Bits O’ This and That

1.   Necessity is the mother of invention…

This is how I managed to take a hot shower this morning.

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2.  Brady has a terrifying habit of hiding his Lovey (whom he refers to as Buddy) in the craziest of places.  (I’m talking inside the trashcan… Down the cat door and into the basement….  In the freezer).   Buddy is a precious, elephant blanky who is necessary for bedtime to go smoothly.  Buddy was recently missing for two days straight, and I was convinced that he was gone forever.  Then he turned up…

Then he went missing again.  But thankfully I found him stuffed into my boot.  Do they sell tracking devises for children’s toys?

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3.  I’m fairly certain that there are little elves running around our house and dirtying our dishes.

There’s no way that two adults and a toddler can fill up a sink that quickly!  I feel as though I was doing dishes all day.

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And by the way, while I was doing the dishes, those little elves definitely filled my laundry baskets with dirty clothes.  Ha!

4. Brady will be sharing a room with his baby sister by the fall (as she’ll be in me and Nate’s room for the first few months).  Any ideas as to how I can turn a boy’s room into a boy’s AND girl’s room?  I definitely need to add some pink accents…

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5.  I can never resist a cute notebook, especially when they come in packs of three!

No automatic alt text available.

6.  Starbucks just knows how to make a pretty drink, which – in turn – makes a delicious beverage that much more amazing.  Their hibiscus tea is one of my favorite drinks right now.

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7.  I am SO exhausted these days, partly thanks to chasing after a toddler and partly thanks to having hit the third trimester of pregnancy.  But I have to say that this little boy makes it ALL worth it.  Nate and I didn’t fully understand love until we met him.

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8.  It’s FRIDAY!!!!!  Any fun plans for the weekend?  🙂


9 thoughts on “Bits O’ This and That

  1. We’re getting a baby free day tomorrow! My mom is watching him so Zack and I can spend time together! Though with canaan’s less than perfect sleeping habits, i think it’ll be a day of naps and Netflix haha I can’t sit to see your baby girl!!

    1. FUN!!!!!
      Honestly, my toddler is 2 and sleeps through the night now, but the thing I’m most looking forward to in regards to our one-night getaway (the Babymoon) is just chilling in front of the TV at the hotel. Ha!! When you’re a parent, it’s the simple things that matter most. I can’t wait to just slow down a bit and to have time with my hubby without adorable (but constant) interruptions. 🙂
      Enjoy tomorrow!!!! I hope it’s really relaxing and rejuvenating! Nate and I definitely love those kinds of dates the most, because they’re relaxing and give us time to just spend together. We’ve done the movie at home dates the most over these past two years, and they’ve always ended up being the best days!

  2. Ha! I have totally done that with the chair and food in the bathroom to get a shower. Why does it seem so hard to get a five minute shower as a mom? I don’t have much for ideas on doing a nursery with both genders, but I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Having two in one room has worked out perfectly for us. They have both really loved sharing a room.

    1. The chair in the bathroom totally works (especially when accompanied with food… and a mommy willing to sing loudly in the shower)! 🙂 It was my first time doing it, but I’ll most definitely be doing it again. In fact, they should market a chair ‘just’ for that. Hmmmm, maybe we’re onto something big here… Ha, ha.
      And good to know that having two in one room has worked out so well for you!! I was nervous about doing it, but everyone says that the kids get used to what you do with them. So if they share a room, they’ll be used to that. It frees up our third bedroom for a playroom, which is going to be really nice to have! When they’re older, they can have their own rooms, but – for now – it’ll be really convenient to have them both in the same room. Now to add some pink though! 🙂

    1. I felt as though I was doing dishes ALL day, and that “Oh my goodness, I am SO tired of dishes” face definitely came naturally! Ha, ha. I’ve decided that since I’m in the third trimester, I may cheat a bit and dish out the money for some paper plates and cups. Just to get us through these next few months. LOL!

    1. I’ve actually been conquering the laundry this past week! This may sound like a no-brainer, but the secret really is to do many small loads. I was used to doing laundry only twice a week, but that doesn’t work when kiddo’s come into the picture. Now I do small loads every other day pretty much… As a tired mom, I so often don’t feel like doing it at all (which is why I’d ignore it and let it build up). 😉 BUT this past week, I’ve forced myself to do a load, fold it, and put it all away frequently. (I usually do it at night when Brady is in bed, so that I can watch something on TV or listen to music).. The method works! Ha, ha. I’m actually completely caught up! 🙂

  3. This whole post made me smile. From taking Brady into the bathroom while you shower, to the blanket in your boot, adorable notebooks (I can’t resist, either!), and how you said you and Nate didn’t fully understand love until you met Brady… ahh, I just love this post! ❤

    Also, I can't believe you're in the third trimester already! I cannot wait for Kaitlyn's arrival!

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