One More Sleep ‘Till Baby

This is it…  It’s here!  Tomorrow morning at 5am, Nate and I are going to hop into our car, drive to the hospital, and get prepped for surgery.  (Well, I’ll be getting prepped for surgery, and Nate will be doing the driving.  But still, the entire experience is a group effort, because we need each other to get through it).

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Planned C-Sections are definitely a bit of a mental game, because you know it’s coming.  Today would have been a long day had I not focused on keeping busy.  I dusted…tidied…organized…  I basically finished all the last-minute things that I possibly could.  (My parents are staying at our house for the next 4 nights to watch Brady, so I wanted it as clean as possible for them.  And besides, who wants to come home from the hospital to a messy house?  Cleaning was a win-win for all parties involved).

But don’t worry, I rested too.  Nate took Brady out for a fun afternoon so that I could take a bath and rest my body a bit.  One of my biggest fears was going into surgery feeling too exhausted, so it was important to me to get some rest today.

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I’d say that I can’t believe it’s here, but – at the same time – this was a very long pregnancy.  I’m SO ready for tomorrow to come.  And SO ready to meet Kaitlyn.

This is it, my friends!  We’re going to meet our beautiful, baby girl in the morning!

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Your prayers are most definitely welcomed!!!  🙂





7 thoughts on “One More Sleep ‘Till Baby

  1. So exciting! Good luck! I can’t wait to see pictures of your sweet little girl. Praying for a quick recovery for you.

  2. So we were traveling when you posted this, but as you know – I am enamored with sweet Kaitlyn already! She is just so adorable! I’m so glad you took some time to rest and get things together before surgery. Take plenty of time to rest as you recover as well! Love you!

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