Return of the Preggo Brain

Pregnancy brain is absolutely no joke….

To be honest, when I was pregnant with Brady, it terrified me.  From leaving my camera on top of my car and driving away, to holding a toothbrush in my hand and forgetting why I was in the bathroom, to driving on the highway and forgetting my destination, to burning one too many meals…   I was convinced that there was no way all this was caused by the innocent little baby growing inside my body.  There was something seriously wrong with my brain!

It was pretty intense at times.  But then I had Brady, and it all went away.  Sure, it was replaced with the occasional absentmindedness thanks to exhaustion.  But it wasn’t nearly as bad.

Now that I’m pregnant with our second child, I can feel pregnancy brain creeping back into my life.  Only this time, it’s a more lethal dose of pregnancy brain mixed with mommy brain.  Oh heaven help us…  This is going to be a fun ride.

There I was, whipping together a nutritious dinner on time.  I cut a butternut squash in half, threw it into the oven for 45 minutes, and then prepped a chicken for the crockpot and potatoes for boiling.  I was supermom.  One hour later, the chicken and potatoes are cooking away and nearly done.  Suddenly I’m thinking, “Oh, wait, but what will I serve for a vegetable?  We need a vegetable!  Every meal needs a vegetable!”

Oh, thank goodness, there are peas in the freezer.  I pour the peas into a pot, add water, and set them on the stove to boil.  Sniff, sniff.  What in the world is burning?

I open the oven in shock.  Wait, seriously?!?  How could I have forgotten that I’d already prepped and set a vegetable to cook?  And how did I not smell the now-blackened, coal-encrusted veggie sooner?

(See what I mean about terrifying loss of brain function?  Like I said, it’s NO joke!).

And just this afternoon, I started the car to warm it up before I took Brady to my Pepere’s house for a visit.  Only Brady suddenly acted super constipated and in pain, so I found myself rubbing a toddler’s belly…  and giving a toddler a warm bath… and feeding a toddler prunes… and changing a toddler’s diaper.

An hour later, we were finally ready to leave the house.

An HOUR later!  You guys, my car was running in the driveway the entire time, and I had completely forgotten about it!


It’s a good thing that money grows on trees, gasoline pours out of the faucet in our backyard, and I like to pollute the planet…

I still haven’t been able to bring myself to tell Nate.  I kind of feel as though I should start off the short – but not so sweet – story with, “Just remember that you did this to me…”  After all, guys get the fun part, and then we wives are left to face the penalty of pregnancy-brain mishaps.  Shouldn’t our husbands also be partly to blame as well, since they’re the ones who technically got the pregnancy brain rolling?

It kind of only seems fair.

Since I’m on a role, Nate is also responsible for finishing off the last bit of icecream in the freezer.  Really, he should start eating more veggies at night before bed instead.  It’s better for the baby.

Oh pregnancy brain.  I have it BAD.  It has so far costed us a butternut squash, an hour’s worth of gas, and… Hmmm, I totally forgot the last thing.  *sheepish grin*

But hey, Brady was worth every moment.  And Spring Baby will be worth it too!

So for now, I’m going to hang on for dear life and hope I don’t burn the house down.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Return of the Preggo Brain

    1. I finally told Nate, and he just shook his head back and forth in quiet disbelief. Ha, ha! He already knows that I can’t help it, so we always end up laughing at what I do… I just get hit with preggo brain quite hard! 🙂

  1. Oh my goodness, this was quite the blog post- i honestly couldn’t help but to giggle but i love your honesty! the car though LOL at least Brady wasn’t IN the car 😉 theres just some things husbands dont necessarily need to know….but hopefully he doesn’t read your blog!

    xo, JJ

    1. Ha, ha. Oh, I did end up telling Nate, don’t worry. 🙂 He knows how I get when I’m pregnant and how badly pregnancy brain hits me. I was just so embarrassed to tell him. But we had a laugh about it… after he recovered from the initial shock. 😉

  2. That is such a perfect picture of Brady looking at the tree! I swear pregnancy brain is a real thing! I can not even count the number of times I left the oven on for HOURS on end with my last pregnancy. It is nuts! Yes, the husband should totally get at least part of the blame. :p

    1. I totally left the oven on for hours when I was pregnant for Brady! Crazy times, for sure! Ha, ha. Being a woman sure isn’t boring, that’s for sure! 😉

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