Mom To Two

There I was, stepping out of the shower just days before delivering baby #2, when my toddler innocently rounded the corner and stepped into the bathroom.  (Gosh, I need to put bells on this kid.  He’s as stealthy and quiet as a ninja…).  I quickly wrapped my towel around as much of me as possible, which – to be quite honest – wasn’t much at this point.  I might as well have used a dinner napkin to cover a few key areas.  (Note to any of my preggo readers:  by the end of your pregnancy, you’ll want to invest in a cute beach towel.  Or maybe a soft table cloth…  Nothing else is big enough).

“Hey, Big Guy,” I said nonchalantly, looking past him, hoping that Nate was right there to help scoop him away.  No such luck.  My belly – resembling an over-inflated beach ball – was sticking out in all its glory for my toddler to scrutinize.

Brady paused a moment, looked at the belly bump (which was more of a ‘belly planet’ at this point) and then burst into laughter.  Like full-blown, I’m-about-to-fall-down hysterics.

“Mama’s belly!”  he gasped.  “Mama’s belly BIG!!!”

“Yes, well, there’s a baby in there,” I defended myself, quickly grabbing for the tank top on the bathroom counter.

More laughter.  He’s bending over and grasping his belly at this point.


“NATE!!!!” I called.  “Nate, you need to come get Brady, please!”

Kick me when I’m down, little boy.  Kick me when I’m down.  😉  

Being a mom is TOUGH.  There’s the need for endless patience.  The lack of sleep, privacy, and sanity.  The need to be on top of absolutely everything even though you have energy for absolutely nothing.  And just when you feel as though you’re running on empty, you have to fill into the life of a child, giving them comfort, encouragement, and love.

Oh, and don’t expect any vacations or sick days!  You’re on call 24/7 for the rest of your life.  Because even on the rare occasion that you do get to out without them, you’ll be on duty… constantly checking your phone for updates and worrying about how they’re doing without you there.

Pretty much the only thing tougher than being a mom is being a pregnant mom.  The hormones…  The exhaustion…   The lack of mobility…  The inability to fit through tunnels at the playground…  (That was a tragic afternoon for my little guy).

When you’re pregnant AND trying to care for a little human, everything is suddenly WAY more complicated than before.

Towards the end of this pregnancy, I started to have serious doubts as to just how wise our decision to have another child really was.  Could I handle two?  Could I handle raising this amazing – but always rambunctious – toddler AND start over with a newborn… at the same time?

I know, I know, it’s not like I’m the first woman to decide to have a second child.  I realize that women have been popping out multiple babies for hundreds of years.  And they’ve all somehow survived adding another child to the mix

But quite frankly, I wasn’t all that sure Nate and I would survive.

I was exhausted beyond belief.  Trying to figure out how to patiently guide, discipline, and love a very stubborn, strong-willed two-year-old.  And my house was already looking like a crime scene.

I felt as though I had reached my breaking point and now we were going to add sleepless nights, constant breastfeeding sessions, post-partum hormones, and – well – a newborn to our already exhausted lives.  It kind of filled me with a sort of panic.  I don’t know if I can do this…

But flash forward nearly two weeks after the arrival of our beautiful Kaitlyn, and we ARE surviving.  In fact, we’re thriving.  I can honestly say that I’ve never known such joy and happiness.  It’s a “my cup runneth over” kind of feeling that leaves me thanking God multiple times throughout the day for blessing us this much.

The C-section recovery has been going really well…  I still have some pretty sharp pains, because I overdo it almost every day.  😉  But I can’t complain, as there haven’t been any complications.

As for Brady, he is adjusting so incredibly well.  He has his moments, but – for the most part – he is just in love with his baby sister.  And Nate and I?  We haven’t slept in days, and we’re tired and always busy.

But we are beyond happy.  Our family feels complete, and – although it’s only been one and a half weeks – I almost can’t imagine life without Kaitlyn now.  It’s just right having her here, like someone was missing before she arrived.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sleeping, baby and closeup

The mom life…  It really is the toughest job out there.  And sometimes (like when your toddler laughs hysterically at your over-sized belly) it’s a bit humiliating too.  But gosh, I wouldn’t trade it for any other job out there.  It is just the BEST.

And I am absolutely LOVING being the mom to two!



9 thoughts on “Mom To Two

  1. Congrats on the new addition! I remember experiencing similar emotions as we made the jump from 1 to 2 kids. I definitely thought we were crazy for doing the whole newborn thing all over again, but it was and continues to be wonderful. Thirteen and half years and another brother later, I’m still exhausted and still loving the mom life.

  2. She is so so beautiful! Pregnancy while being a mom really is the hardest thing ever. My husband and I have been discussing when we want to start trying for baby #3, and I am looking forward to adding another one, but truly dreading the whole pregnancy process. It is so hard! I am so glad that things have been going smoothly since she arrived though! I am sure recovering from surgery while keeping up with two is no easy task, but you are doing great!

    1. Thank you, Melissa!
      Being pregnancy definitely can be challenging (especially when you’re already a mom), but it also is definitely worth it! I’m a little relieved that this past pregnancy was so hard, because I’d want another one too. Ha, ha. Nate and I both always just wanted two kids, but – gosh – I am LOVING the squishy newborn stage so much. 🙂

  3. She is gorgeous, that little lady of yours. So glad you guys are thriving. Don’t overdo it during your recovery!! There is plenty of time for overdoing it once you’re all healed.

    Keep up the great work, family of four!

  4. Ah! Praises! Such answered prayers that things are going so smoothly right now. I love hearing this!

    And girl, that’s solid advice on the towel! I’m only at 7 months, but my towel definitely doesn’t cover as much as it used to. I’m sure it won’t be long before it’s REALLY not covering much, haha!

    1. Ha, ha. YES, definitely invest in a cute, fluffy beach towel. 😉 And then you get to use it for the beach afterward, so it’s really just a win-win! 🙂
      And, yes, God is good! I’ve had so much support during this recovery and things really are going so much smoother than I had thought they would.

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