Maine Trip – Part II

When Nate and I first booked our trip to Ogunquit, Maine, I decided to research what was playing at the Ogunquit Playhouse.  Nate and I are both really into theater, and I’d always wanted to see a play there.  Much to my excitement, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers had one last performance on the day we were going to be there!!  (If you’re a fan of musicals and haven’t seen this one, then you have to buy the movie.  It’s SO much fun with great songs and fantastic dancing).

I had high hopes for the theater version, and it did NOT disappoint!!  The acting, singing, dancing (oh my goodness, the dancing was so good), and the set were SO incredible.  The photo below, which I took off their website, shows the mountain scene a little bit…  It looked real!

Here are some clips from the actual play that were a part of their promotion video.  🙂

The playhouse itself isn’t fancy on the inside (especially when compared to some of the Boston Opera Houses that Nate and I have visited).  But still, they sure know how to put on a show.  What an incredible experience!!  I definitely hope to go back and see another play in the future…

When the play was over, we checked into our hotel (The Gorges Grant Hotel), and then went to a sport’s bar for dinner.  (Eating at The New England House hadn’t been our list of things we planned to do, but my food aversions were coming back.  And this restaurant was one of the only places – without a wait – that served mashed potatoes and butternut squash, the only two things that sounded good.  HA!).

The restaurant was unbearably crowded and loud, but the mashed potatoes were oh-so-good.  Soooo, you know, this preggo woman was happy.  🙂

Don’t laugh at us, but Nate and I were asleep by 9pm.  I know, I know, we’re a couple of rowdy party-goers.  Ha!  These days, I can’t stay up late, and Nate was tired from his first week of work.  So it was nice to go to sleep early, to sleep through the night, AND to be able to sleep late without a toddler waking us up.

I slept SO good!!!   Although not fancy, the hotel was ultra clean, the staff was really friendly, and the rooms felt new.  The decor and choice of colors were very cozy and New England inspired.  I loved it.

(Plus the hotel was only a mile and a half from the playhouse and downtown Ogunquit).  So I’d definitely stay there again.

After breakfast, we decided to explore the lovely shops of downtown Ogunquit.  I am obsessed with them and had forgotten how whimsical and fun they are.

Some of my favorites included the bakeries (obviously), a tea shop, an olive oil tasting room, a grocer, a candy store, and so many of the adorable gift shops that sell a little something for everyone.

When we’d had our fill of window-shopping, we explored the streets lined with adorable inns and slowly made our way to Perkin’s Cove (a walkway that follows the cliffs of the ocean).

Even in the cloudy, slightly misty weather, the coast was absolutely breathtaking.  I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen the waves so fierce, and it was beautiful to watch.  Throughout the whole trip, Nate had kept reminding me that Cape Cod is his favorite place.  But it was around then that he said, “Okay, actually, I really like Maine.”  Ha, ha.  I was glad that he realized just why I love it so much too.

I used to go to Maine annually, but hadn’t been for a couple of years.  It was so wonderful to be back.  And it was incredible to be there with my best friend.

Eight years.  I can’t believe that Nate and I just celebrated eight years together!  But I do know that life has been better, because he’s here for me to share it with.   And I can’t wait to see what comes next!



3 thoughts on “Maine Trip – Part II

  1. Ah! I LOVE 7 Brides for 7 Brothers! I’ve never seen it live, though. So awesome you guys got to see it! 🙂 Watching the clips from the play brought such a smile to my face. I need to rewatch the movie version soon!

    Delicious mashed potatoes totally make up for a loud restaurant. 😉 Glad the food was good! And that you guys had a great hotel stay as well. That rest was well deserved!

    Happy 8 years, friend!

  2. What a fun trip!! Maine is on the list of states that intrigue me. It’s just so different than where I live, I think! I’ll definitely have to watch 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. I love musicals. And the theatre in general!

    Happy belated anniversary! 8 years! So cool.

  3. Ogunquit is picture perfect and seems so quaint! Just absolutely beautiful! I have always wanted to visit Maine. I’m glad you and Nate were able to get some uninterrupted sleep, eat good food, and see an awesome show! Happy 8 years!

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