Hacked? — NOPE!

Hey Guys,

My account may have been hacked…  I just noticed that I commented on my own blog post yesterday (which I totally didn’t do.  I was out with a friend at the time).   I’ve changed my password and settings, and I’m hoping that takes care of it.  But if you notice unusual activity on this account, then it obviously didn’t work.  I’ll be keeping an eye on things, and hopefully I won’t have to create an entirely new blog.  (SOB)!

Well, we’re all snuggled warm and safe right now, riding out the March snowstorm.  🙂  Stay safe if your in Storm Stella’s path!!



Sooooooo I had given a family member my old laptop awhile back, and I was apparently still logged into WordPress.  So they commented on my blog, but it showed up as me.  HA!  Oh my goodness, I was freaking out this morning, and it turns out that it was just a nice comment from a family member.

I can breathe now!  My account is okay!!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Hacked? — NOPE!

  1. Sorry about that! Being a mom who is proud of her daughter’s writing abilities and creativity; it was only natural of me to comment on her wonderful blog!!!! Yes folks, I am the family member, or as some people might call hacker, who replied to the blog!!! Ha! Ha!!!!! Love you Nicole, keep up with those wonderful and heartfelt blogs, and I promise if I comment, I will leave my name!!!

    Love you!!!!!

    1. Ha, ha. It’s okay, Mom!!! I am just EXTREMELY relieved that it was you and not some hacker. 🙂 Now that you’re signed in as ‘Mom’, it shows up that way, even if you don’t leave your name. So going forward, I’ll know it’s you. Thank you for commenting, and reading, and always supporting me!! Love ya!

  2. I’ve just discovered that I must have accidentally unfollowed you. It was just because I saw on Instagram that you had a new post up and I noticed that it hadn’t come up in my feed. I have a lot of reading to do!!!!

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