The Third Trimester Life


Have you seen those memes that say something to the affect of “When you’re pregnant, shaving your legs is an Olympic Sport”?  I always thought that meme was funny.  Maybe even clever.

But now that I’m three and a half weeks from my due date, I’m not finding it so humorous.  😉  Forget shaving…  I can barely handle putting on my pants.  Between  Kaitlyn practicing future ballet moves and digging her chubby toes into my ribcage, the sciatica that’s sending intense pain down my lower back and legs, the exhaustion and breathlessness of anemia, and the ginormous belly?  I can’t bend or get comfortable or walk.  I’m at the point that I have to sit down to just put on my makeup, because I don’t have the energy to stand.  I have to sit down to prepare dinner.  I have to sit down to put on my shoes.

I even have to sit down to eat chocolate if I want to enjoy it!


I do have this really awesome, penguin waddle going on though.  It’s totally sexy.  I feel like a confident, watermelon-toting Victoria’s Secret model marching down the runway.  Nate seriously can’t take his eyes off me…  (Although I have my suspicions that he’s sympathetically grimacing in pain while he watches me hobble by.  My belly looks as heavy as it feels these days.  I’ve officially passed the cute stage…  left behind the watermelon smuggler phase…  and now I’m entering blimp territory).   

I don’t even know how it’s possible that the 9 months aren’t up yet.  This third trimester really has been never-ending.

50 Funny Pregnancy Memes That Will Make You Pee Without Even Sneezing:

However, during this time, I’ve also mastered the art of kicking things into the air and catching them, which is quite impressive.  Bending down to pick things up is SO two months ago.  Even Brady is in awe of my mad reflexes.  I’m thinking of submitting a tape of myself and applying for America Ninja Warrior.  (I’ll bet being a mom has prepared me for most of the obstacles.  As for the warped wall, all they need to do is put a cup of iced coffee at the top, and – let me tell you – I’d make it up there in record speed.  Not even sure if my sneakers would need to touch the ground to get me up there…).

Image result for warped wall

In all seriousness though, this pregnancy has been completely different than my pregnancy with Brady.  I was so energized and active during that third trimester.   Of course, in between the energized activity, I did have time to nap and rest.  That doesn’t happen these days…  This time around, things have been much harder, because I’m constantly chasing after an ever-energetic little tyke.  (I feel like I’m even chasing him during the moments that I’m sitting down to pee.  I don’t know how that’s humanly possible, but – trust me – I do it.  Bathroom breaks are seriously no longer breaks…  It’s like trying to relieve yourself while being locked in a restroom with a wild monkey).  

Thanks to the added exhaustion and physical exertion, my body doesn’t seem to want to cooperate, resulting in more uncomfortable and painful pregnancy symptoms than last time.  And most times, my strong-willed toddler cooperates just as well.  😉   His favorite words right now are “in five minutes, Mama” or “no thanks.”


The more I reply with “No, Mama, needs you to listen now,” the more he seems to retreat into his little toddler world of Mickey Mouse, icecream, bubbles, and puppies.  Seriously, men get a bad rap for selective hearing, but toddlers have turned that into an art.  They really do live in their own little world!  I say “green beans,” and he hears “icecream”.  I say “time to change your bum,” and he hears “time to dump out all the blocks and play.”  I say “time to put your coat on,” and he hears “let’s dance”.


It’s a good thing that he’s cute, lovable, absolutely hilarious, and my entire world.  Because he’d be in trouble otherwise.  But, you know, despite the insanity, I just can’t imagine my long, exhausting days without him!  And he really is SUCH a good little boy.  He’s just, well, a toddler.  We’ve all had to go through that stage and drive our mothers a little crazy.  It’s like a requirement for growing up…

But yes, three and a half weeks.  That’s it.  That’s all that’s standing between me and meeting my precious baby girl.  And then, this will ALL be worth it… right down to the hairy legs, swollen feet, and out-of-control hormones.

