on some complications that could happen shook up my calm demeanor just a little bit… But I do know that Brady still seems healthy and strong!  And on top of that, I got a delicious chocolate chip cookie AND a new ring today.

That’s enough to keep me happy and focused on positive thoughts!  Because at the end of the day, it really is about taking it one day – and one step –  and one prayer – at a time!!  🙂


Preggo Journal – Week 28 Recap

How far along:     Only 12 weeks to go!!  (Actually, as I write this, I’ve just started week 29, so technically I have 11 weeks to go).  😉

How big is baby:  Baby Brady is now the size of an acorn squash.  Sometimes though, it feels more like I have a dancing watermelon in my tummy.  He definitely enjoys bouncing on my bladder, which makes walking for any extended period of time quite fun.  Ha, ha.

Total weight gain:   28 pounds and counting.  Originally, I wanted to be one of ‘those’ pregnant ladies who only gained 30 pounds throughout the pregnancy, but it quickly became apparent that I’m probably going to be closer to 40.  That’s right around the healthy range however (as doctors recommend gaining 25-30 pounds if you’re starting at a healthy weight), so I really haven’t stressed about it.  I had to eat more that first trimester – thanks to the nauseousness – and I most certainly was not going to diet by the time I started to feel better.  It’s all about being healthy!!

 Maternity clothesYES!  🙂  Finally the cooler weather hit this week, so I was able to pull out my preggo yoga pants, skinny pants, quarter-length T’s, and bump-flattering blouses.  I’ll try to get some good pics of my favorite outfits going forward.

Labor signs:     Still too early, although my stomach is sure feeling tight these days.

Happy or moody most of the time:    At the beginning of the week, I hit a rough patch, thanks to the hot weather and the anemia.  But once the cooler weather arrived, I really started to feel like myself again.  I’ve been feeling very happy these last few days!  🙂  (I’m especially excited about my upcoming baby shower)!

 Sleep:   I didn’t sleep well this past week, partly due to waking up about four times a night to pee… and partly due to the sudden onset of pregnancy insomnia.  I’d wake up around 2am and lie there – unable to sleep – until about 5am.  On the bright side, I pinned a LOT of cute baby ideas and recipes on Pinterest, while I was lying there awake.  🙂

Best moment of this week:   I think that I really embraced my baby bump this week.  And even though my belly is growing by the day, I’m feeling absolutely confident, which is a nice place to be!!

Awkward moment this week:  While leading worship at church, I had to introduce a new song to the congregation.  Just as I began to play the first chords, I realized that I could not – for the life of me – remember how the melody went.  Hello, pregnancy moment!!  (And I only had a chord sheet, so I couldn’t read the notes to help figure out the melody line).  So I did the first thing that popped into my head, and I just made up a song that matched the words and chords.  Nate was watching from the back, and his jaw kind of dropped open in confusion.  And the guitarist’s eyes got really wide, but he just kept playing.  So, yes, I taught everyone my own version of the song… and good luck to Nate when he tries to sing it the right way next week.  😉

Miss anythingBeing able to bend down easily.  Ha, ha.  And honestly, the toughest thing for me has been the need to slow down.  I do miss my ability to walk quickly and to get things done efficiently.  I’m much slower these days, and sometimes I do get frustrated with myself.  But I’m learning that it’s okay to slow down sometimes!

MovementBrady was moving so much the other day that I could actually see my stomach bouncing around a bit!  🙂  He isn’t very consistent yet though, so it’s hard for Nate to catch it at the right time.  He has felt Brady move once or twice, but that’s about it.

 Food cravings:   Pizza… Always pizza.  Also, the fresh, fall apples are in season, and I am loving them!!  I’m not usually a huge apple fan, but I’ve been eating two a day of these McIntosh apples!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  I’m done with the morning sickness for now!  🙂  Woo hoo!!!

