Fit’n Fab Friday – 4 Weeks Postpartum

Weeks Since Baby Delivery Via C-Section – Four weeks postpartum, so basically a month.  In some ways, it feels like it’s been longer…  I already  can’t imagine life without baby Kaitlyn!  We love her SO much, and she really has completed our family.

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Exercise – What a difference just a week makes!  I definitely felt so much stronger this week, and the random sharp pains that still sometimes hit were very infrequent.  I’m still keeping my walks on the short side (and honestly, they’re slow too.  Brady has to stop to touch every single rock, twig, bug, and puddle.  Ha, ha.  But it’s been really good for me mentally to just be outside)!

I did go for two faster-paced walks when Nate was with me to help guide – or carry – Brady.  And I honestly felt great!

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I also pumped breastmilk one day, so that there was a bottle at home that Nate could use to feed Kaitlyn.  And I took Brady grocery shopping by myself.  I know that doesn’t sound like exercise, but – honestly – it was more walking / pushing than I’ve done in a long time.  So I’m counting it as a step towards being able to have a normal, exercise routine!

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Exercise Goals –  I’m not sure that I’m quite ready for specific goals yet, since I haven’t been cleared for routine exercising.  BUT I will continue to be a bit more active as my body gets stronger.  I’m hoping that my doctor clears me to begin walking regularly, when I see him at my six week checkup!!

Food Goals –  As I mentioned last week, breastfeeding makes me really hungry, and it does drain me of a ton of nutrients.  So I am being careful to listen to my body and eat when hungry (which is basically ALL day EVERY day).  😉  That being said, I’ve been much more conscious of the calories that I’m drinking…  I’ve been reaching for water much more than juice now.  (When preggo, I had fallen into the habit of drinking fruit juice whenever I wanted).  And although I honestly do indulge in something sweet every day (usually dark chocolate, sweetened cereal, or icecream), I keep it to a serving size or less!  Well, except for on the weekends.  😉  Weekends are for splurging!

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Weight Loss – The pounds are slowly but surely falling off, and I feel great.  Again, what a difference a week makes!  Although I’m not where I need to be quite yet, I’m confident where I am right now.  I feel strong and much healthier!

My chunky, 10 pound, 4 week old baby girl drinks about 26-30 oz of breastmilk every day.  That’s 600 calories that I’m burning JUST by feeding her!!  What!?!  Every couple of days, I drop almost a pound (even though I’m eating a ton).  It’s kind of great.  😉

I’m definitely excited to be cleared to work out, so that I can focus on toning.  BUT for now, I’m really happy with where I am.

Clothes –   So here’s the frustrating part…  Ha, ha.  I’m in a super awkward stage, where maternity clothes are getting super big.  But I still do carry weight in my stomach, so my non-maternity shirts don’t fit quite yet.  Thankfully this season’s style is loose, flowy tops, BUT I don’t own many of those.  My sister actually showed up at my house the other day with 4 tops that she had bought to help carry me through.  (Yeah, I know, she’s pretty awesome).  🙂  And then, around the house, I usually wear my maternity t-shirts; since they’re comfortable.

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Still wearing maternity pants and shorts right now.  They’re getting big, but they’re so much comfier on my incision than my other pants.  So I’m going to wear them for another week or two if I can.

Final Thoughts – Last week was really tough on me mentally, BUT I’m already headed to a better place.  I’ll blog more on that next week…  But for now, yes, I can say that I’m really feeling better mentally.  And Kaitlyn is headed in the right direction physically.  🙂  Life is good.  And God is amazing!!


6 thoughts on “Fit’n Fab Friday – 4 Weeks Postpartum

    1. Getting outside made a HUGE difference, for sure!! 🙂 After the long winter we had (AND being stuck inside when Brady was in his spica cast during the winter), I was desperate to get out of this house. It has been wonderful to enjoy the fresh air! 🙂

    1. Every week, I definitely feel SO much better, physically and mentally! It’s not even that I’ve lost a ton of baby weight. I just feel healthier all around, and stronger too. It helps that I can bend down and touch my toes, move without gasping for air, and keep up with my toddler easier now. Ha, ha. Being pregnant was so worth it, but I’m glad to have lost the huge preggo belly now. It was tough to get around. 😉

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