For now, I’m going to do my best to see the humor.  To focus on our beautiful prize.  To be the best preggo mom that I can possibly be.  And to practice that sexy penguin waddle.  After putting in all this effort to learn it, I don’t want to forget how to do it just because I’m not pregnant anymore!  😉

50 Funny Pregnancy Memes That Will Make You Pee Without Even Sneezing:

Pregnancy is SUCH a blessing…  but it’s also a tough – often uncomfortable – journey.  Do you have a funny pregnancy story to share?



Preggo Journal – Week 30 Recap


How Far Along – I’m 31 weeks, which means 8 weeks until my C-section.  Okay, now I really need to pack my hospital bag!  😉  And pack Brady’s things… And make sure the hubby has a bag…  And finish washing / organizing the baby things…  And organize a few places in the house.

Yeah, I basically just need to get these projects started and finished, my friends!  🙂  Apparently pregnancy brings out the procrastinator in me.  (Or maybe it’s life with a toddler.  I’m pretty sure that has a lot to do with it too).

Baby Name:   Kaitlyn Marie

First and Second Pregnancy, Comparison Pics:  

THEN –  (2014)

NOW (2017) –

No automatic alt text available.

I’m Craving / Disliking:   Really no specific cravings.  I feel as though I’ve just been particular…  I’m usually a foodie who loves everything, but I’ve been very picky this pregnancy.  Like if someone offers to bring icecream over, I have a long list of flavors that they shouldn’t bring.  Ha, ha.  (For the record, normally I’ll eat any flavor of icecream).  For some reason though, I’ve been very specific about flavors during this pregnancy, whether it’s dessert or an entree.

Exercise:  I didn’t get any structured exercise in this week (as the temps dropped), but honestly chasing after Brady all day does count for something.  😉  I’m always on my feet, walking, carrying him or other things, and just all-around moving.  They should make a workout video that’s called ‘Toddler Mom’.  Seriously, it’s a full body workout!

Awkward Moment:   I survived the week without any awkwardness!

A Moment I Don’t Want to Forget:  While I was in line at the grocery store yesterday afternoon, an elderly veteran behind me pointed at my belly and said, “Miss, I just want you to know that I’ll be praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery for mama and baby.” I thanked him for his thoughtfulness, adding that I appreciate every single prayer! And he said, “I go to church a lot so don’t think I’ll forget to pray for you!” Then he showed me pictures of his one-year-old granddaughter whom he was obviously very much infatuated with. I was completely touched by his kindness and by how sweet he was that I came dangerously close to bursting into tears. Oh pregnancy hormones!!  It was just a really special moment and reminded me that this insane world is still filled with wonderful people.

Ooh, AND I received my C-section paperwork in the mail just the other day!  My surgery has been scheduled for May 4th at 7:30am (which means Nate and I have to be at the hospital for 5:30am).  It’s SO weird to have a scheduled date and to know when I’m going to meet my precious baby girl.  At the same time, it is a little bit convenient, since I can arrange child-care for Brady that much easier.  😉  But still, please keep me and my nerves in your prayers!  I’m starting to get a tiny bit nervous about it…  C-sections do come with their risks, and the recovery afterward is no joke.  I’m just praying for a safe surgery and also that my recovery won’t be too bad (especially since I have a toddler at home this time around).  Honestly, last time, my recovery was pretty great; but I don’t want to get my hopes up that it’ll happen again.  😉

Something I Miss:  Energy.  And being able to bend down.  And coffee.  (As of two weeks ago, coffee gives me heartburn, so I’ve had to give up my treasured decaf).

Sleep:  Despite having to wake up every two hours to pee, I’m actually sleeping pretty well still.

To-Do List Completions:  Other than baby shopping, I got nothing done this week.  Yeah, I know, I need to get on that.

Purchases:  I have basically everything I need now for when baby Kaitlyn arrives… except for clothes.  I’ll probably focus on buying that closer to my due date.

Symptoms:  On Friday, I was diagnosed with SPD (or something like that. HA!).  Basically it has to do with my pelvis (or something like that).  Honestly, I have no idea what it is…  The doctor used big words and had a thick accent; so once I realized that it was nothing serious (and that it would go away on its own after the pregnancy), I kind of dazed off and just nodded in agreement to whatever was being said to me.  *sheepish grin* What I do know for sure is that it’s giving me sharp pains in my upper thigh every time I move, so – yeah – it’s no fun.

