First Preggo Update (11 Weeks)

When you’re a parent, there is no such thing as ‘making it’.  There’s no reaching the point of “oh, so now we’ve got it all figured out”.  There’s always a new adventure (often also known as a ‘brand new challenge’) ahead.  You’ve got to roll with the punches a bit.  Learn as you go.  And you really, really have to learn to not put too much pressure on yourself.

Mommy guilt has been real and alive as of late, because my pregnancy symptoms have been pretty intense.  (More so than when I was pregnant with Brady…).  The nausea is 24/7 this time around; and I’m so exhausted that it hurts.

Honestly, if you run down the list of symptoms that come with pregnancy during the first trimester, I can check off basically every item.  On one hand, it’s a bit like Chinese torture at times.  On the other hand, it makes me feel pregnant, which gives me peace that things are going well so far.  So I think I’m almost relieved that I feel so sick.

But still, feeling so sick definitely has resulted in my little guy spending more time in front of the TV than I’d like.    😉  I try to organize our days by making sure he gets some playtime outside, some exercise, and a learning activity in.  (On the best days, I get that done in the morning, because I tend to crash around 1pm.  And on the rough days, a short walk around the neighborhood totally counts as outside playtime, exercise, and a learning activity all rolled into one).

But once the early afternoon arrives, I’m just happy that Brady is clothed and fed.  And we cuddle on the couch together and spend the day with Curious George.  I’m learning that a mom has to do what a mom has to do…

One time, that even resulted in icecream for dinner while watching Curious George.  It wasn’t my proudest mommy moment, but Brady thought that was pretty amazing, let me tell you.

As for me, food doesn’t have it’s usual enjoyment these days.  The food aversions are insane!  I can’t eat any meat right now, and most veggies make me gag as well.  (I’ll literally gag if I just think about chicken)!  I’m basically living off of pizza, bread, cheese, pasta, fruit, and mashed potatoes.

Oh, and peanut butter cups.  I went from hating chocolate at the beginning of my pregnancy to needing peanut butter cups.  🙂

I’ve found that dehydration makes the naseau worse, so I’ve been trying to drink plenty of fluids.  (Coconut water, in particular, is really helpful).  Also sour candies really do help, so sour patch kids are my best friends.  As are crackers and potato chips.

Basically I’m living off of an all-carb diet right now, and it just can’t be helped.  There will be time later on for filling up on broccoli and spinach.  For now, the first trimester is all about survival mode.

Thank goodness for prenatal vitamins to make up for the nutrients I’m not getting from my food.  

BUT all that to say, life is good.  When you’re a pregnant momma, you truly realize just how tough you are.  You pull from a strength that you didn’t know you had.  And although you feel as though you’re falling short, because you always want to do better; you really are mommy strong.  And that’s strong enough.

I’m so happy, because I know that we’re going to oh-so-soon be joined by a little one who will complete our family.  (My official due date is May 11th, and that will be here before we know it).  It really does make it ALL worth it.  🙂  And for now, I’m doing my best to treasure these moments with just Brady, even if I do feel sick most days.

Yeahhh, life is GOOD!





4 thoughts on “First Preggo Update (11 Weeks)

  1. You may feel miserable, but you sure can’t tell in the pics! And I always say the most important things for our kids is that they know we love them! I know Brady has no doubts about that so keep up the good work!
    My due date with Ellis was May 17, so it’s fun that I’ll kind of know your pregnancy schedule:)

  2. Aww, May 11th! A May baby! So so exciting! I know you are so miserable now, but I hope you will have SO much relief as you enter the second trimester so soon. I know what you mean about feeling almost thankful for the sickness because you know it means baby is growing. That definitely makes sense! Also, I have to echo Kacey up there – you definitely look GREAT in your pics despite feeling miserable so at least you have that going for you. 😉

  3. It would totally make sense to feel relieved that you feel so sick because you know you’re pregnant and that things are progressing! Ice cream for dinner while watching Curious George sounds absolutely delightful to me!! 🙂

  4. The first trimester is just plain hard because the baby is still so tiny, but he/ she changes everything about your body so quickly. You are doing an awesome job and look amazing! Keep remembering to give yourself plenty of grace and rest as much as you need to without any guilt. I am sure Brady is happy to take in all of the extra snuggle time. 🙂

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