Symptoms:  Anemia symptoms are still hanging around.  And like most preggo ladies, I have pretty intense leg cramps at night, occasional cramping, and fatigue.  But I can’t complain, because – in the grand scheme of things – I’m actually feeling pretty good!  I went for a brisk walk the other day, and I thought to myself, “Wow, I’m in my third trimester yet I still easily just walked two miles.”  When I first became pregnant, I had thought that I’d be sitting on the couch watching TV all day by this point.  Ha, ha.  And really, even though I’m not always entirely comfortable or pain-free, I actually am doing pretty great!

Final thought:  A part of me realizes that there is still SO much to do before baby arrives.  But then another part of me can’t wait for baby to get here!!!  🙂

Oh my goodness, my peeps, I’m going to have a baby in less than three months!!!!

Living Life Spontaneous

It’s not a typical day for me, when I find myself at the grocery store before breakfast.  Then again, I’ve always said that I should be a little bit more spontaneous.  And when I woke up with an intense desire to bake, and realized that my morning and afternoon were free, I decided to just go with it.  Sometimes, that’s just the thing to do.

After all, if the cool weather that comes with fall isn’t enough reason to bake, I don’t know what is.

Also, I seem to have skipped the whole ‘pregnancy nesting phase’ and jumped head-first instead into a ‘baking phase’.  I can’t get enough of it.  I’ve been baking faster than my husband can restock our fridge with butter; and then I scurry around the neighborhood, dropping off baked goods so that my husband and I don’t eat it all ourselves.

Nate isn’t buying it completely, saying that my sudden urge to bake is probably less due to pregnancy urges and more due to the fact that I’m looking for any reason to avoid cleaning.  😉

I’m pleading the fifth on that one…

And, in my defense, before I came to the conclusion that I was going to spend my morning baking, I had cravings for bagels and cream cheese.  That, at least, was most-definitely a pregnancy craving, because I’m usually a cereal girl.  And normally, if I’m in the mood for food, I just shrug it off and wish that I had it.  In this case, since my husband had already left for the day, I found myself rolling out of bed, sliding a hat over my crazy hair, and rushing to the car for a quick trip to Dunkin Donuts.

It was one of those ‘if I don’t have a bagel with cream cheese soon, I’m going to die’ type of moments.

On my drive there, however, I decided that I should pick up a whole container of cream cheese and a bag of bagels.  You know, in case this craving should hit tomorrow as well.  And while I was at the store, I should also pick up a few supplies to make some cookies, since I really didn’t want to clean had that intense desire to bake again.

I suppose that, to most normal people, this type of morning may sound a little bit stressful and scatterbrained.  But it was actually quite nice to pick up breakfast things that I was craving and then to settle down at home to enjoy them.  A toasted pumpkin bagel, cream cheese, and a mug of apple cider.  I was pretty much in foodie heaven.

The cookies, unfortunately, didn’t have such a successful ending.  I’ve been wanting to try these Spiced Apple Drops for some time now, and I finally decided to just bake them already.  They tasted absolutely delicious, but they looked more like moon craters than the plump cookies they were supposed to resemble.  So while I decided not to bring them to Bible study, as originally planned, Nate and I did enjoy eating the few that hadn’t thinned out too much.  (I’m not sure what happened, as I followed the recipe to a T.  My only guess is that the apples were extra juicy and that the moisture caused the cookies to thin out too much.  That’s disappointing, because the apple pieces really did give the cookies a nice flavor.  Back to the drawing board, I suppose).  😉

I spent the rest of the day cleaning (see, I DO still clean) and getting ready for my two, upcoming days of teaching piano.  Around dinner, Nate took a bike-ride to a nearby lake for some exercise, called me once he got there, and suggested that I swing by with a pizza so that we could have a picnic.  Again, not a normal day for me.  But I’m not sure that I’d ever say ‘no’ to a picnic… or a pizza.

So we both sat at a picnic table by the lake and split a small pizza from our favorite Italian restaurant.  (I also stole a few sips of Nate’s rootbeer, because it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, not going to lie).

Shopping at the store for that morning’s breakfast…  Baking up cookies that taste delicious, even if they’re not so pretty to look at… And pizza-picnics by the lake…

Hmmm, maybe I should be spontaneous more often??  🙂

Are you spontaneous, or do you like to plan out your entire day?