I also have on-and-off nausea, backaches, heartburn, never-ending Braxton Hicks contractions, headaches, and extreme exhaustion.  This pregnancy is definitely a lot tougher than Brady’s pregnancy was (although I’m suspicious that much of that has to do with the fact that I’m running after a toddler all day).  😉  Still, I’m in good spirits, and I don’t complain… too much.  Ha, ha!!  I figured that pregnancy gives me some right to complain on occasion to my hubby.  And thankfully, he’s very understanding and hugs me after my vent sessions.  🙂

Final thought:    Nate and I really do plan for this to be our last pregnancy…  And although I’m not a huge fan of the process (despite the fact that it IS a huge blessing),  I’ve decided that I’m going to really embrace the remaining 8 weeks of the pregnancy… aches and ALL!  It really is a miraculous process, even if it involves discomfort and frustration at times, AND it is a very special time.  So I’m going to embrace it for as long as I can.  🙂

Preggo Journal – Week 29 Recap


How Far Along – I’m 30 weeks, which just boggles my mind.  I am in complete shock as to how fast this pregnancy has flown by.  Since I have a C-section scheduled for the first week of May, this means that I only have 9 weeks left before we meet baby Kaitlyn!!!  (I seriously just got SO excited as I typed that.  And maybe a little freaked out….  😉  But mostly excited)!  🙂

Baby Name:   Kaitlyn Marie

First and Second Pregnancy, Comparison Pics:  

THEN –  (2014)

NOW (2017) –

Image may contain: one or more people, stripes and indoor

(I feel as though that picture doesn’t do my belly justice. Ha, ha).

I’m Craving / Disliking:   Craving juice (especially fruit punch), fresh fruit, crusty bread, salads, wraps, and chocolate.  I really am loving fresh foods this time around.  And I’m disliking the usual…  Still not a huge fan of meat, spinach, or leftovers.  (If I smell a particular food for too long, I just don’t want to eat it.  So leftovers haven’t been my friend.

Exercise:  I walked pretty regularly this past week, thanks to the unseasonably warm temperatures.  Granted, the walks were quite slow; because Brady has to check out every single rock, twig, pine cone, and bug in our path.  But still, the movement and fresh air felt great.  🙂

I’ve also been doing a little better with my water intake.  I’ve been so nauseous that I’ve had a really hard time drinking water and so I’ve been dehydrated for much of this pregnancy (which obviously isn’t good).  But I bought an infuser water-bottle, so I can make my own flavored waters by adding fruit, veggies, and herbs.  I’ve found that I drink more water that way…    It tastes great AND it looks pretty!

Image may contain: drink

Awkward Moment:  Where to begin…  😉

-People are starting to comment on my ‘huge’ belly, and they literally gasp in disbelief when I tell them that I still have two months left.  What can I say, I’ve always been a pregnant woman who gets a big ol’ belly.  But still, some people seem slightly concerned that I won’t be able to walk by my due date, and their over-the-top exclamations can get awkward.  I mean, I’m not that huge… yet.

-Brady is going through a terrible two’s stage right now.  Honestly, he isn’t that terrible, but his listening skills aren’t that great either.  😉  (We’re patiently trying to work on that).  While I was shopping with him the other day, he took off running towards the door; and I had to chase him down before he exited the building.  Just picture it, a two year old running through the aisles with his very pregnant mama chasing behind him.  (For the record, I also had arms full of merchandise AND a very full bladder at the time).  I finally caught up with him, only to feel a tiny drop release ‘down there’.  I just stood there in complete panic, realizing that my water had just broke (way too early) OR I had just peed myself a little.  Well, let’s just say that my water hadn’t broke.  So yeah….

-Oh, pregnancy brain.  I congratulated a piano student, in front of her mom, for doing SO well on her piano flashcards during the lesson.  She looked really puzzled before saying, “But we didn’t do flashcards tonight.”  I suddenly realized that I was mixing her up with the student who had come before her.  This, my friends, is my new reality.

Haaa truth:

A Moment I Don’t Want to Forget:  Kaitlyn is moving SO much right now, and I am loving it!

