Preggo Journal – Week 29 Recap

How Far Along – I’m 30 weeks, which just boggles my mind.  I am in complete shock as to how fast this pregnancy has flown by.  Since I have a C-section scheduled for the first week of May, this means that I only have 9 weeks left before we meet baby Kaitlyn!!!  (I seriously just got SO excited as I typed that.  And maybe a little freaked out….  😉  But mostly excited)!  🙂

Baby Name:   Kaitlyn Marie

First and Second Pregnancy, Comparison Pics:  

THEN –  (2014)

NOW (2017) –

Image may contain: one or more people, stripes and indoor

(I feel as though that picture doesn’t do my belly justice. Ha, ha).

I’m Craving / Disliking:   Craving juice (especially fruit punch), fresh fruit, crusty bread, salads, wraps, and chocolate.  I really am loving fresh foods this time around.  And I’m disliking the usual…  Still not a huge fan of meat, spinach, or leftovers.  (If I smell a particular food for too long, I just don’t want to eat it.  So leftovers haven’t been my friend.

Exercise:  I walked pretty regularly this past week, thanks to the unseasonably warm temperatures.  Granted, the walks were quite slow; because Brady has to check out every single rock, twig, pine cone, and bug in our path.  But still, the movement and fresh air felt great.  🙂

I’ve also been doing a little better with my water intake.  I’ve been so nauseous that I’ve had a really hard time drinking water and so I’ve been dehydrated for much of this pregnancy (which obviously isn’t good).  But I bought an infuser water-bottle, so I can make my own flavored waters by adding fruit, veggies, and herbs.  I’ve found that I drink more water that way…    It tastes great AND it looks pretty!

Image may contain: drink

Awkward Moment:  Where to begin…  😉

-People are starting to comment on my ‘huge’ belly, and they literally gasp in disbelief when I tell them that I still have two months left.  What can I say, I’ve always been a pregnant woman who gets a big ol’ belly.  But still, some people seem slightly concerned that I won’t be able to walk by my due date, and their over-the-top exclamations can get awkward.  I mean, I’m not that huge… yet.

-Brady is going through a terrible two’s stage right now.  Honestly, he isn’t that terrible, but his listening skills aren’t that great either.  😉  (We’re patiently trying to work on that).  While I was shopping with him the other day, he took off running towards the door; and I had to chase him down before he exited the building.  Just picture it, a two year old running through the aisles with his very pregnant mama chasing behind him.  (For the record, I also had arms full of merchandise AND a very full bladder at the time).  I finally caught up with him, only to feel a tiny drop release ‘down there’.  I just stood there in complete panic, realizing that my water had just broke (way too early) OR I had just peed myself a little.  Well, let’s just say that my water hadn’t broke.  So yeah….

-Oh, pregnancy brain.  I congratulated a piano student, in front of her mom, for doing SO well on her piano flashcards during the lesson.  She looked really puzzled before saying, “But we didn’t do flashcards tonight.”  I suddenly realized that I was mixing her up with the student who had come before her.  This, my friends, is my new reality.

Haaa truth:

A Moment I Don’t Want to Forget:  Kaitlyn is moving SO much right now, and I am loving it!

Something I Miss:  Hot baths.  Lukewarm baths are just not cutting it for me…  😉  I am so looking forward to taking a piping hot bath in a few months.

Sleep:  I’ve had a few bouts of insomnia that kept me up, but it definitely hasn’t been as bad as it was during my first trimester.

To-Do List Completions:  I washed and dried the clothes that I do already have for Kaitlyn.  And Nate and I have been working on a playroom for Brady and Kaitlyn.  (We decided to have them share a room, so that the third bedroom could be a comfortable and safe place for them to play).  So far, we’ve redone the carpet, painted the walls, and organized toys.  Don’t worry, plenty of pink things will make an appearance soon.  🙂

Image may contain: indoor

Purchases:  I made my first purchase for the nursery that will help turn it from a boy’s room into a room fit for a brother and sister.  🙂  I’m definitely working on adding more pink (and I’ll share pics when I’m done).

Symptoms:  The need to pee every five minutes has returned.  I have restless leg syndrome every night.  And I feel breathless and a little achy, in addition to nauseous.  But overall, I’m hanging in there!  🙂

Surviving the third trimester: Natural home remedies for water retention, swelling, carpal tunnel, itchy skin, restless legs, heartburn #pregnancy:

Final thought:    I’m really starting to feel ready to meet my precious baby girl!



10 thoughts on “Preggo Journal – Week 29 Recap

  1. So exciting! Didn’t realize you are just 4 weeks behind me. I’m also craving fresh foods this pregnancy. Yesterday I wanted juice so so bad (I had forgotten my waterbottle). But I reminded myself that I should just go home and drink water.

    1. Good for you!! I have been slightly obsessed with juice this pregnancy. (Sheepish grin). I think that because I’ve been nauseous on and off so much, I’ve struggled a bit with water. I have tried to do better at diluting my juice with water OR with adding fruit to my water to flavor it a bit.

  2. Awwww!! I love how you are sharing your story with us!!! Sounds like you are super mom handling the terrible 2s and being pregnant! Props to you!! But Brady also sounds like such a cutie! Also I LOVE the name you chose- Kaitlyn Marie! GORGEOUS!

  3. This is so cute! This is my first time on your blog, but I love the updates and almost diary entry like posts have! This will be such a treasure once your children are all grown and they can read how much their mom toiled and worked and ached when they were young, haha. Thanks for sharing! xo, Stephanie

  4. Wow you have so many exciting things happening right now! I can’t believe you only have nine weeks left until you bring your sweet girl home. I get massive at the very end of my pregnancies (I like to blame it on my height). I think some people just feel like they need to make some type of comment, and it comes out rather rude. I think you look amazing!

    1. I definitely get massive towards the end of pregnancy too! And there’s nothing like a pregnancy to give people the freedom to comment on your weight… Ha, ha. But there’s nothing like a sweet new baby to make it all worth it in the end! 🙂

  5. You don’t look that huge by any means!! I don’t know what people are talking about! And oh my goodness, NINE weeks?! Well, I guess like 8 at this point. HOW EXCITING!! I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of her! And until then I”m looking forward to seeing pictures of her cute room as you transition it into a shared one! 🙂

    1. Thank you! 🙂 My sister just said on Sunday that I don’t look that big to her. Of course, she was looking at me from the front. I feel that the side view is like “bam”! Ha, ha. But I’m really ALL belly this time around, so it’s a big ol’ basketball. I think that maybe it’s because I’m on the shorter side, so it just seems that much bigger to people. Who knows… All I know is that people definitely think that because I’m pregnant, they can comment on my weight whenever they want. 😉
      I am SOOOoooo excited to see her for the first time!!! And I can’t wait to meet her and see her personality come out. 🙂

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