#MOMLIFE (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here if you missed it…


In addition to their meticulously planned meltdowns or I-need-mommy-moments, my adorable – but apparently genius – kiddo’s also have learned how to control the schedule for the day.

It’s true…  They’re like little secretaries that book and cancel events for you, except they don’t bother to consult with you first.

Come to think of it, they’re more like baby bosses than secretaries.

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For example, if they both burst into hysterical tears, demanding to be held and comforted at the same exact time, I will probably hold out for only so long before I too burst into anxious, overwhelmed tears.  And then I’ll pile everyone into the Jeep to go visit Memere’s house.

Bada-Bing, Bada-Boom.  To Memere’s house we go…  

It’s obviously what they wanted all along.

And not wanting to go somewhere is solved even easier.  Kaitlyn likes to take the poop-and-pee-all-over-her-changing-table-and-outfit approach.  She’s really good at it too.  Her timing is impeccable, always right before we’re about to rush out the door.  And usually while I’m desperately trying to figure out where to set down my poop-and-pee covered infant so that I can clean up the mess, Brady decides to bash in his big toe.

That seems to be his signature move right now. (The poor kid’s toe doesn’t have the top half of his nail or skin anymore).

If he’s feeling like taking a different route though, Brady too takes the I-have-to-poop method.  Except instead of the quick, surprise attack that Kaitlyn uses; he prefers to draw it out.  And there’s absolutely nothing that I can do about it.  After twenty minutes of him working up the perfect moment to actually ‘do the deed’, it’s not like I can force him to just poo already.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had myself and Kaitlyn all ready to go, just to have Brady announce, “I tootin!”  And then production haults, and I decide to make myself a cup of tea.  Because I might as well enjoy the wait.

More than once, I’ve just decided to cancel plans and stay home, because I was suddenly too stressed or late to consider going out anymore.  And it’s obviously what they wanted all along…  I know, I know.  They’re really good at what they do!

I sometimes have to remind myself that I’m the adult and that I’m smarter than they are.  Or, well, at least I think that I am.

Most of the time…

I also have to remind myself that Brady will survive if he has to wait five more minutes for a hug, just so that I can finish burping Kaitlyn.  And Kaitlyn crying for two minutes so that I can kiss a little boy’s injured big toe once more is okay too.  The need to share Mama is okay…

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But in the moment?  I’m one step away from having an anxiety attack.  Having two children beg me – in their own way –  to take care of them at the exact same time?  I want to crawl into a corner, bury my head in a blanket, and scream, “Do you not realize that I’m one person?”  And also “No, as brilliant as your father is, he doesn’t have the capacity to clone me, so don’t get any ideas!  You’re stuck with one mama, so you have to learn to share!”

In all seriousness, I’m not sure which is worse.  The anxiety or the mom guilt.  Especially when it comes to Brady…   I really do wish that he and Kaitlyn were communicating and not just perfectly timing their tough moments.  Because then she could tell him that she’s here to eventually be his playmate and best friend, not to steal Mama’s time away.

He’s never had to share me before.  Sometimes he begs for me to snuggle him him while he watches a cartoon, and I just can’t.  Or he wants Mama to hold him, but I’m feeding Kaitlyn… or changing Kaitlyn’s diaper… or I’m burping her… or I’m trying to settle her after a bad round of acid reflux…  or I’m pumping…

He has to share me a lot these days, and he’s too little to really understand.  He gets lots of special time with daddy whenever my husband can bring him to the playground or the toystore, but Mama has to stay home to help feed baby girl.  And although he is unbelievably gentle and sweet with his baby sister, he has shown signs of regression.  Of wanting to be held more.  Of acting out and disobeying just for attention.

And I can’t blame him.  These are big changes for a little kid.  And on top of everything else, he’s also at the age where he’s learning boundaries and testing out the rules.  (They don’t call it the terrible two’s for nothing.  There’s so much to learn and figure out).

(…to be continued.  There’s one more post)  🙂







3 thoughts on “#MOMLIFE (Part 2)

  1. Oh friend, this sounds rough! Knowing that it’s normal for toddlers to have a tough transition to a new baby coming home doesn’t make it easier when it’s your reality. I think you are doing great!

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