Something I Miss:  Hot baths.  Lukewarm baths are just not cutting it for me…  😉  I am so looking forward to taking a piping hot bath in a few months.

Sleep:  I’ve had a few bouts of insomnia that kept me up, but it definitely hasn’t been as bad as it was during my first trimester.

To-Do List Completions:  I washed and dried the clothes that I do already have for Kaitlyn.  And Nate and I have been working on a playroom for Brady and Kaitlyn.  (We decided to have them share a room, so that the third bedroom could be a comfortable and safe place for them to play).  So far, we’ve redone the carpet, painted the walls, and organized toys.  Don’t worry, plenty of pink things will make an appearance soon.  🙂

Image may contain: indoor

Purchases:  I made my first purchase for the nursery that will help turn it from a boy’s room into a room fit for a brother and sister.  🙂  I’m definitely working on adding more pink (and I’ll share pics when I’m done).

Symptoms:  The need to pee every five minutes has returned.  I have restless leg syndrome every night.  And I feel breathless and a little achy, in addition to nauseous.  But overall, I’m hanging in there!  🙂

Surviving the third trimester: Natural home remedies for water retention, swelling, carpal tunnel, itchy skin, restless legs, heartburn #pregnancy:

Final thought:    I’m really starting to feel ready to meet my precious baby girl!


Babymoon in Boston (Part I)


Nate and I don’t get into the city as much as we used to now that we have the little guy, so we both were really excited to spend our Babymoon there.  Although let’s be honest, we would have been just as excited had someone told us that we’d be spending our night away just one town over.  😉  We were both eager to spend quality time together, just the two of us.  (And I was REALLY excited about eating a quiet dinner, sleeping in, and walking at a normal pace.  😉  When you’re a mom, it really is about the little things!).

Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and nature

Thanks to amazing off-season rates, Nate and I rented a room at the Boston Park Plaza for only $60.  If I were to give a review, I wouldn’t say that it was my favorite hotel ever, mainly because the decor felt more business than romantic.  But the lobby was beautiful, the location was great, and the rooms were quiet, modern, and very clean.  I’m glad we were able to stay there and check another Boston hotel off our to-try-one-day list.

Image may contain: tree, night, sky, table, plant and outdoor

Image may contain: indoor

Image may contain: living room, table and indoor

Image may contain: indoor

We didn’t arrive in Boston until late in the afternoon, but there was still plenty of sunlight left.  And oh my gracious, the weather was absolutely perfect!  The temps were in the 60’s, so we didn’t even need our jackets.  After weeks of being stuck in the house due to extreme cold, snowstorms, and ice, the spring-like weather was soooooo incredible!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, stripes, sky, outdoor and closeup

Normally we walk down Newbury St to window-shop the high end stores, but – this time – we decided to explore Charles’ St.  It had been years since I walked down that way, and I’d forgotten how quaint it is.  I definitely fell back in love with the brick sidewalks, specialty shops, restaurants, and coffee shops.  (I hadn’t realized that there’s a Sweets Cupcake Shop on the street now too…  That in itself is reason enough to explore that area).  🙂

Image may contain: sky, tree, house, car and outdoor

Image may contain: outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, sky, tree, house and outdoor

Image may contain: indoor

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

After walking a few side streets (and up a never-ending hill that I was sure would send me into early labor), we decided to head back towards the hotel for dinner.  The Park Plaza Hotel is conveniently located beside Maggiano’s Little Italy, so deciding on Italian was an easy choice.  After all the walking we did, we were starving!

Image may contain: sky, night, tree and outdoor

Nate and I both decided that next time, we really need to try an authentic Italian restaurant in the North End.  But we both love Maggiano’s, so we tend to keep going back there.  😉  Dinner was absolutely delicious, as always!

Image may contain: food

We ordered dessert to go (cheesecake for me and Tiramisu for Nate) and ate it at the hotel while watching TV.  Dessert in bed…  Pajamas… and a quiet night to relax together.  Oh my goodness, it was absolute perfection!

Image may contain: indoor

(…to be continued).


