Planning Our Second Babymoon

Babymoons are fairly new concepts, but whoever came up with the idea is nothing short of brilliant.  Let’s face it, once baby arrives, life changes dramatically.  And in so many ways, the changes are good.  They’re beautiful changes that fill your heart with so much love it just might explode.

But at the same time, those sleepless nights, endless days of entertaining a little one, and never-ending piles of laundry do add some new challenges to one’s marriage.  If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile then you might remember that one of my biggest fears going into motherhood was how becoming a mom could potentially affect my marriage in a negative light.

And yeah, sure, it has been tougher.

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When a baby comes, it’s not just you and your hubby anymore…  You can’t spontaneously step out of the house for a movie or bite to eat.  Traveling becomes more difficult, partly due to lack of money and partly due to inconvenience.  The romance is tougher to make time and energy for, because you literally crash the moment baby falls asleep.

And suddenly the advice of more seasoned parents makes sense:  “Marriage takes work.”

But here’s the thing…  I think I’ve said it before, and now I’m just more convinced than ever.  Marriage actually takes fun.  

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Because it’s soooooo easy to forget to laugh together…   Just you two.  Not over your toddler’s silly antics, but because you and your husband (your best friend) both got caught up in a tickle match. It’s easy to forget to kiss – like really kiss – instead of the quick-peck that becomes habit when you’re in a rush.  To forget to talk – like really talk – about books, and fun plans, and the day’s activities.

It’s just easier to fall into a worn-out routine that needs a bit of spontaneity and spice.

Maybe life is busier now and won’t go back to that ‘just us’ stage, but it doesn’t mean that your marriage can’t be just as strong.  As with any stage of life, change happens.  You and your husband will change once babies arrive, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t still be madly in love.  And best friends.  And happy.

It will just be different.  And yeah, it will just take more work.  (Or, more accurately, more effort to make time for fun).

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I’d say that Nate and I have more challenging days since becoming parents than we did before.  But those rough moments usually happen when we’ve been too busy.  When we’ve lost focus on what should come first – our marriage.  (Well, after God, of course).  🙂

So Babymoons…  I am ALL for them!  I think they’re important, almost like a promise to each other that you’ll always make time for special, ‘just us’ moments.  It’s a fun experience, an amazing memory, and a great way to jump into the role of parenthood.

Many people go away for several nights (or even up to a week), but Nate and I have never been able to swing that.  BUT just going away for the night and spending a day or two together is really all it takes.  It’s just important to  put aside the busy stuff and to spend quality time together.  🙂  For our last Babymoon, we spent the day in Boston and then stayed in a hotel that was halfway between the city and our home.  It was SO much fun!

And our one-night Babymoon for this pregnancy is coming up quickly, and I am soooooo excited.  Nate has been busy with work; I’ve been busy caring for a toddler and growing a baby.  We definitely need this time away to spend time together AND to spend time feeling excited about our upcoming arrival.

AND this mama just needs a break with her man.  🙂  I’m SO looking forward to sitting down to eat dinner in a restaurant, and sleeping in, and enjoying a slower-paced couple of days.  I’d say that our Babymoon can’t come fast enough, but – well – I do love the anticipation and planning stage too!!  🙂

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Have you ever gone on a Babymoon?  If you’re a parent, what’s something that you do to make sure that you and your significant other are setting aside quality  time for each other?  



11 thoughts on “Planning Our Second Babymoon

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Will and I try to go on a date every Saturday while my mom watches Seth. The last couple of weeks we have picked up Powerade at the gas station and then played racquetball. Cheap, but so fun! For me, another opportunity to prioritize my marriage is if Will is home at the same time Seth is asleep, the dishes, laundry, cooking, etc. have to wait. I get to spend alone time with my guy, and that is more important!

    1. I think the ‘cheap but fun’ dates are the best dates! I’ve found that the spontaneous or simple moments tend to be the most special (especially when you’re a busy parent. It feels SO good to play a sport together, or to catch a movie, or to even just go for a walk).
      I LOVE the idea to spend time alone together when the child is sleeping!! I definitely need to adopt that practice once Kaitlyn arrives, if not sooner! 🙂 It’s so easy to focus on the things that need to get done, when those things really can wait… Relationship and the marriage is so much more important!

  2. So funny you should write this…we just went on our babymoon! 🙂 We actually got 3 nights away from the kids (2 full days). We stayed at my parents’ lakehouse and just slept, played games, and didn’t do much. It was lovely. Plus, our anniversary this year will fall not too long after baby comes so we probably won’t do much.

    1. Oh how fun!! A lakehouse sounds so very relaxing. And I’m sure that the three nights away were very much needed and enjoyed. I always tell Nate that I don’t care what we do… As far as I’m concerned, we could sit in the hotel playing games and eating pizza. LOL! I just look forward to slowing down a bit and not having to wait on a little one. 🙂 We all need that break once in awhile!!

  3. I love this post so much. I always hear negative things in the media about how babies can really hurt a marriage and it always worried me. The way that you and Nate live out your marriage is such an inspiration to me. I love that you say it takes fun. So true!!

    Cannot wait to hear about your babymoon!

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