Scrub a Dub-Dub – Foot Scrub DIY

One of the things I missed most while pregnant was being able to take a long, HOT bath.  After a busy week of chasing a toddler, lugging around baby supplies, and folding endless piles of laundry, a mom just needs a soothing soak to help her unwind.  And although I took a few baths while pregnant, they weren’t the same now that I had to keep the water lukewarm.  (Really, is a lukewarm bath even worth it?!?).

Honestly, my countdown to being able to take a hot bath began the minute I came home from the hospital.  🙂  The doctor told me that I had to wait six weeks in order to make sure my incision was properly healed; and although the HOT showers helped a bit, I was so ready for my first hot bath in months.

And in true Nicole fashion, when the day arrived that I could finally take one, I decided to go all out.  😉

I had a face mask…  Some lovely smelling bath gel…  A candle to light…  AND I decided to make myself a homemade foot scrub to help get my tootsies summer ready!

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Body scrub is so incredibly easy to make, I’m shocked that I haven’t done it before. It’s way more affordable than buying it from a store; and the awesome thing is that you can control the ingredients.  That makes for a win-win situation in my book!  (You’d be surprised at how many harmful things are added to something as basic as a sugar, body scrub).

The simplest of body scrubs require only 3 ingredients.

The oil – I used olive oil, but you can use coconut or almond oil as well.

The scrub – Salt and brown sugar work, but I used granulated sugar.

The scent – I chose a peppermint essential oil from Purehaven Essentials, so that I knew it was a good-quality (safe-for-me) oil.  And I thought that peppermint would particularly be perfect for a foot scrub.

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I used a bowl to stir together 1/2 cup olive oil, 2 cups sugar, and a few drops of essential oil.  (You can use a drop or two of food coloring to color your scrub, but I decided to keep mine simple this time around).  Then scoop into a cute glass jar (you can buy them really cheap at a dollar or craft store) and enjoy!

That’s it!

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And then, when in the shower, you can use it to gently scrub your skin until it’s I-went-to-the-spa smooth.  🙂

I definitely plan to make more this fall, because I think this would make for wonderful Christmas gifts for my friends!!  The hardest thing will be deciding which scent to choose from!



Don’t You Know That You’re Toxic?

I was never a Britney fan, but the title seemed to fit.  So you’re welcome for getting that song stuck in your head.  😉


If you follow my Instagram, then you already know that I’ve been trying Pure Haven Essential lately!  I first learned about these products through my cousin Jill who sells them.  I love that they’re safe and non-toxic, which makes me feel good about using them on my little guy.

One thing that frustrates me to no end is that companies (even companies that we believe are safe like Johnson and Johnson) are allowed to put chemicals in our products that are ultimately endangering our health.  Did you know that Europe bans thousands more chemicals than the handful of chemicals that are banned here in the US?  It’s scary stuff that the lotions we’re rubbing into our skin – and onto our baby’s skin – is causing disease like cancer.

(Read this article if, like me, you need your eyes opened to the dangers of a seemingly safe company like Johnson and Johnson).

Okay, fine…  It’s not just frustrating.  It’s infuriating!

As a mom, I want better for my child.  I’ve definitely been handing out the extra cash in order to buy Pure Haven Essentials, Honest Company, and Seventh Generation products whenever I can afford to.  But if you ask me, we shouldn’t have to grab a bottle off the store shelf and try to decipher the ingredient list.  Toxic (and cheaper) options shouldn’t exist, unless we’re talking about rat poison.

Why are these companies getting away with it?

If a product is to be rubbed on human skin, then companies shouldn’t be allowed to add harmful ingredients just to enhance their profit.  Once upon a time, companies cared, but now it’s all about the money.  But I’m not okay with that, because their greed is putting my family at risk.

I’m not okay with it at all!

Why is the body lotion I spread onto my skin allowed to contain ingredients that will harm me?  (Read The 6 Most Harmful Ingredients Found in Body Lotion).

I don’t believe we should live in fear.  We can only make the best choices before us.  I’m a firm believer in living life to the fullest and not freaking out over what might happen.  (Goodness, we could all hide in our basements and worry about pollution, the possibility of disease, and the quality of our drinking water; but that wouldn’t solve a thing)!  At the same time, I’m also a believer in making better choices that will improve the quality of life for my children and their children.  We can be a positive influence to fight for the change that needs to happen.

Companies have gotten away with this for far too long, and it needs to stop.

I’m not as equipped with information as my cousin is.  But because I have this small blog, I see it as my own little platform to make other moms aware.  And if I can be one more voice out there telling big companies that enough is enough, then I’m glad I did my part!

Enough is enough, am I right?