Marriage and Babies


I’ve always heard that being a parent is a full-time job…  But can we just all pause a moment and agree on the fact that this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface?  I mean, let’s face it, even the most time-consuming of careers allow for sick days or a vacation here or there.  Parenthood, on the other hand, is more like full-time breathing.  Calm and even-paced at times; maybe a bit more ‘I’m-running-a-marathon’ type at others.  😉

But it is 24/7.

That’s probably one of the toughest adjustments for new parents.  For me, every stage has gotten easier, because Brady becomes more independent.  (And his sleeping through the night doesn’t hurt things either).  😉  But during those first few months (and even maybe through the the first year), you’re tired.  Tired ALL the time.  You’re figuring things out.

And you’re needed.  Needed ALL the time.

Image may contain: phone

You’re giving so much that sometimes you don’t feel as though there’s anything left to give.  It’s really easy to lose focus.  Because all the baby books, and the attention from family, and the never-ending articles are centered around one thing:  your beautiful baby.

It is ridiculously easy to get frustrated with each other when things go wrong.  To find excuses as to why you don’t have time to cuddle, talk, laugh, or be intimate.  To be condescending when the other does things differently than you would do.

But that is when a tough stretch for a marriage takes a turn towards the dangerous.  When you forget that your love came first.  And that your love needs to always come first.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, wedding and outdoor

I firmly believe that a safe, loving home for a child begins when they see just how fiercely their parents love each other.  And respect each other.

Respect is huge.

Brady is only two, and some of these goals that Nate and I hold close have already been tested.  But it is always our main focus.  We make sure Brady sees us hug and kiss.  We never disrespect the other or talk down the other to him (this includes sarcasm).  If Daddy or Mommy says ‘no’, than the significant other backs them up.  And just as important as we view quality time with our little guy, we treasure our quality time together.  Although it doesn’t happen enough, it is a priority for us (whether it’s our monthly date night out or even just putting aside social media and playing a game / snuggling on the couch to watch a movie together).

Image may contain: 2 people, eyeglasses, stripes, closeup and outdoor

I have to say that as Brady gets older, especially over these past few months, I find Nate and I slipping back into some of the comfortable routines we once held.  Or maybe our  new efforts to make time for each other, despite the craziness of parenthood, are starting to feel familiar.  Whatever the reason, it’s an incredible feeling.

With another baby on the way, we fully realize that things are about to jump back into unfamiliar, and exhausting, territory.  But I have to say that – this time around –  I’m not worried about how a baby will affect our marriage.  I’m really not.  I know that things will be tougher for awhile, but I also know that we’ll get through it together.  That we’ll make time for precious moments…

Image may contain: shoes

And that we’ll only grow more and more in love during the entire process.

Of course, we have to make sure that we keep our priorities straight!  🙂  And what better way to keep our focus right than to go on a one-night Babymoon?  (Babymoon post coming next…).  🙂


Preggo Journal – Week 28 Recap


How Far Along – I’m 29 weeks tomorrow.   (You guys, that means there are only 10 weeks left until my C-section.  Gasp!!  This is all flying by SO fast)!!

Baby Name:   Kaitlyn Marie

First and Second Pregnancy, Comparison Pics:  

THEN –  (2014)

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, outdoor, nature and water

NOW (2017) –

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, tree and outdoor

I’m Craving / Disliking:   Craving rootbeer (that seems to be pretty typical for me when ‘m pregnant), fresh fruit, chocolate, and bread.  Nothing much has changed there…  😉   Still not a fan of meat and some vegetables.

Exercise:  I did a ton of walking with Nate in Boston on our Babymoon, so I’m counting it!!

A Moment I Don’t Want to Forget:  Nate and I enjoyed a Babymoon in Boston.  (Don’t worry, I’ll be blogging about that in the next day or so).  🙂

Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and nature

Something I Miss:  I do miss cute clothes…  My wardrobe is extremely limited right now, so I wear a lot of repeat outfits.  (Hey, a mom has to do what a mom has to do).  But even more than that, I miss having energy and being able to bend down.  Ha, ha.

