Christmas Shopping… Done!

Since coming home from our two-night stay at the hospital, I’ve been busy shifting around our crazy schedule into one that has been wiped clean.  Getting Brady around isn’t going to be an option for me, as his cast is heavy and cumbersome.  So I guess you could say that the next six weeks are going to be a staycation with a toddler in a lime green Spica cast.

Makeup is optional.  Yoga pants a must.  Travel by wagon…  Well, is there any other way to get around?  Even a poor little dude with a broken leg can’t resist giggling (and smiling from ear-to-ear) when the mode of transportation is a red, Radio Flyer.

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I wish I could say that I just shrugged off the cancellation of our fun, upcoming holiday plans with ease; but to be completely honest, I had to let myself have a bit of a pity-party today.   Although I always search for the humor and positive side of things, I don’t always jump to that conclusion automatically.  Sometimes, I have to let myself be pulled – kicking and screaming -to the place where I can find laughter or a reason to be thankful.

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I mean, I was totally okay with having to reschedule a dentist appointment.  (It’s not like I flossed as promised anyway).  And I can live with the fact that piano lessons are going to be half days in January (although it’s not ideal).  But then I started to get to all the fun plans we had scheduled over the next few weeks, and hitting the delete button was a bit tougher.

Okay, okay.  A lot tougher.

First, I had to come to the realization that Nate might not make it with me to our gender-reveal ultrasound on Thursday.  (And we definitely can’t make it to the dinner plans we had made to celebrate afterward).  Brady has special needs right now, and we wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving him with someone who hadn’t been trained in Spica cast care.

I had to cancel my Christmas shopping trip with my sister and a dinner date with a close friend.

We hope to make it to my family’s Christmas Eve party, but it all depends on how Brady is feeling.  We probably won’t make it to Nate’s side of the family on Christmas Day.  And none of Brady’s toys are appropriate for a little boy in a cast, so we have to put them aside to give them to him after Christmas (as apposed to the special, energetic Christmas morning we had planned).

And then I took a celebrity look-alike quiz on Facebook, and my result was Hilary Clinton.  (Okay, so that last thing is completely unrelated, but being compared to a 69 year old politician wasn’t the highlight of my day.  Kick me when I’m down, Facebook.  Kick me when I’m down).

I had to regroup a bit today.  I had to let myself feel sad for just a bit, acknowledging the fun plans that I had to let go of.  (If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that burying one’s feelings and ‘pretending them away’ doesn’t work).  Then I had to take a deep breath and decide to focus on the good things that can come with the change of plans.

After all, I am very much Type A.  I love to create plans and lists.  If anyone can make these next few weeks special by creating replacement memories, I can!

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I think I can…  I think I can…

I know I can!

And I decided to start right away with my Christmas shopping.  I originally had planned to finish my Christmas shopping on Thursday, but instead spent the evening at the hospital with Brady and Nate.  I realized this morning that I still had gifts to buy…  Granted, I didn’t have too much to buy this year.  Finances are a little tight this year (with Nate just starting the school bus driving job), so I could only afford to buy for family.  But still, I hadn’t bought Nate his gifts yet (sheepish grin), I had a Yankee Swap gift to pick up, there were a few odds and ends to grab, and I needed to pick up a few things for Brady.

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Thank goodness for Amazon Prime’s two-day free shipping!!!  While Brady napped, I finished my shopping in the comfort of my own home.  (There’s something to be said for that…  It’s a lot less crowded.  Browsing isn’t as rushed.  You don’t have to feel embarrassed by your chipped nail polish.  And the hot cocoa is a lot cheaper, even if you do have to wash your own mug afterward).

I’m going to make the best of these next six weeks, even if they will be different than planned!  Take that, Spica cast.  Take that!  This Type A mama has got this!

I mean, look at me go!  I finished my Christmas shopping, and it’s not even Christmas Eve yet.  🙂



9 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping… Done!

  1. Poor Brady…and poor you. At least it’s Christmas, a time to stay snuggled up indoors. He looks happy out in his little wagon 🙂 You’ll find ways to enjoy the holiday. X

    1. Very true! If this had happened in the summer, he’d be miserable at not being able to play outside. It’s much better being stuck inside in the winter. Perfect for snuggling and movies. 🙂
      And yes, we’ll make the holiday special, even if it’ll be different than planned!

  2. I am crying reading your last few posts. Poor Brady! Hang in there and be strong. I read your blog regularly and I know you and your husband are such compassionate people. You will make it through this with support of your family and church. And if you have to celebrate Christmas a month late with Brady when the cast is off-then do it! I’ll be thinking and praying for you all.

    1. Thank you for those prayers, Dee! You’d better believe that we’re already planning a “the cast is off” celebration for Brady! 🙂 My parents also bought him presents that he can’t use until the cast is off, so we’re all saving them to give him on that fun day! And we’ll make this Christmas as special as we can, even if it might be a little different than planned. We do have so much to be thankful for! (And we are backed by such an amazing support system). Thank you for reading and for commenting!!

  3. So many changes. I’m so sorry! It’s totally okay (and healthy) to be bummed about all these unexpected changes.

    On a much happier note, I am so with you on Amazon Prime shopping for Christmas gifts. I have a big family and most of my family also have December birthdays (including my husband). So there is a TON of shopping to do every holiday season. There’s always a handful of things I end up buying in store every year, but most of my shopping is done online this time of year because it’s so much easier.

    1. Amazon Prime is SO amazing! I’m spoiled because of it though… When I order something from somewhere else, I always feel as though it takes forever for the product to arrive. Ha, ha.

  4. I know you will make the next six weeks memorable for you, Nate, and Brady! I love that you have taken your new circumstances in stride and still let yourself feel your feelings!

    There’s nothing cuter than a giggling toddler in a wagon! Oh and yay for Amazon Prime! It’s amazing, isn’t it?!

  5. Aww so sorry about all of the changes… and about your poor little guy’s leg. 😦 Good job looking at the bright side though. I love amazon prime. This has been my first Christmas season having prime and it has been worth every cent of the membership. Hoping for a speedy recovery for Brady!

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