Workout Update…And the Inflatable 5k!

I’ve come to the realization that my ability (a.k.a. my motivation) to workout is directly related to how much sleep I get.

May was a really good month for me.  I ran at least three days a week, ate ridiculously healthy (short of eating kale), and cut out most of the added sugars from my diet.  (Emphasis on ‘most’.  I can’t live without chocolate… or icecream…. or the occasional caramel iced coffee).

But looking back, it was also a really good month for Brady.  He slept 12 hours a night and then about 2 additional hours during the day.  It was like being on vacation in my own home.  I was SO rested!

And then June hit…

The following 3 months have not been so smooth in the sleeping department.  😉  (Brady ends up in our bed a lot , pushes his bedtime out as far as possible, and wakes up around 5:30am).  As a result, my energy levels have been down, and the thought of going for a run hasn’t been all that enticing.  Honestly, the thought of going for a run can be kind of hysterical …   And conversations with myself sometimes go something along the lines of, “Hmmm, I could go for a run right now” followed by me throwing my head back and laughing, “Bahahahahahaha!  That’s funny!  Where’s the chocolate?”

That being said, the past few months have not been wasted.  I’ve had a different mindset and so – therefore –  I’ve done SO much better.  I’ve kind of fallen into a “do my best” rhythm, and I’ve seen results (both physically and mentally).  In the past, I would have fallen into the ‘all or nothing’ trap and therefore ‘started again on Monday’ if I had a few rough days.  Now, I see my food and exercise as a lifestyle, and I just do my best.

(And I do push myself to run on the days I don’t want to sometimes…  But I also listen to my body, and if it’s exhausted and aching from lack of sleep, I’ll just decide to go for a walk instead.  Or I’ll chase Brady around a splashplad or playground).  🙂

It’s amazing how freeing it is to do your best with each day, as apposed to killing yourself to reach a specific fitness goal.

I have been more committed to a running routine than I have in awhile and usually go a couple of times a week.  I walk a lot.  The meals I prepare are always from scratch and healthy (even if I still could eat dessert less frequently).  😉  Oh, chocolate, why must you be SO delicious?!?  And although I haven’t necessarily lost a ton of weight, I feel more toned and strong (and I have gone down a pant size).

My sister is so proud of me that she just can’t keep her feet on the ground!  🙂

I feel good!  (Now if we could just add some extra sleep to my schedule, I’d feel like Superwoman)!  🙂  But still, I feel as though making small, healthier choices has – overall – made me feel even more confident (and healthy) than before.

Last weekend, as part of my just-have-fun-with-working-out lifestyle, I ran a 5k with my sister Sarah.  It was the Insane Inflatable 5k in Cape Cod, and it was a blast!  

All of the obstacles were inflated, which was just downright awesome!!!!  It was also a downright good workout.  😉

Many of the inflated walls had to be scaled with the help of ropes, so the event was a full-body workout.



I might not be a personal trainer or a bikini model (which, for the record, sound about as enticing as eating an entire bowl of plain kale.  So, you know, not interested)!  😉  But I DO feel good!   Scratch that, I feel great.  I feel strong, beautiful, confident, and healthier than I have in a long time.  Sometimes, it’s just about taking it a day at a time!!  🙂



7 thoughts on “Workout Update…And the Inflatable 5k!

  1. I am so happy to hear you’re doing your best and loving what you’re doing!! It sounds like you have a great balance going on between pushing yourself, but not too much, and just trying your best!

    Here’s to being happy and healthy and hopefully getting more sleep in the coming months!

  2. Yeah girl! I’m so proud of you for the “do your best” attitude!! I know how hard that is so I admire that shift in mindset.

    Also, tell Sarah I have the same purple shirt. Twins!

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