Sleep:  Still sleeping well!  🙂

To-Do List Completions:  My parents stayed at our house to watch Brady when Nate and I went on our Babymoon, so we cleaned / organized the upstairs where they would be sleeping.  Now our goal is to keep everything neat and tidy.  (Since I’m scheduled for a repeat C-section, I’ll be out-of-commission for several weeks; so I want to get everything as clean as possible before that).  🙂   I also cleaned / organized the pantry and dropped off several bags of gently-used baby clothes to Salvation Army.

Purchases:  For me – I finally broke down and bought a pair of Sketcher’s, walking shoes.  I’ve been living in flats and boots, and my feet have been killing me because of it.  I feel like a new woman now that I can walk comfortably!  Seriously, why did I wait so long to buy new shoes??

Image may contain: one or more people and shoes

For the baby – I bought two ADORABLE outfits from Macy’s (because they were on sale for 60 percent off at only $7 each)!  And my parents bought us a new stroller, since our other stroller decided to bite the dust.  I actually don’t have too much left to buy now, which is great!  

Symptoms:  I was just diagnosed with anemia, so many of my symptoms are actually related to that.  (Nausea, shortness of breath, extreme exhaustion, weakness, pale lips, irritability.  Well, okay fine, maybe not the irritability…  But let’s just blame that on the anemia and call it a day, shall we?).   🙂

I need to eat more iron-rich foods in addition to taking an iron supplement, so hopefully that will help.  Honestly, ‘m realizing that the third trimester is going to be a LOT harder this time around.  I felt pretty great last time at this point, but I’m now chasing after an energetic toddler.  So I’ve been cramping, uncomfortable, achy, and experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions…  I’m just really, really tired; and my body is screaming at me to slow down already.  I don’t want to go into labor early, so I’m doing my best to listen when I can.

Final thought:  I feel  like I should start working on a hospital bag (or at least on a list of things I plan to pack in my hospital bag).  So maybe I’ll start that this week!



Preggo Journal – Week 27 Recap


How Far Along – This week, I’m doing the recap one day early, but I’ll officially be 28 weeks pregnant on Wednesday.  Awwww, you guys, I’m officially in the third trimester now!  I need to get some things done.  Ha, ha!!

Baby Name:   Kaitlyn Marie


Baby Bump Pic –  Hello, BUMP!  🙂

Image may contain: one or more people

Favorite Look of the Week:  I’ve kind of been stuck home a lot, between the snowstorms and Brady getting strength back in his leg.  (He is walking SO well since getting the Spica cast off, but he’s not up to walking through deep snow).  So honestly, I’m still living in yoga pants and sweatshirts.  😉  I have been rocking my husband’s Patriot’s jersey though, so I’d definitely say that was my favorite look this week!

Image may contain: 1 person

I REALLY need to start taking official, pregnancy pics!!  🙂

I’m Craving / Disliking:   Although I don’t have any food aversions, I do feel that I’ve been quite picky about food this pregnancy.  That being said, my craving for fresh fruit continues.  I’ve also been living for large bowls of Cheerios!  And chocolate!!

Milestones – I went for the glucose test this week, so hopefully I pass!  I also think the nesting stage has officially hit.  I’m praying that I find some energy to go with the need to clean…  😉  Nate has been helping me knock some things off the list, which has been VERY much appreciated.

Sleep:  No complaints!  I’ve been sleeping pretty well.

Something I Miss – I do miss sleeping on my stomach and back. 🙂

Symptoms:  I honestly haven’t been feeling all that great during the day.  I’ve had some really bad back pain, braxton hicks contractions, weakness, and some pretty extreme exhaustion. My body is definitely not liking how busy my days are, but my doctor isn’t concerned about any of the symptoms.  I just have to stay hydrated and try to rest whenever the opportunity arises (or whenever the toddler allows).

Image may contain: 1 person

To-Do List Completions:  I finished sorting through Brady’s clothes and made room in the dresser for Kaitlyn’s things.  I received a few baby outfits from friends; and I washed, folded, and put away those clothes too.

Purchases:   I purchased all the  feeding supplies I’ll need (breastfeeding supplies and bottles for when I pump), in addition to new baby towels.

