Bits O’ This and That

1.  AWWWWWW – You guys, in just two weeks, I’m going to have a newborn!!!!!!  Seriously, two weeks exactly!  Because I didn’t feel well for most of it, this honestly felt like the longest pregnancy ever, and it’s finally almost time for it all to be completely worth it.  I am SO excited!

This obviously calls for a flashback, newborn pic of Brady!

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2.  Hospital Bag – I ‘thought’ that my hospital bag was packed, but then my closet ran out of T-shirts that fit… And the bathroom ran out of toothpaste…  And I sort of craved the snacks that I’d packed for Nate to eat at the hospital…  Oh, and I ran out of hair gel…  So I kind of raided my hospital bag a few times and now it isn’t finished at all.  Ha, ha!  Soooooo, I really need to get on that this week!   Seems that a Target trip is in my near future.

3.  Belly BUMP – At my last doctor’s appointment, my OB was concerned about my weight gain and just how large my stomach had gotten.  (I had a major flashback to my pregnancy with Brady, because this happened then too).  Turns out that – once again – I have too much amniotic fluid and a big baby.  They think that baby Kaitlyn is already measuring 8 pounds, which means she could end up being a 10 pounder just like Brady was.  And the amniotic fluid levels puts me on a slightly higher-risk status, so I’ll be watched more closely from now on.  But even if she seems to be a big girl, Kaitlyn seems to be perfectly happy and healthy!  🙂   What can I say, I grow’em BIG!

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4.  My Mom – My mom is seriously the BEST!  Not only did she watch Brady for the afternoon so that I could enjoy some much-needed down time (which allowed me to write this blog post AND catch up on reading some favorite blogs); but she also baked us a DELICIOUS, homemade Lasagna for dinner.  Yeah, my mom ROCKS!  I sooooo needed the break!

5.  Nursery –   Sooooo I get asked ALL the time about how baby girl’s nursery is coming along…  I’m always a little embarrassed to admit it, but we haven’t worked on it at all.  I’ve been really sick and weak this entire pregnancy, and also money has been a bit tight.  I was super bummed about it at first, but – as you know – I’m not one to stay glum for too long.  😉  I decided that since Kaitlyn will probably sleep in our room for 5-6 months anyway, I’ll give myself a year to finish her nursery.  That way, I can add a bit here and there, which will better fit into our tight budget.

You might remember that we were going to have Kaitlyn share a bedroom with Brady, but we decided to let her have her own room.  (The playroom is going to be moved to the basement, which was finished a few years ago.  Nate is working now on organizing / deep cleaning it, so that we can move the toys down there). We had already painted the playroom a lovely blue color, but we’re in luck since blue walls for a little girl’s room is totally the fad right now!  I’ve decided on an owl theme, and here is some inspiration that I’ve pinned on Pinterest lately.  (I love the picket fence and tree decals, so I’m pretty sure those ideas will be used for sure).

Owl Nursery Decal!! Adorable! Has the link to purchase! --forget putting it in a nursery I want it in my living room!:

LOVE this playroom for a little girl!  Too bad I don't think Blake would appreciate it very much if I exchanged his desire for a superhero play with with a nice white picket fence and flowers along the walls.  Darn!:

Aqua & Pink... darling nursery colors and another great way for the room to "grow up" with the little one.:

Baby Girl Nursery Art Mint Coral Owl Wall Art Kids Wall Art Girls Room You are My Sunshine Love Owl Theme Nursery Set of 4, Art Prints by vtdesigns on Etsy:

6.  Blogging After a Newborn – My goal is to blog once a week once Kaitly arrives (with a couple of weeks taken off for recovery and settling in, obviously).  I really, really, really want to document the newborn stage, despite the amazing craziness that comes with bringing a baby home.  🙂  The memories are so precious and easily forgotten.  But even if I won’t be blogging a ton at first, I do hope to keep Instagram updated.  So if you don’t already follow me, definitely click here, so that you don’t miss out on updates!!  🙂

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7.  Easter!  – I host Easter every year, but I definitely wasn’t up to all that baking / cooking this time around.  So I provided the house (along with the ham, homemade bread, and potatoes), and my mom and sister brought over everything else.  The day was a warm one (80 degrees!), and I just can’t tolerate the heat when I’m pregnant.  So I was relieved to just be able to enjoy time with my family without having to do much work in the kitchen.

may have been a tad bit cranky (as I was SO uncomfortable and nauseous), but I really did still enjoy the day.  🙂

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8.  Team Pink – Has anyone tried the new, Starbucks pink drink?  I have absolutely no idea what it tastes like, but it’s just so pretty that I want to order one…  Hmmmm, maybe there’s a Target AND Starbucks trip in my near future??  😉


9.  What have YOU been up to??  🙂  


8 thoughts on “Bits O’ This and That

  1. Your mom is awesome! How sweet to make you dinner. And you are totally on the right track to not stress about Kaitlyn’s room. She will be in your room for six months and honestly won’t care about the decorations in her room for a few years after that. She’ll want to be in that super fun playroom you’re working on! Take your time and add stuff you love as you can!

  2. Awww! I loved reading this!!!! Girl, providing your house AND doing that cooking for Easter is still a HUGE deal. How do you do it, superwoman?! I am so excited for you!!!!! Thank you for keeping us in the loop 🙂

  3. Newborn pic of Brady….awwww! So sweet.
    You are completely right about Kaitlyn not needing her nursery done right away! Ellis still prefers to play in the living room, so his nursery is basically just a room for sleeping:P

  4. I loved this post!! I can’t believe there are only 2 more weeks until the baby arrives! Sounds like you guys are pretty ready to go. How great of your Mom to help out, she sounds like the best!! Good luck the next two weeks – I can’t wait to see your beautiful baby girl!! XOXO

  5. So exciting! My due date is in just about 2 months and then I’ll have a newborn again too! My daughter and the new baby (a boy) will be sharing a room. It was originally painted mint green so it could do double duty if we needed it to, so we are just making a few updates so it’s more boy friendly 🙂

  6. Ah, your mom! What a sweet lady! I’m so glad you have family close by to help out during times like this. I know this third trimester hasn’t been easy on you. *Hugs* But wow oh wow will you be meeting your little girl SO SOON! AH! I’m so excited to see pictures!!

    And hey, don’t stress about the nursery! Like you said, she’ll be in your room for a good bit at first anyway. After she’s here and settled into a routine and you’re getting a little more sleep (and not feeling so miserable all the time), decorating will be a lot more fun anyway! 🙂

    1. Very true! I’ll have much more enthusiasm and energy to decorate once I’ve recovered from this pregnancy. I’m really excited about it. 🙂 But more than anything else, I’m excited to meet baby Kaitlyn. It’s been a long journey, but I’m almost there!! 🙂

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