Castaway Day!

It’s gone…  After a two night hospital stay, after desperately cleaning pee out of the cast as best I could nearly every morning, after praying for no leak-throughs before changing every poopy diaper, after long days of attempting to keep a two year old occupied, after having to watch my little boy struggle to pull himself around on the floor, after five of the longest weeks that I have ever experienced…  The spica cast is GONE!

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I woke up Thursday morning feeling possibility giddy.  Like it may as well have been Christmas, New Years, and my birthday all rolled into one.  I couldn’t have stopped smiling if I wanted to, which is okay since Nate had the same grin on his face.  And although Brady didn’t quite understand the concept of getting his cast removed, our excitement was contagious!

The Green Monster was coming off!!

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Honestly, his getting the cast removed was a million times easier than I had thought it would be.  A nurse walked in with a video of Curious George, and that’s really all it took.  We told him that the loud machine running over his cast was just a vacuum, and he focused on his favorite monkey.  I had really thought he’d be hysterical, but George saved the day once again.

I was beyond shocked… but also relieved.

He did cry when the cast was removed, and he stretched his leg for the first time though.  His muscles were obviously very sore from having been restricted for so long, and I’m sure the bone itself is still painful at this point.  But thank goodness, his skin looked really good (no rashes), and the X-rays showed that his leg had healed nicely.

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The doctor told us that it could take weeks before he started to walk, so his advice to us was to take things slowly.  I wasn’t frustrated by that in the least…  One of the things I missed the most over these past few weeks was holding him.  Really holding him.  The cast always got in the way, and it was impossible to snuggle very well.  Holding him for real felt absolutely amazing!  (Plus he was a lot lighter without the cast; and he could now bend, which meant he’d be able to sit up normally).

The minute we got home, I let Brady have his long-awaited bubble bath.  (The skin on his leg was super peely, so I also lathered him up really well with lotion.  My cousin had sent me some awesome Pure Haven products to use, which really did come in handy.  But more on that in a future blog post).  🙂

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Then we watched cartoons (Curious George, of course) and prepared for his Castaway party!  (My dad had come up with the clever name for a party to celebrate casting away the restrictive cast.  And we all had Christmas presents for him that we’d been unable to give him when he was in the cast.  So it was definitely reason to celebrate).  I decided to make the night extra special with two of his favorite foods:  chicken pot pie and cake.

Oh gosh, the cake…  It was the saddest looking cake I have ever made.  LOL!  But I didn’t want to take the time to decorate it perfectly, because that was time that I couldn’t spend with my little guy.  So everything got plopped together, and my alien cake was sad looking yet very delicious.

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Here are some recaps from the day!  🙂


I plan to do a Spica Cast survival blog post with some tips I learned along the way, but if any of you have specific questions that you’d like me to answer, leave them in the comment section!  


16 thoughts on “Castaway Day!

  1. Ah, happy Castaway! You were all troopers through the experience and I’m so glad it’s over now. I hope he continues to feel better and better and that the recovery is perfect. So glad you get to cuddle him close now without the cast in the way.

    1. Thank you! It really did feel like a holiday. 🙂 He’s walking slowly, but he’s walking! (Actually, some days, he tries out a slow-paced job, because he misses running so much). 😉 He’s definitely doing well! And his mama is just happy to see him out of that restrictive cast. Life is good!! 🙂

  2. Maybe it’s just because I’m hormonal right now, but that video made me tear up! So sweet to see him SO happy out of that cast!! And I think it’s adorable how excited he was about that cake ALL DAY LONG! So sweet! Ah, friend, I am so happy for you!! So glad the past five weeks are OVER!!!

    1. Thank you SO much!!! 🙂 I honestly have been on cloud nine every single day this week. We haven’t quite gotten back to our usual routine yet (as his leg is still sore, so sometimes I put him in front of the TV just to make him sit a bit. Ha, ha). BUT life is soooooo much easier and happier now. And he is just giddy to be able to walk around now!
      (And I completely understand. I get teared up at absolutely everything too! Pregnancy hormones are no joke)! 🙂

  3. What a cute idea to have a party! So glad the cast is gone, and things can go back to being a little more normal for you all!

  4. Yaaaaay for Castaway Day! How special that you made the day so nice for Brady, from the bubble bath, his favorite foods, and a party! You’re the best! I’m so happy you’re able to hold him now 🙂 woo hoo!!

  5. Haha!! How sweet, I love the Castaway Day theme! I bet that was such a relief for you as a mama to say goodbye to that cast. Here’s to a complete recovery very soon!!

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