My Life Sparkles List

These are some of the things that I hope to someday experience.  Although, just between you and me, my life would be no less sparkly and amazing without them.  Because when it comes right down to it, I already have just what I need… and so much more.  :)

But still, these things sound pretty fun too!

My Life Sparkles List (because it sounds so much prettier than ‘Bucket List’)  🙂

Visit a spa

Quack at tourists while riding on a duck tour (Friendly quacks only, of course!)

Eat at the Top of the Hub restaurant in Boston with my hubby

Learn to sew (or at least make an attempt)

Finish the rough draft of a novel… or two

Get a novel published… because I believe in dreaming big!.

Learn a song on the guitar

Try fried pickles

Make homemade jam

Get my picture taken in front of the White House

Go for a massage

Craft something out of wood

Shop in New York City

Run a 5k race

Yell into the Grand Canyon…and possibly find my lost echo

Share a kiss with a certain handsome man in front of Niagara falls

Swim in the Pacific Ocean

Make homemade icecream

Grow a herb garden

Go to a restaurant just for dessert (because I never have room otherwise)

Go on a sleigh ride

Take makeup lessons

Take a trolley ride in San Fransisco

Meet someone famous

Make homemade pretzels

Create a piece of jewelry and wear it

Try an icecream flavor that sounds too crazy to be good (because is there really such a thing as a bad icecream flavor??)

Do something that scares me

Create a scrapbook

Make a new friend

Try a fruit I never have before

Eat a veggie that I grew myself

Cook homemade pasta

Drive a MiniCooper (my favorite car!)

Walk along a beach in Hawaii

Get back into shape

Kidnap my husband and spoil him for the day

Take part in a charity walk or run

Run a 10k race

Run a half marathon

Take dancing lessons or a dance class

Become a mom

Take a road trip

Start a happiness project

Take fun pictures in a photobooth

Make a gingerbread house

Buy a homeless person dinner

See a field of sunflowers

Visit the Cake Boss bakery

Fly a kite

See the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Hike Mt. Washington

Run along the Charles River

Be in a play

Meet a bloggy friend for real

Walk through Central Park in the winter

Bury someone in the sand at the beach

See Cirque du Soleil

Do a Chinese fire drill

Visit Chicago

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