Pink or Blue?

Obviously we’re open to whatever God has for our family; but since we first got married, Nate and I have always wanted two kids.  So it’s really exciting to realize that tomorrow, we find out who will complete our family of four.  Will we raise two boys? Or will we raise a brother and a sister?

The suspense is an exciting change from the craziness that has been our lives this past week.  And it’s a welcome reminder that we have so much to celebrate and to be thankful for.

To be honest, I don’t have a feeling either way as to the gender of our precious little one.  I think I’ve been running around so much these past few months that I haven’t really had the time to pause and think about it.  😉  (My guess would be as good as anyone else’s anyway…  I was convinced – up until the ultrasound – that Brady was going to be a girl.  And, well, I was obviously wrong about that one.  Ha, ha).

So it’s time for you to decide whether you’re team ‘pink’ or team ‘blue’!  🙂  Leave your vote in the comments!

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