2018 Bucket List!

—  Commit to reading the Bible and praying every single day, no matter how crazy busy life is

—  Go away for a night or two with the hubby

—  Run a 5k

—  Run my first 10k!

—  Trip to the ocean

—  Buy food at a fair or event

—  Go on a hike

–Visit the zoo

—  Take a self defense class

—  Go on a girl’s trip with my sister

—  Read 5 books  (I know it’s sad that this is all I think I’ll be able to read.  But I have time for blogging OR reading a few nights a week, and I usually choose blogging.  I do hope to read a few books this year though).  🙂  

—  Shopping spree with my mom and sister  (I haven’t gone to a real mall and shopped for clothes in soooooo long)!

— Make homemade bath bombs

—  Go on a ‘Date of the Month’ with the hubby!

—  Decorate Kaitlyn’s nursery

—  Get 50 more blog followers  (Right now I’m at 532)

— Establish a dedicated workout routine

—  Try a new icecream flavor

—  Practice decorating cupcakes at least 4 times and practice cake decorating at least once

— Begin a recipe book of my favorite, go-to recipes

—  Buy a new Christmas ornament

— Drive-in Movie

—  Bake and decorate gingerbread men

— Shop at a Farmer’s Market

–Get a manicure

— Try 12 new recipes

— Take a nice, family photo and send out Christmas cards

—  Cut back on sugar and empty-calorie drinks

—  Enjoy outdoor dining

— Go berry picking and apple picking

—  Fly a kite

—  Take a gun safety class

—  Eat fried seafood (I didn’t get to have this last year, because of my dietary restrictions while breastfeeding Kaitlyn.  I am SO looking forward to enjoying it this summer)!  

—  Begin using reusable grocery bags

—  Go on a technology fast

—  Try a new restaurant

—  Watch a play

—  Plan how I can better organize each room in the house and begin to set those plans into motion

—  Icecream and old car’s show on a Friday night

—  Drive to look at Christmas lights

—  Make homemade lemonaid

— Relax in a hot tub (this might be wishful thinking, but I’m crossing my fingers)!  🙂  

—  Go sliding

—  Eat out for breakfast

—  Participate in a photo scavenger hunt

—  Have a campfire

—  See fireworks

—  Try a new cookie recipe

—  Bake an apple pie

—  Get my hair done professionally

—  Buy a friend a present, just because

—  Send birthday cards

—  Be the BEST mom and wife I can be