Pink Tutu’s and Team Pink

With Brady in a spica cast, leaving the house hasn’t been convenient in the least.  (And to be honest, it hasn’t even been very possible.  He’s really heavy and awkward to carry, and my ever-growing belly doesn’t help matters either).  Over the past 4 1/2 weeks, I’ve left the house to go to church and go grocery shopping.  Other than that, it has been endless hours of Curious George on repeat and occasional breaks to play with playdough, eat a meal, push some trucks around, or paint.

Sometimes we break up the routine by taking selfies, but even that doesn’t always work out that great.  This pic says it all…  See the look on my face?  See Brady’s feet (including his spica cast leg) sticking up over my shoulders?  Yeah, he decided to dive-bomb over my body just as I was snapping the pic…  This is my reality right now, and the panicked, exhausted look on my face says it all.

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#help me

Despite the insanity, I did do my best this past week to go through the boxes and boxes of boy clothes that we now can get rid of.  It’s quite the project, as there are two years worth…  (Although Nate and I are open to whatever God has for us, we do plan to only have two kids.  So we don’t need to hang onto the boy clothes anymore).  Honestly, I was worried that going through the baby clothes and giving them away would be crazy difficult.  But it helps knowing that they’re going to my bestie, so I’ll get to see a little boy I care about wear them.  (And I am keeping a few favorite outfits, of course).

So the project was a little tough, but not quite the emotional disaster that I had been worried it might be.  😉

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Other than that, I haven’t been very productive at all.  We’re pretty much in survival mode over here.

But four days…  If all goes according to plan, there are four days left until this cast comes off, and we’re allowed to settle back into a healthier routine.  Honestly, I’m not sure who will be more excited, me or Brady.  After last week though, I’d be inclined to think that it might be me.  Nate came home from work on Tuesday night; and in between uncontrolled sobs, I told him, “Today broke me.”

The struggle to keep Brady occupied…  The need to clean the house and prep for piano lessons while struggling to keep Brady occupied…  The hurt in seeing Brady so frustrated and emotional…  The feeling pregnant…

It all piled up on my exhausted shoulders and left me feeling small and overwhelmed.  It was just one of those days.  And, to be honest, one of those weeks.

But this past Friday, I was able to leave Brady home with Nate while I escaped for a few hours to immerse myself in all things pink.  Honestly, I’ve been feeling a little disappointed at how fast this pregnancy is going by, because I just haven’t been able to celebrate it the way I had during Brady’s pregnancy.  I’m so focused on being mom that I haven’t looked at little girl clothes, organized baby things, or even taken bump photo’s.

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Some days, I almost forget that I’m pregnant.  And that doesn’t always feel fair (while also filling me with just a bit of guilt).  So I was very eager to finally make a trip to the mall for some girl time with my mom and sister!  It’s totally what I needed to turn my frown upside down and to help me celebrate the pregnancy.

Although I didn’t need to create a registry, I decided to do so; because – well – I’m a Type A mama.  😉  And I love lists…  And I love playing with scan guns.  So it all just made sense.  I walked through the store with these two lovely ladies and scanned the items that I’ll need to buy before Kaitlyn arrives.  (I obviously have all the big items like a crib, stroller, and swing; so that’s very helpful.  But I still need a bunch of things, so having that list will really help to keep me organized)!

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My mom won the award for finding the Adorable Outfit of the Trip.  I fell in love with this tutu onesie the moment I saw it.  So precious!

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And my sister won the award for finding me an outfit.  🙂  She had begged me to try this sweater on during our last shopping trip, but I ended up not buying it that day.  I am in desperate need for a few more maternity tops though, so I did buy the sweater this time around.  (It was on sale, after all).

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Although last week was a bit rough, it did end really well!  And I feel as though I did get a decent amount of projects started.  🙂  YAY for team pink!

The mini shopping trip was honestly just what I needed to really celebrate the pregnancy and to help me feel as though I was bonding with the precious baby inside me.  As a mom, it’s much harder for me to take the time to feel all those beautiful emotions that come with expecting…  So I think that making time for moments like this is just what I need to do.  🙂








2 thoughts on “Pink Tutu’s and Team Pink

  1. Aww, yay team pink! I can’t imagine how tough it was to have Brady in the Spica Cast while going about your daily life and being pregnant. I’m so glad you took the time to celebrate your pregnancy with Kaitlyn! I love your new shirt and Kaitlyn’s adorable tutu onesie! Oh, and I would totally do the same thing as you and make a registry so I had a list 🙂

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