Shopping Haul Vlog

Speaking of pregnancy brain…  I watched this vlog back and realized I had never finished doing my makeup before filming, because I was in such a rush to do it before Brady woke up from his nap!  LOL!  But the vlog was recorded, and I probably wouldn’t have time to do another one this weekend.  So here you go…

This is real life, my friends!  🙂




12 thoughts on “Shopping Haul Vlog

    1. Thank you, Pastor Jay!! I have fun vlogging every once in awhile… It makes a nice change. AND they’re great to look back on (especially the ones that include Brady and his crazy antics). 🙂 Plus I think faithful readers enjoy them, because they get the chance to hear a writer’s voice and really see their personalities come through. 🙂

  1. Wow you did good!! I’m such an underbuyer…I always just buy one piece of clothing at a time. I’ve actually disliked almost every pair of maternity jeans I’ve worn except the ones I bought this time! They are Jessica Simpson dark wash, boot cut. The key is they have a nice tight belly panel and they really stay up! I paid full price for them ($40!) at Motherhood Maternity, but they were so worth as they are the only pair of jeans I’ve been wearing. I’m not sure our Macys has a maternity section. If they do, it’s really tiny. 😦 Luckily my sister had lots of cute maternity stuff, so that’s what I’ve been wearing. It has a lot of Jessica Simpson pieces as well as some things from Old Navy (including the only coat that really fits me right now!).

    1. I usually just buy one or two pieces of clothing at a time too, to be honest. (Or, well, that’s how I’ve done it since I quit my full-time job to stay at home. Ha, ha). BUT I have absolutely no winter maternity clothes, so I was stuck this time and ‘had’ to do an actual shopping trip. I still actually need more, but I have enough to get me through this month, I think. If I can pick up a few more tops then hopefully I can mix and match accessories to create new outfits. (It’s the bad thing about getting pregnant during a completely different season! I had all summer and early fall clothes from my pregnancy with Brady).
      I saw Jessica Simpson jeans when I was at Macy’s and now regret trying them on. The skinny maternity jeans I purchased don’t fit me well at all… 😦 The material doesn’t stretch at all in the legs, and I feel like they’re not going to stay up very well either. Ugh! I did just order an Old Navy pair on clearance for $20. They claim to stretch, so we’ll see if these are THE pair that help to get me through.

  2. Only one striped shirt?! I’m shocked! Haha!

    Oh man, your maternity jeans story made me laugh. Have you tried a belly band for your regular jeans? I’ve heard good things about those.

    I love your gray thin sweater with the silver and the pretty blousey part at the bottom. So pretty!

    Awwwww the “I love you already” tee is so sweet. 🙂

    1. I totally bought a striped maternity shirt today on clearance (for $6)! I think I was going through striped withdrawels… 😉
      I do like belly bands a lot! For me, they only work until my jeans stop fitting though. I have friends who used them throughout their pregnancy, and they would just unsnap their top button and then slip on the belly band. That doesn’t work very well for me… I DO like them though to help smooth things over before I’m quite ready for maternity jeans.
      Generally I love maternity pants, so I don’t know why I’m struggling this time around. Ha, ha!!

  3. I’m a big fan of sparkles on sweaters. They’re so practical. We had our work Christmas lunch yesterday, so I had to teach and then go straight out. Of course I went with a sparkly jumper and black pants-perfect for work and still dressy enough for a party!

  4. Love the video! I was super crunchy when it came to my pregnancy clothes lol…I didn’t buy a single item of maternity clothes!!! I just worked with what I had and after the pregnancy replaced some of the stretched out things with a few new things that I could longer than buying pregnancy clothes! I hope I can do it again with my next!

    1. WOW, that’s awesome!! I hate buying maternity clothes, because I know that once I’m no longer preggo, I’ll never get to wear them again. It feels like such a waist of money. Unfortunately, I was not able to get by on regular clothes during my pregnancy with Brady, and this time around seems to be about the same. (I tend to have too much amniotic fluid and big babies. Brady was over 10 pounds)! LOL! So by the end of the pregnancy, even maternity clothes start to feel tight. ha, ha!
      But that’s awesome that you were able to use your own wardrobe (even if maybe a few things got stretched out). That’s totally the way to go if you can!!!
      I’m sure you’ll be the same the second time around. You might pop faster, but I can tell you really take care of yourself and eat healthy. That helps a lot too! 🙂

      1. Oh boy you did have a big baby!!! Good luck this time around lol! Canaan wasn’t too big and I really didn’t start gaining/showing till about 7 months so I pretty much wore zacks t shirts and sweat pants for the end of my pregnancy haha! Looking forward to my next one and seeing how different/same it is! And btw love reading your blogs! And loved watching the vlog!

      2. Ha, ha. YES, Brady was a big boy! 🙂 (He ended up being an emergency C-section, because my body wasn’t dilating at all… even after 9 hours of labor). I keep joking around that I’m going for an 11 lb baby this time around. 😉
        That’s so awesome that you were able to get by without buying maternity clothes!! That definitely helps to save money! And every bit helps when there’s a little one on the way.
        Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them!!! 🙂

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