Girl’s Trip to Vermont (Part 1)

The last girl’s trip that my sister and I did was to New York City, and it was every bit as magical as I had expected it to be.  Skyscrapers…  Tantalizing smells around every corner…  Horns beeping, lights flashing, radio’s blaring…  And an air of romance and nostalgia, even though I had never before been.

This past trip was about as apposite of that as you can get but just as memorable.


The Mountaintop Inn and Resort – located in Chittenden, Vermont – feels almost like the middle of nowhere (but in a good way).  Trees for as far as the eye can see…  Horses… Farmland… A beautiful lake…  Extremely limited cell phone reception.


It’s a perfect blend of rustic and pampering, especially for those who love the outdoors.


When Sarah and I first arrived, we were too early to check into our rooms; so we spread out the lunch we had packed and enjoyed a picnic on the green.  One of the first things we noticed was the quiet…  No traffic.  No radio’s and cell phones…  There really weren’t even any voices.  Just the wind rustling through the trees, the occasional horse snickering, and birds.


Gosh, that was nice!  The entire purpose of the trip had been to unplug and unwind.  I’m a mom who never has a free moment. Sarah is a busy career-woman.  Our ultimate hope for the trip had been to leave feeling refreshed, and – even from the beginning – we could tell that our wish was coming true.


After lunch, we had a bit of time to kill before our spa appointments, so we decided to lounge by the pool (which just so happened to be completely empty).  Yeah, it was sooooo stressful to just lie there on cushions with the pool before us and the mountains in the distance.  😉


The mani’s and pedi’s were such an incredible, pampering way to start our girl’s weekend away!  It was my first-ever manicure, and I have to say that it was absolutely amazing.   (Yes, you read that right…  First-ever manicure.  That was a fun item to check off my must-do list)!  🙂   


With our nails done and looking oh-so-pretty, we checked into our rooms and decided to walk around the grounds and work up an appetite before dinner.


Honestly, we didn’t need to work up an appetite though.  You all know that Sarah and I are foodies, and that the highlight of any trip for us is the food.  I’ve eaten at some pretty amazing restaurants in my day, but I’m fairly certain that the restaurant on site served some of the best food I have ever eaten.


We started off the meal with Truffle Fries, which were THE most indulgent, delicious fries I have ever eaten. They were hot, crispy, and perfectly seasoned with salt and fresh Parmesan cheese.  When dipped in the chive sour cream?  Oh…my…goodness!


My sandwich choice, as we ordered off the Tavern menu, was the Teriyaki chicken sandwich… served on a potato roll with fresh pineapple and smoked Gouda.  So fresh and delicious!  (Honestly, isn’t this how restaurant food should be?  I hate it when I order something and then think, “Eh, I could make this – or better – at home.”  I was floored by how good the food was)!

And the view during dinner?!?  You can’t get better than that prime, outdoor  seating…


After dinner, we soaked our toes in the hot tub before retiring to our room and reading.  I guess for most people, they go to sleep and dream of the next day of their vacation.  But I’m a mom…  So I dreamed of bed and got my wish.  It was a quiet night’s sleep without having to keep one eye and one ear open.  🙂


It was just what I needed!  And when I woke up refreshed the next morning, I had an entire day of fun ahead of me!




12 thoughts on “Girl’s Trip to Vermont (Part 1)

    1. If you go, you’ll have to let me know how you liked it! 🙂 It’s a little pricey, because it is an inn and spa. BUT I felt that it was really worth it. Definitely a memorable, beautiful experience! (I hope to go back one day, for sure).

    1. It really was amazing!! You totally should plan a vacay for the near future if you can swing it… I always said that I’d try to go away as a mom, just to refresh like this. I wasn’t able to last year, because Brady was so little. But he just felt like a good age right now (as Nate feels comfortable watching him for me). It was totally worth it, and I’m SOooo glad I went! Sometimes, we moms need to feel human again. 🙂 (And it was nice that I went away with my sister, because we helped to split some of the costs).

  1. Oh my, this place sounds absolutely amazing! What an incredible first day. So much deliciousness, so many beautiful things to see, and so relaxing. And girl, a first manicure?! I’m so surprised! I had my first one for our wedding and have had another couple since then so not a bunch, but still. I love that you got to mark that off your list! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Janelle! I had my hair cut about a week before (and it ended up being WAYyyyy shorter than I had asked for). But then I ended up really liking the shorter ‘do’, because it’s so much faster for me to take care of in the morning. So I’m keeping the shorter hair for now. (And I think it’s hilarious that now people really do think that Sarah and I are twins. ha, ha).

  2. An empty pool, trees galore, limited cell reception, a full night of sleep, truffle fries, spa time, sister time… this sounds like the perfect getaway!!! Aren’t manicures just amazing?! I feel so fancy when I treat myself to one!

    1. It really was perfect! 🙂
      And YES, manicures are absolutely amazing!!! It was so pampering… and I felt happy every-time I saw my nails afterward. Ha, ha. 🙂

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