Brady’s Boo Boo

Since he first started to walk at 11 months, I knew that Brady was going to one day break a bone.  Call it woman’s intuition or just an observation of how insanely active, mischievous, and daring my little boy is… Whatever the explanation, I kind of just knew that one day, Brady was going to model a cast.

I just never in a million years would have guessed that it’d happen so soon… or in such a ridiculous way.

I had cancelled piano lessons on Wednesday, because Brady had a low-grade fever and was miserable with a runny nose.  By late afternoon, the fever had broke; and he was playing quietly in the kitchen with Nate’s shoes.  The normalcy of the evening was shattered, however, when Brady fell.  Nate’s shoes are no-slip, perfect for his new bus driving job, and the shoes didn’t slide when Brady twisted sidewise and fell to the floor.

I knew by the resulting screams that something was seriously wrong.  When I picked Brady up, he threw his arms around my neck in desperation and gasped for air.  His body was rigid, tightened in pain.

I sat on the couch, cradling my little boy and trying to keep him comfortable while Nate warmed up the car.  On the entire drive to the hospital, Brady screamed every time we hit a bump.  Nate and I worried that maybe he had sprained his ankle.

Once at the hospital, we were ushered into the X-ray room to scan Brady’s leg.  (By this point, my own tears were running down my face.  It was killing me to see my little guy in SO much pain but not be able to do something).  Nate donned a lead vest, so that he could stand by Brady’s side.  But I had to leave, due to my pregnancy.  Brady sobbed when he saw me leaving, so I assured him, “Mommy will be right back!”  For the rest of the X-ray scan, Brady kept repeating, “Be right back.  Be right back,” as if to remind himself that I would be coming back.  Ugh, my heart was breaking!   I literally bit my tongue to keep from bursting into ugly, uncontrolled sobs.

The ER doctor soon had the results for us, and the verdict was definitely worse than we had expected.  Brady had fractured his leg.  What?!?  There was already an ambulance being readied to carry us into the city, where we could have pediatric orthopedic specialists place Brady’s leg in a cast.

By this point it was already 9pm, so I was convinced that Brady would fall alseep in the ambulance drive.  Instead, he was a very calm, brave, and curious little boy.  For the entire 45 minute drive, he never stopped asking, “What’s that?”  The EMT’s thought he was the funniest little boy and chatted with him to keep his mind off the pain.

Once at the new hospital, we spent the next couple of hours in the children’s ER room.  Waiting… waiting… and waiting…  We were told that a cast would be put on the next morning, so we were given a room to stay in around midnight.  (We hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so thank goodness Nate and thought to grab something from a vending machine.  We both ate half of a poptart and some juice before bed).

Brady, on the other hand, was not allowed to eat anything until his cast was put on (because they were going to have to sedate him to do it).  He hadn’t eaten much that day, due to not feeling well, so he was starting to feel really hungry.

The next morning, we waited… and waited… and waited again.  Every time a nurse came in to check on Brady, we’d ask about him getting a cast, but no one seemed to know anything.  Finally a nurse honestly answered that the hospital was extremely busy and there was even the potential that Brady would have to wait until the following day.  What?!?

(I’m posting the remainder of the story tomorrow…).



8 thoughts on “Brady’s Boo Boo

  1. Oh Nicole, I am so sorry that you, Brady, and Nate have had to go through this ordeal. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you. I saw the pictures on Facebook and immediately wanted to cry for poor Brady. Hang in there. I’m praying for you guys! ❤

    1. Thank you, Allie!!! We SO need those prayers. It has been really hard so far… I’m really trying to celebrate the victories, but there have been some very tough moments too. I decided to ‘keep it real’ on the blog, although I hope to make the next post a bit more upbeat. Today had some hard moments, but we had some major victories that made me feel like we can actually get through this. 😉 God is good, and those prayers are helping! One day at at time… 🙂

  2. Oh man now I want to cry! I have always said Alsea will be the first to break a bone too because she’s such a dare devil. One day she fell off the bunkbed and wouldn’t walk on her leg for 2 days! But it never bruised or swellled or looked funny which is why we waited it out. It was fine…but man…what a nightmare for you guys…

    1. It’s just the hardest thing to see your child suffer. I decided to ‘keep it real’ on the blog, in case there’s another parent going through a similar situation. But I hope to make the next blog post more upbeat, because we have had some victories. Taking it one day at a time is helping… But still, it’s so hard.

  3. Oh no what an ordeal, I’m so sorry that your little one has to even go through that! I always feel so terribly bad when a youngster gets hurt, theyre always so helpless- I can’t even imagine what it must feel like as a mother! Stay strong for Brady, I’ll pray for him and you!!! xo

    1. Thank you for those prayers! It really has been so tough seeing him in pain… and now being stuck in such a cumbersome cast. Taking it one day at a time has really helped. Two more days, and we’ll have the first week behind us! 🙂

    1. I feel as though I’ve finally just about recovered from how emotional the entire experience was. The accident itself (a fall onto the kitchen floor) and the injury (a broken bone) didn’t quite match up to the trauma that followed. I think it was that much worse due to Brady’s age… He just doesn’t understand what’s happening, and it’s not like I can explain to him that the cast is temporary. He’s adapting to it quite well actually, which makes me happy. But on the other hand, it’s kind of sad to see him drag himself across the floor, trying to make the best of things since he can’t move his leg. It’s like he’s resolved to accept it, because he doesn’t know it’s temporary. And for some reason, that breaks my heart too. I don’t know, it’s weird. Not sure if I’m explaining that right. 🙂 I SO can’t wait for that cast to come off!!

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