Goals for this Week – My goal for this week – and next week – is to organize and clean a little bit every day in preparation of our special arrival.  Then in March, I’ll probably purchase the rest of the supplies we need (which will include adding some pink to the nursery, since Kaitlyn and Brady will eventually share the room).

I’m Looking Forward To:  The babymoon!!    🙂



My Pregnancy Survival Kit


These helped me through my pregnancy with Brady, and I’m just as in love with them this time around.  Here are some faves that I think belong in a Pregnancy Survival Kit!  🙂  You may want to check them out if you’re expecting or if you’re shopping for a special someone who is.

(This is not a sponsored post, and I didn’t receive compensation for my reviews.  I’m sharing these products with you, because I personally love them)!


Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter –   Every mom needs a good cream to help with the stretching-belly itch, and I have to say that Mama Mio’s Tummy Rub Butter completely saved me when I was pregnant with Brady.  The itching was completely gone!  What also was nonexistent, much to my shock, were stretch marks. I never got them on my stomach where I had applied the cream!  (I did end up with a few on my thighs and butt where I hadn’t bothered to use the butter).

I also chatted with a few friends who also use this cream, and they were shocked that they too didn’t get stretch marks (or ended up with very few) despite the fact that stretch marks ran in their families.

This cream really does work wonders by reducing – or helping a woman avoid – stretch marks!  It’s a bit on the pricey side at $36 a jar, but I saw it as a pampering product and dished out the money – whenever needed – as a splurge for myself.  And I just started using it again yesterday, because this is one product that I am obsessed with.    (I also love that it’s free from parabens, petrolatum, colorants, xenoestrogens, PEGs, glycols and phthalates).

The product does say to use twice a day  from above bust to below the bum.  I don’t do that, because I can’t afford to go through a jar that fast.  😉  But for a belly butter, I give it five stars, because it works!!

Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Butter (120g)


Sour Patch Kids –  I’m not sure how it works, but sour flavors really do help combat nausea.  I tried to reach for healthy choices whenever possible (like strawberries and kiwi) during the first trimester, all-day nausea.  But I also made sure that I always had a small stash of sour patch kids in my purse for when I was out and about.  These babies really did help when waves of nausea struck!  (And if you’re nice and willing to share, your hubby will be pretty excited about you having some on hand).  🙂

(Gingersnaps, gingerale, peppermint tea, and Ritz crackers are also great to keep in stock too).

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Paula’s Choice Earth Sourced Antioxidant Enriched Natural Moisturizer –     When I was pregnant with Brady, I discovered that my night cream contained some ingredients that could potentially be harmful for a developing baby.  In my search to find a better alternative, I discovered Paula’s Choice Moisturizer (thanks to my sister who had begun using it).

The 98% all-natural facial moisturizer is very light and absorbs into the skin quickly.  (The lotion is $29, but a small amount goes a long way.  I only use a small amount every night, so a bottle lasts me a long time).

This is one product that I continued to use even after I was pregnant… and I’m definitely still using it now that I’m preggo again.  🙂

Earth Sourced Moisturizer


Snacks –   I have low blood sugar to begin with, but pregnancy definitely makes my sugar levels drop that much faster.  If I don’t eat regular, small meals and snacks, I tend to get a bit light-headed and shaky.  So I’ve learned to keep healthy snacks in my purse (not only for Brady but also for myself) to give myself energy and strength throughout the day.

This time around, I’m kind of obsessed with Orchard Valley Harvest Cashews.  (When paired with a small piece of dark chocolate, they also help with peanut butter cup cravings).  🙂

Image result for orchard valley harvest cashews



Tums – I cannot emphasize this enough, make sure you have Tums in your house!  I only had heartburn twice during my pregnancy with Brady, but it hit hard.  And it hit suddenly around midnight both nights.  Had a friend of mine not gifted me a bottle the moment she found out I was pregnant, I wouldn’t have had Tums (a.k.a. relief) in the house, and I would have had a very miserable night.

If you’re pregnant, buy yourself a bottle tomorrow and store it in a safe place.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had heartburn in your life.  It may strike.  And it may strike hard.  And you will need Tums!

