A Fun Day for the Brother-to-Be!

Since I’ve had so many other symptoms this pregnancy, I was really hoping to avoid a pregnancy migraine this time around; but I had no such luck.  😉  I had a really bad one the other night, and – since I’m preggo – I was only allowed to take the edge off with Tylenol.  This is basically the equivalent of chopping off your finger and covering it with a bandaid.

You’re pretty sure that it’s not doing anything, but something is better than nothing!

I had my first-ever migraine during my pregnancy with Brady and haven’t had one again… until now.  So apparently it’s just a thing with me.  I need to pay my dues and have a pregnancy migraine before my I get to meet my baby.  😉  But I really can’t complain if I only get them once each pregnancy.  My mom has always gotten them a lot, and they are just NO joke!!

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I’m not specifically sure what caused the nasty headache, although I’m slightly suspicious that maybe I overdid it yesterday.  Yesterday was the last weekend that Brady will be an only child (WHAT?!?), and so I was really determined to spoil him as much as possible.  I honestly haven’t been able to do much with him as of late, because I’ve almost been on a self-imposed, bed rest.  I just haven’t been feeling well, and I’ve been trying to listen to my body.  And, let me tell you, my body has been screaming at me to rest.  Everything feels heavy or hurts…  And the never-ending contractions have been no joke.  So Nate has been the fun parent, and I’ve kind of been the parent who hobbles around cooking meals and who snuggles during cartoons before bed.

(I have major mommy guilt over that, but Nate keeps reminding me that this is just a phase.  I will get my energy and mobility back, but – right now – I need to focus on my health and on Kaitlyn’s health).

So yesterday, I decided to ignore my body a bit and to just focus on making Brady feel special by having a Brother-to-Be Fun Day.  Although I definitely overdid it (especially in the crazy heat), I don’t regret it for one second.  It was totally worth it to see Brady laughing and smiling SO much!

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First thing in the morning, we brought Brady to a kid’s play place that I’d been eyeing for awhile.  I’d been warned that it gets incredibly busy, but – GASP – we had the entire place to ourselves for the near 2 hours that we were there.  Seriously, no one else showed up!  Brady had full run of the huge, open space; and he danced, ran, slid, crawled, and jumped to his heart’s content.  I should add that Nate did all those things too…  Ha, ha.  It was amazing!!

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After Brady’s nap and lunch (the kid was so hungry after running around that he ate 3 slices of pizza!), we decided to go out for icecream.  Considering how hot the day had become, the sweet treat was very much enjoyed.  (We also may have snuck in some organizing and cleaning, since we’re currently working on the basement.  Brady loves running around down there, so he thinks it’s a treat.  And we got a lot done, so that was a win-win for everyone).

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Then we came home and sat on the back porch and played with the water table.  By then, my feet were so swollen that I couldn’t even fit into my larger-sized flip flops.  Sooooo, the sitting down was very much needed.  Ha, ha.

It honestly was such a fun day, and I know that Brady had a blast!  I can’t believe that he’s not going to be our only child anymore.  But I also can’t wait to see him interact with his little sister once she gets here!  They’re going to have some fun experiences together, I just know it!!

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3 thoughts on “A Fun Day for the Brother-to-Be!

  1. Aww yay for a big spoil-Brady day! Looks like it was fun for all of you! I hate that it ended in a migraine for you (yuck!!), but I’m glad that too has passed. Hopefully the rest of this week will go super smoothly. I’m so excited for Ms. Kaitlyn to arrive!

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