Scrub a Dub-Dub – Foot Scrub DIY

One of the things I missed most while pregnant was being able to take a long, HOT bath.  After a busy week of chasing a toddler, lugging around baby supplies, and folding endless piles of laundry, a mom just needs a soothing soak to help her unwind.  And although I took a few baths while pregnant, they weren’t the same now that I had to keep the water lukewarm.  (Really, is a lukewarm bath even worth it?!?).

Honestly, my countdown to being able to take a hot bath began the minute I came home from the hospital.  🙂  The doctor told me that I had to wait six weeks in order to make sure my incision was properly healed; and although the HOT showers helped a bit, I was so ready for my first hot bath in months.

And in true Nicole fashion, when the day arrived that I could finally take one, I decided to go all out.  😉

I had a face mask…  Some lovely smelling bath gel…  A candle to light…  AND I decided to make myself a homemade foot scrub to help get my tootsies summer ready!

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Body scrub is so incredibly easy to make, I’m shocked that I haven’t done it before. It’s way more affordable than buying it from a store; and the awesome thing is that you can control the ingredients.  That makes for a win-win situation in my book!  (You’d be surprised at how many harmful things are added to something as basic as a sugar, body scrub).

The simplest of body scrubs require only 3 ingredients.

The oil – I used olive oil, but you can use coconut or almond oil as well.

The scrub – Salt and brown sugar work, but I used granulated sugar.

The scent – I chose a peppermint essential oil from Purehaven Essentials, so that I knew it was a good-quality (safe-for-me) oil.  And I thought that peppermint would particularly be perfect for a foot scrub.

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I used a bowl to stir together 1/2 cup olive oil, 2 cups sugar, and a few drops of essential oil.  (You can use a drop or two of food coloring to color your scrub, but I decided to keep mine simple this time around).  Then scoop into a cute glass jar (you can buy them really cheap at a dollar or craft store) and enjoy!

That’s it!

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And then, when in the shower, you can use it to gently scrub your skin until it’s I-went-to-the-spa smooth.  🙂

I definitely plan to make more this fall, because I think this would make for wonderful Christmas gifts for my friends!!  The hardest thing will be deciding which scent to choose from!