The Real Reason for Christmas Lights

I have to say that there’s nothing cozier than a house filled with the warm glow of Christmas lights.  My day may have been hectic and I might resemble a character from a terrifying zombie movie; but the minute those bright, white lights are plugged in for the evening?   It’s instant happiness, and a feeling of calm, and a reminder to sit still a moment.

It’s warm, and soothing, and…  Oh no, Brady, we don’t put our hands in the Christmas tree water!

Okay, mostly soothing.  The reality of mom life still continues.  😉  But still, I wish we could sprinkle our homes with pretty, twinkling lights all year long.  Don’t we moms deserve this?  After running around wiping noses, saving toddlers from falling off of kitchen tables (don’t ask), and making sure our husbands don’t walk out the door wearing that, don’t we deserve this small luxury in our lives?

For a moment, let’s just disregard the electric bills that would soon require us to work second jobs (and the devastating possibility that the cozy glow would potentially lose its magical charm) and just all agree that this would be amazing.

I mean, my house has been cleaner all week, because I am determined to keep it in its purest, cozy state.  Because let’s face it, nothing breaks the warm glow of a Christmas tree quite like stinky socks.  I have been on top of the organizing and putting away of clutter.  (Just please just don’t open the door to the spare bedroom.  There is a very real possibility that some things have been stashed there for the time being…But the rest of the house is oh-so-clean).   🙂

My house is glowing bright and beautiful!  So much so that I’ve been re-inspired to learn my DSLR camera, and it feels pretty awesome to be working on a hobby just for myself.  (Not that I don’t enjoy coloring Curious George pages with Brady, but – you know – learning photography is more my thing.  I never was very good at drawing or painting).  And I’ve made time to curl up on the couch with a book.  (It’s been so long since I’ve opened a book, I’m shocked I still know how to read).  😉  And I even just sat one day…  Just sat, took in the lights, and petted a fuzzy-headed cat.

For the past few months, I’ve been really bad about escaping for a mom’s night out (although I have a few really fun ones planned for December), but I feel as though I’ve appreciated each night at home this week.  It’s been relaxing, and being surrounded by so much prettiness has been good for the soul, so to speak.

It also doesn’t hurt that there’s coconut custard pie in the fridge left over from my hubby’s birthday.  Christmas lights, an episode of This is Us, and a piece of pie?  It doesn’t get much better than that.  (Although a pedicure would be nice…  But yeah, let’s not get greedy).

Christmas lights.  I’m seeing them in a whole new light this holiday…  I always thought they were just a fun tradition we do for the kids.  But now I’ve come to realize something…  The lights are actually for us moms (and busy ladies).

Wow, who knew!?!



4 thoughts on “The Real Reason for Christmas Lights

  1. Oh, I so love Christmas lights! I haven’t had the time to decorate yet, and it’s driving me crazy! Christmas lights are just magical. I think they are so warm and glowy, and as you said, bid us to relax and just be in their presence. Love it!

  2. Christmas lights honestly make everything so special, so cozy, and so much more enjoyable. This time of year, I’d much rather spend time near the lit tree than any other room in the house! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying them lately too! Here’s to many more books, tv shows, and cozy nights spent in front of the lights! XO

  3. I’m with you! Christmas lights are definitely for adults! And girl, you are going to laugh at me, but I totally leave up two different sets of lights year round. One wraps around our headboard in our bedroom and the other is around a big rustic window that hangs on our wall (as a photo frame). Neither of the sets of lights are Christmassy colors so that’s how I justify it. 😉 I just love the lights so much that I want at least some of them up year round! 🙂

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