Look on the Sunny Side

It’s official, my friends.  After weeks of training and completing a road test, my husband is now a school bus driver!  This begins a new journey for us and – in a way – closes a difficult chapter that we have been more than ready to put behind us.

My husband had thought that he would always be a Correctional Officer.  That he would work his way up the chain of command and earn safer positions / better pay.  We purchased a home based on his salary and on the raises we felt sure he would receive.  Nate’s job felt secure, and our financial future looked very promising.

The assault changed all that.  For four years, Nate was on disability, and we were left in limbo, wondering what the future might bring.  Over the past few months, his retirement was settled, and he has been allowed to return to work part-time.  But his income has been capped off, so he will never be allowed to make more money than he does now.  (It’s an unfortunate restriction that comes with such retirements, but he was never medically cleared to return to his former employer.  And quite frankly, I wouldn’t have been able to handle him stepping back into such a dangerous position).

(Read here if you’re new and unfamiliar with the story of my husband’s assault).

So Nate took the retirement… as well as the school bus, driving position that had opened up in the area.

We’re okay for the moment, but inflation (and the rising cost of raising two children) terrifies us when we think about his income being capped off.  Most people can look forward to making more money over the years if they work hard.  Nate’s income is forever stuck where it is now.

Now granted, I plan to grow my piano business in the future, when our children are older.  So that will obviously help out!  But still, Nate’s pay restrictions were a HUGE blow to our financial plans and dreams.

When we think or talk about it, it’s easy for us to feel unsettled; because finances seem to have been taken out of our hands.  But that’s life sometimes, isn’t it?  Whether it’s home or car repairs, health issues, job changes, or even large decisions that loom before us…  Life doesn’t always seem to play fair.  Sometimes those goals and plans we set out before us don’t quite work out as easily as it had looked on paper.  And although the sudden change in course may direct us to something even more incredible than we had imagined, it really is so much easier to focus on all the things that could potentially go wrong.

God has brought me and Nate through SO much… time and time again.  There was provision when there should have been none.  There was healing, both physical and emotional.  There was victory when there should have been defeat.

We were blessed in ways that overflowed our needs and left us nothing short of overwhelmed.

And so as we step foot into another chapter, I am left with one of two choices.  I can worry about what may be.  Or I can thank God for what He has brought us through and what He has provided.  And I can trust that if we continue to be faithful, He will continue to provide.

Right now, Nate is loving his new job.  He’s very good at driving, and he’s made some new friendships with some great guys.  He has no problem waking up early in the morning, and he comes home with a smile on his face.  (Brady has always been obsessed with school buses, so you should have seen his eyes light up when Nate drove a school bus home one afternoon).

It makes my heart happy.

And so I am going to embrace this journey we are on and trust that God already holds our future.  🙂  Because I know that He does!  So I am choosing to be excited about what He has done so far… and about what He will continue to do.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  – Jeremiah 29:11


8 thoughts on “Look on the Sunny Side

  1. Friend, you guys continue to inspire me with your faith. I’m so glad he has a job he likes so much and I’m so proud of you guys for the way you trust in God.

    Also, how cool is it for Brady that his dad drives a school bus when he is so obsessed with them?! 🙂

    1. Brady thinks it’s the COOLEST thing. He’s obviously too little to understand that it’s now what his Dadda does for a job. BUT Nate has twice driven by our house during his training, and he was allowed to stop (because there were no kids on the bus… only the trainer). Brady’s eyes were huge when I let him walk up to the bus parked outside our house. But when the doors opened and his daddy walked down the bus steps? Talk about a little boy in awe! 🙂
      And I think that the peace Nate and I have felt – and continue to feel – was one of the miracles God blessed us with. He really did heal us emotionally and has left us with a feeling of calm. We have our rough moments from time to time, but I am amazed at how He has taught us to trust through it all. God is good!

  2. Although I’m sure it’s hard to have perspective during the most hard times or when you are down…I so appreciate your perspective and faith in God.

    Our family has the potential to make more money with our small business, but time and again I’ve had people say to me dourly, “You can’t make any money owning a small business.” or the “the taxes will get you.” As though they expect us to fail. And we certainly could. My faith has been tested big time as we trust God each month to come through with the money we need for our business’s overhead.

    1. It is terrifying to take a leap of faith like that, but the rewards can be so significant. When I quit a well-paying, full-time job to teach piano, I definitely faced some negative people myself. Now granted, my ‘leap’ was MUCH smaller than yours. My income is supplemental, and I don’t have to provide us with insurance. Still, we need some extra money coming in, and I started at the very bottom with only 3 students signed up. God, in time, has definitely blessed my hard work and trust, and my job has given us the extra money we need right now… while still allowing me to – for the most part – enjoy being a homemaker. (I’m at the point where I turn people away, because I don’t want to be too busy while Brady is little).
      I think that small business owners are incredible for fighting for their dream and working hard to be their own boss. I pray that you not only make it but that you succeed!!

  3. What a beautiful story of God’s redeeming power! You and Nate are such an inspiration and that is such a powerful truth– We are not promised any specific future circumstances so why not go ahead and enjoy the season we are in? Thanks for sharing, girlie 🙂

  4. Amen! Both you and Nate have so inspired and impressed me with your attitude of complete trust in God through the hardships you’ve walked through. I know He has marvelous things in store for your family!

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