Image result for tums


Prunes – While you’re out picking up your Tums, also pick up some prunes or prune juice.  You can thank me later.

Image result for prune juice


Chocolate – Obviously!!  🙂

Image result for dove chocolates

Pregnancy Pillow –   After week 17 of pregnancy, doctor’s recommend that women not sleep on their backs but that they sleep solely on their sides.  This killed me until I invested in a body pillow.

Meet Clyde.

I was a bit self-conscious the first night I crawled into bed with a honking-huge pillow.  But I got the best sleep that night, because I was actually able to get comfortable.   These body pillows are amazing!  (And if your hubby makes fun of you sleeping with one, it’s just because he’s jealous that he doesn’t get one too).  😉

Image result for pregnancy pillow


The What to Expect When You’re Expecting App – I love getting weekly updates on how big baby is getting and what to expect from my body. This app is great!

Image result for what to expect when you're expecting app


Have you used any of these products too?

What’s a MUST-HAVE product that you think should be included in a Pregnancy Survival Kit?


Return of the Preggo Brain


Pregnancy brain is absolutely no joke….

To be honest, when I was pregnant with Brady, it terrified me.  From leaving my camera on top of my car and driving away, to holding a toothbrush in my hand and forgetting why I was in the bathroom, to driving on the highway and forgetting my destination, to burning one too many meals…   I was convinced that there was no way all this was caused by the innocent little baby growing inside my body.  There was something seriously wrong with my brain!

It was pretty intense at times.  But then I had Brady, and it all went away.  Sure, it was replaced with the occasional absentmindedness thanks to exhaustion.  But it wasn’t nearly as bad.

Now that I’m pregnant with our second child, I can feel pregnancy brain creeping back into my life.  Only this time, it’s a more lethal dose of pregnancy brain mixed with mommy brain.  Oh heaven help us…  This is going to be a fun ride.

There I was, whipping together a nutritious dinner on time.  I cut a butternut squash in half, threw it into the oven for 45 minutes, and then prepped a chicken for the crockpot and potatoes for boiling.  I was supermom.  One hour later, the chicken and potatoes are cooking away and nearly done.  Suddenly I’m thinking, “Oh, wait, but what will I serve for a vegetable?  We need a vegetable!  Every meal needs a vegetable!”

Oh, thank goodness, there are peas in the freezer.  I pour the peas into a pot, add water, and set them on the stove to boil.  Sniff, sniff.  What in the world is burning?

I open the oven in shock.  Wait, seriously?!?  How could I have forgotten that I’d already prepped and set a vegetable to cook?  And how did I not smell the now-blackened, coal-encrusted veggie sooner?

(See what I mean about terrifying loss of brain function?  Like I said, it’s NO joke!).

And just this afternoon, I started the car to warm it up before I took Brady to my Pepere’s house for a visit.  Only Brady suddenly acted super constipated and in pain, so I found myself rubbing a toddler’s belly…  and giving a toddler a warm bath… and feeding a toddler prunes… and changing a toddler’s diaper.

An hour later, we were finally ready to leave the house.

An HOUR later!  You guys, my car was running in the driveway the entire time, and I had completely forgotten about it!


It’s a good thing that money grows on trees, gasoline pours out of the faucet in our backyard, and I like to pollute the planet…

I still haven’t been able to bring myself to tell Nate.  I kind of feel as though I should start off the short – but not so sweet – story with, “Just remember that you did this to me…”  After all, guys get the fun part, and then we wives are left to face the penalty of pregnancy-brain mishaps.  Shouldn’t our husbands also be partly to blame as well, since they’re the ones who technically got the pregnancy brain rolling?

It kind of only seems fair.

Since I’m on a role, Nate is also responsible for finishing off the last bit of icecream in the freezer.  Really, he should start eating more veggies at night before bed instead.  It’s better for the baby.

Oh pregnancy brain.  I have it BAD.  It has so far costed us a butternut squash, an hour’s worth of gas, and… Hmmm, I totally forgot the last thing.  *sheepish grin*

But hey, Brady was worth every moment.  And Spring Baby will be worth it too!

So for now, I’m going to hang on for dear life and hope I don’t burn the house down.  🙂