#MOMLIFE (Part 3)

Part 1 and Part 2 are here if you missed them…  🙂


I am realizing, more and more, that this entire experience of adding a newborn to an already established family of three is a learning curve… for all of us.  I’m learning how to juggle the needs (both physical and emotional) of two children now.  Brady is learning to share the things he treasures the most – his parents.  And baby Kaitlyn is just starting out, learning to drink from a bottle.  To lift her head.  To not poop and pee before a clean diaper is securely fastened.  😉

Life will always be a journey of learning.  And the lessons that these two little ones are already facing can be difficult, but they’re also important.

Even now, although they haven’t been on earth for long at all, they’re learning how to share.  How to be empathetic.  Even how to build healthy relationships.

They’re already learning from me and Nate… and from each other.

And these lessons can be difficult, especially in the beginning.

Oftentimes it feels as though they’re conducting an experiment together to see how long it will take Mama to crack.  (And these days, I’m not entirely sure we’re far off from that).  But they’re going to learn from my reaction to their outbursts.

They’re going to learn that even though Mama can’t be in two places at once, and that sometimes Mama does have to ask them to wait, she will always be there for them.  Always be willing to listen to them.  Always love them.

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They’re going to learn patience.


To learn that family always comes first.

And that I believe in them.  Even when they mess up or disobey, I will always believe in them.

They’re both under three years old, so these lessons are very much hidden amidst the craziness of fast-paced days.  More often than not, I forget about lessons and am more focused on survival, to be honest.  But the lessons are happening anyway.

And one thing I know for sure…  They may plot together to have meltdowns at the same times or to shift my perfectly planned days,  But they’re going to realize very quickly that as crazy as it may drive me at times, I am committed to this mom life.

It is intense.  And insane.  And exhausting.  And oftentimes I feel as though I’m about to have an anxiety attack.  😉  But it’s something I would never, ever give up.  Because I would never, ever give them up.

They’re going to learn that very soon if they haven’t already.

A mother’s love is forever.  And so is the mom life, even if it may evolve over the years.

So it’s tough for Brady to share mommy and to be stuck home a lot more right now.  It’s tough for Kaitlyn to have painful acid reflux and to figure out how to drink pumped milk from a bottle.  It’s tough for Nate to balance work, chores, and playtime with the kiddo’s.  And it’s tough for this mama to have so much riding on her shoulders all at once.

But we’re all learning as we go.  And that’s not just mom life…  It’s life in general.  The tough patches only make us stronger if we let them!  🙂

And really, we can spend our time hoping it will pass, or we can do our best to embrace the sweet moments.  Because this really will all be over too quickly…  And then we’ll be forced to think back on the good ol’ days.






6 thoughts on “#MOMLIFE (Part 3)

  1. Such a great post! #momlifeforever
    So do you think that the transition from 1 to 2 is tougher than the transition from none to 1? Getting used to 1 nearly drove me crazy!

    1. I DO think that transitioning from 1 to 2 was tougher… That being said, I wouldn’t want to discount just how tough going to 1 was. For me, it was tougher adding a second child, but in a completely different way.
      I’m working on a blog post about that, so stay tuned!! 🙂

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