Two Days!

Only one full day left, you guys!  One day and a morning left before Brady gets his cast off!!  I feel like there’s so much I want to chat with you about (including a ‘Spica Cast Survival’ post) and also some fun plans coming up…  But right now, I am still in survival mode!  AND I’m planning a small Castaway party for Brady (our fun name for celebrating the removal of his cast).

So excuse me for not having the brain power this week to put sentences together that make coherent sense.  😉  I’ll be back to blogging next week!

What have YOU been up to lately?  🙂  




9 thoughts on “Two Days!

  1. I have been getting over the flu! 😦 It was awful. The most sick I’ve been in who knows how long. My husband had to stay home from work cuz I couldn’t get out of bed. Now my oldest is running a fever so I suspect this week will be spent at home.

    In other news, I’ve been doing some redecorating to my apartment. We bought the Ikea Ektorp couch (which I love!) and I’ve been adding some things to the baby room. I made a felt ball mobile for the baby room and it turned out just how I wanted! That doesn’t happen real often. And I’ve been dejunking and sorting through our things to see what we don’t need.

    1. Oh NO! So sorry to hear about the flu! Being sick is hard enough, but it is SO difficult when you add being a mom to the mix. It’s very hard to find the time to get better. Glad to hear your husband was able to stay home a bit to help out!
      And it sounds as though you have hit the nesting period! 🙂 I was hoping to get a lot of cleaning and organizing done, but Brady’s spica cast put a damper on those plans. Hopefully I stay energized these next few weeks, so that I can get stuff done. I’d LOVE to see a pic of the mobile if you ever feel like sending one!!

    1. I have to say that my 30’s have been the BEST years so far! I’m 3 years in, and I have really enjoyed them!! 🙂 Hopefully they’re good to you as well. Are you doing something special to celebrate?

  2. I love the idea of a castaway party, hahaha!! That is epic! I’ve seen a few pictures of Brady without his cast now and I’m so happy for you all!

    I think a Spica Cast survival post would help a lot of mamas who may be in your situation!!

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