Date Night!

There’s nothing like creating fun memories with your better half in order to keep the love alive today… and everyday.  🙂  Sometimes, you just need some inspiration!  And since my husband Nate and I have reached our sixth year of marriage, AND we’re new parents, we thought that it would be fun to create a list of date ideas to pick from on the days that we might need some ideas.  (Because lets face it, we all get a little too busy sometimes, and it’s extremely important for couples to make time for each other).

So let’s get started!  Whenever Nate and I try an idea, I’ll definitely blog about it!!  🙂

Date Ideas to Try

1. Pretend to be a tourist and experience some amazing flavors and activities without going too far from home.
2. Work on a home improvement project together.
3.  Drop the baby off at his grandparents… and then invite friends over for dinner.
4. Go mini-golfing.
5. Shop for all the ingredients and bake a pizza together.
6. Have a picnic.
7. Go to a concert or music event.
8. Take goofy pictures together.
9. Visit a tourist attraction in your city and go sightseeing.
10. Sip on milkshakes while going for a drive
11. Go out for ice cream – or fro-yo… or cupcakes…
12. Play a board game.
13. Bake something together. Take it to another level by dropping off the baked goods at
a friend’s house to surprise them!
14. Go to a local event or festival.
15. Decorate mugs together.
16. Visit the local art museum.
17. Check out the local farmer’s market
18. Read a book together!
19. Make cards or a gift for someone.
20. Go watch the sun set somewhere lovely.
21. Get a friend to do a photo shoot!
22. Work on your own hobbies, but in the same place at the same time.
23. Let your other half pick out the activity! Whatever it is, go all out and enjoy it, just to encourage him or her.
24. Go to a coffee shop and catch up on life. Sometimes it’s nice to just talk.
25. Hang out at the library and read some books, or pick up some to take home.
26. Plan your next vacation together
27. Take a hike (literally).
28. See a local sports event – even if it’s a school sport.
29. Ride bikes.
30. Volunteer for a service project together.
31. Try a new restaurant or explore a new place you haven’t visited nearby.
32. Take a road trip to visit friends.
33. Take dance lessons.
34. Learn how to play an instrument together.
35. Check out Groupon or Living Social for deals on fun things to do – and then go do something!
36.  Go for a drive and look at Christmas lights, while sipping on hot chocolate
37.  Watch a play at a local theater
38.  Pick out a Christmas decoration together
39.  Carve pumpkins together
40.  Go bowling
41.  Go on a long bikeride together
42. Visit a bakery and buy a special treat to share over a cup of coffee
43.  Take a college class or a informational class together
44.  Test drive a car just for fun
45. Pick favorite players in a reality TV show you watch together and find out who wins in the end
46.  Make a time capsule and set a designated time as to when it can be opened
47.  Sketch your dream home floor plan.  (It’s free to dream, so go all out)!
48.  Build a snowman together
49.  Create your own special holiday
50.  Have a fondue night, whether you visit a restaurant or do it at home
51.  Create a recipe together
52.  Get all dressed up for dinner and have a romantic night out
53. Fly kites

54.  Have a romantic bonfire for two

55.  Go to the movies

56.  Go to a drive-in theater!


(The first 35 items on this list came from the blog What You Make It.  I picked my favorites from her list of 50 date ideas, so definitely check out her post for the complete list that she came up with. She has some GREAT ideas!).

If you try any of these ideas, tell me all about it.  🙂

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