I usually focus on quality of content when writing my posts (or at least whenever possible); but for a little while, they’re definitely going to be a bit more conversational.  Kind of like we’re sitting down at a cafe and catching up over a decaf latte.  Most will be short and sweet, I think; because this preggo mama is tired…. and soon to be the proud (and exhausted) mama of two.  But at the same time, I don’t want to stop blogging during this busy season.

So hang in there if this kind of content isn’t your fave…  😉

Anyway, let’s talk CUPCAKES!  I’ve missed decorating and eating them, to be honest.  🙂  I have turned down a few paid requests as of late, because I knew that I wouldn’t be up to baking a ton in April.  But when a special family member decided to get married on Saturday during an intimate, family-only ceremony; I just couldn’t say ‘no’ to the last-minute request for some wedding cupcakes.

I only had a day’s notice; so I decided to go with a simple, elegant look.  I went with a tuxedo-affect by baking and frosting cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and lemon buttercream (not pictured).  The lemon cupcakes were also filled with lemon curd, which is always a big hit.  For both colors, I frosted in a rosette pattern and then lightly sprinkled with pearl accents.

Being this pregnant and the mom to a toddler, it definitely was a lot of work.  But it was worth it.  I had a blast, and it meant a lot to be able to contribute to the wedding.  (Plus both Nate and Brady had a blast taste-testing for me.  😉  Brady actually gets excited now when he sees cupcake tins, because he knows that I’m about to make something “dewishush”).


And then, since I was in cupcake mode (and there were unfrosted cupcakes left), I offered to make the cupcakes for my dad’s birthday party on Sunday.  Again, these were ultra last-minute, so my creativity was restricted by the supplies I had on hand.  I decided on a light sprinkling of fun, rainbow jimmies and opened a box of matchbox cars as toppers.  (After all, what guy can resist cars, even if they’re the matchbox variety)?

untitled-3 (1)

It’ll be months before I have the time and energy to make cupcakes again, so I’m glad I got to practice my hobby over this past weekend.  🙂

Now for a serious question…  What is your FAVORITE cupcake flavor??  I’m pretty sure I always go for chocolate cupcakes, unless pumpkin with cream cheese frosting is available.  


7 thoughts on “Cupcakes!

  1. Your cupcakes are gorgeous, as always! I love these types of posts, too! Really, all your posts are just awesome, no matter what style you write in.

    Hmm, favorite cupcake flavor…. maybe white cake with vanilla buttercream! Nice and simple! Bonus if it has a strawberry or raspberry filling!

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