Christmas Card Photo Shoot

I used to be very diligent about sending Christmas cards, because I felt as though snail mail was becoming a lost art.  As lovely as it is to receive a text or email from a friend or family member, there’s something particularly special about receiving an actual card in the mail.  (I especially appreciate them now that I’m adult.  It’s nice to see something other than bills waiting for me when I open the mailbox).  😉

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But to be honest, I’ve slacked over the past few years.  Excuse after excuse (as valid as they might be) always kept me from sending cards on time.  From working full-time, to caring for a newborn, to chasing after a toddler…  Life gets busy.  And I’ve found that once kids come into the picture, time only passes that much faster.

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It has made me more and more aware of how important it is to make time for family and friends.  And to also make time for traditions and memories.

So I was determined to not only send Christmas cards this year, but to also schedule a photo-shoot for personalized cards.  Nate and I have never done that, but now that we have Brady (and another kiddo on the way) I thought that it’d be a great keepsake to look back on over the years.

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We decided to do this year’s photo-shoot in a Christmas tree farm not far from our house, and my sister (the photographer for the afternoon) decorated the trees with a few red bulbs for added color.  Honestly, the quiet farm, those shiny bulbs, and the setting sun made for a magical backdrop.  Brady was so excited to explore!

And Sarah, per usual, did an incredible job behind her camera lens.

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I’m addressing the cards now, so I can’t share the actual pic we used for the card just yet.  I want it to be a surprise for the family and close friends who are getting them.  BUT these are still some of my favorites from the day…

And I’ll post the winning pic of all three of us closer to Christmas.  🙂

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, tree, plant, child, sky, outdoor and nature

Do you make personalized Christmas cards?



4 thoughts on “Christmas Card Photo Shoot

    1. Sarah did SUCH a great job! And I’m definitely excited to be doing Christmas cards again. I’ve missed it!
      I have about 8 cards left to address, and I’m hoping to get that done over the next day or so. Then I can finally mail them out! Ha, ha. I’m cutting it close, but I ‘think’ they’ll be out in plenty of time for Christmas. 😉

  1. These pictures are gorgeous! I cannot wait to see the one you used for your card! I’m sure it will be so neat to tell Spring Baby “You were in my tummy when we took those pictures!” and then show pictures to Spring Baby next year with him/her in them along with sweet Brady!

    Jimmy and I didn’t do Christmas card picture the first year we were married and I’m kicking myself for it! We did last Christmas and this one, so that’s good!

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