August 2016 Ipsy Bag

I did it!  I took the plunge and ordered a year’s subscription to Ipsy.  🙂  (If you’re not familiar with Ipsy, it’s a subscription that sends you a makeup bag once a month with five sample – or sometimes full-sized – products to try).

I used to love trying new products, but that doesn’t really fit into my mommy budget these days.  But $10 a month is definitely doable for such a fun, pampering treat.

I was SO excited when my first Ipsy bag arrived last week, and it made me realize that this is definitely going to be worth it!!

Here are the items I received in my bag AND a review of how I liked them!


NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator

This is the one product that I was most nervous about receiving, because I’ve never used any form of highlighter on my face.  I’m very simple when it comes to makeup, and an illuminator seemed a bit advanced for me.  (I’m still in makeup gradeschool, so to speak).  😉  But I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use (thanks to the Ipsy instructional videos).  It added a subtle shimmer to my cheekbone, and I thought it really did give me a nice glow.

It’s only about $7 at Target, so it was great to discover this product!  Love it!


Beau Gachis Paris Pro Series Applicator Sponge

I haven’t tried this yet, because I use powder foundation and concealer.  BUT I’ve always wanted to try one of these applicators and have been thinking about switching back to a liquid foundation.  So I can’t wait to try it soon!

Definitely excited that it was in my bag.


Nomad Cosmetics Intense Eyeshadow in Spice Market

I liked how this eyeshadow was applied, and the color was rich.  But I’m not a personal fan of this color on me.   But I think I’ll use it in combination with other colors to create an evening look for special occasions.  🙂

It’ll be nice around the holidays!


Marc Anthony True Professional Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Deep Hydrating Treatment

I’ve always wanted to try Argan Oil, because it’s supposed to be great for reducing frizz in curly hair.  I’m generally not a fan of Marc Anthony products, but I think this is one of my favorites that they have.  I felt that it did help with my frizz a bit.  That being said, I’ll probably continue to try other Argan oils, because I didn’t feel that the difference was noticeable enough for me to actually buy the product.


The Organic Pharmacy Rose Facial Cleansing Gel

This was my FAVORITE product in the Ipsy bag!!  I love that it’s a safe, organic product; and it left my face feeling so soft and smooth.  Now I know why rose oil receives so much attention; it’s amazing!  (I use it in the morning as a light cleanser; and a little bit goes a long way).  At $85 a pop, this is a bit expensive for my budget, but I’m going to make my sample last for as long as I can.  🙂

This is a great product for sure!

Thank you, Ipsy, for my awesome bag this month!!


12 thoughts on “August 2016 Ipsy Bag

    1. The bags really are cute! I’m huge into organizing, so I’m already planning how I’ll use my bags. Ha, ha!! 🙂 (And I can see how eventually it would get to be too much. It’ll be fun for the year, and then I’ll probably reevaluate. 😉 But for now, it’s SO much fun)!

    1. Thank you! (And I’m really enjoying that facial cleanser! I need to find out if I can find something with rose oil that maybe it’s as expensive. 😉 Although I’ve found that the higher-end things do tend to go a long way and last a LONG time. Still, I couldn’t see spending that much on a cleanser right now. Ha, ha). 🙂

  1. I had heard about this subscription, but was excited to see your review! Now I am really considering subscribing too. I don’t get to browse make up aisles by myself very often anymore and think a surprise box would be so much fun! The price is great for being able to try out a bunch of different brands.

    1. I’ve obviously only had one bag, but I loved it! (And I paid the $110 for the entire year so that mommy guilt doesn’t convince me to spend the money on more practical things. 😉 So now I don’t have a monthly charge of $10. It’s already been paid in full… I can just look forward to my bags arrival)!
      So far, I think it’s worth it… especially for us moms! 🙂

  2. Hmm interesting. Never heard of Ipsy and it’s not my thing but I am curious: did they ask you any questions first? Like if you have sensitive skin, allergies, what kind of hair, complexion, etc.

    Good for you for doing something for yourself that you enjoy!

    1. Ipsy did provide a survey, asking questions such as skin color, hair color, eye color, and even makeup preference. (I like that I could tell them I prefer natural-looking makeup and that I’m not into the more advanced, heavy applications). 🙂 It’s been fun so far!

  3. How cool that they sent you an organic product! That’s definitely something I would be into! I love how you can buy a year’s subscription from Ipsy. I think I know what I’m going to get my mom for Christmas now 😉

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