A Beautiful Mess

I woke up this morning and looked into the sleeping face of my husband.  I then looked into the sleeping face of a curly-haired little boy, a stuffed Elmo… and two fuzzy cats.  Yes, it was a full house.  I had about two inches of space allotted to myself on the Queen-sized bed and had slept with my right arm tucked underneath my body so that it didn’t hang over the edge.  That had resulted in my aforementioned arm falling asleep.

So I just lay there…stuck.

It was almost nice, to be honest.  There were a million things that I had to do, but I had to just lie there until the little guy woke up.  (Leaving him asleep in bed with my husband isn’t the safest of options, since Nate literally can sleep through a fire alarm).  So it was like being forced to sleep in.  (The only thing that would have made things better would have been if my bed were three times bigger, there was blood flowing through my arms so that I could reach out and itch my nose, and if there was a maid service available to bring me coffee and a blueberry muffin).  But all things considered, it was rather nice to be able to just lie there.

Sometimes, when you’re a mom, you just have to count your blessings!

The night before had been a bit rough, because Brady was super clingy and emotional.  He’d fall asleep in my arms, but then wake up crying hysterically whenever I tried to put him down.  I ended up just snuggling in bed with him until he fell asleep, at which point it was 10pm (which resulted in my deciding that I didn’t have the motivation or energy to crawl out of bed and wash makeup off my face).  So needless to say, my plan to blog before bed didn’t happen.  And I woke up with a pale face and dark eyeliner and mascara smudged around my eyes.

Nate opened his eyes at one point and murmured,  “You’re so pretty.”

“Oh, well, that’s good to know,” I said.  “I didn’t realize you were into the gothic look.”

We laughed.  (You know, one of those I-didn’t-get-enough-sleep type laughs that makes tears run down your face, even though the cause for it really wasn’t that funny).  Both cats glared at us in disgust, horrified that we’d be so disruptive this early in the morning.  And Brady sleepily opened an eye before sitting upright and exclaiming, “Hello, Daddy!”  (He still insists on calling us both daddy).

It was time for our day to officially begin…

I was a mess.  I was exhausted.  My arm was asleep.

But I honestly couldn’t have been happier.  Sometimes, there’s nothing like waking up to a bed filled with your loves! (Although I still would have liked that blueberry muffin).

Or a cupcake.  A cupcake will always do!




8 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mess

    1. We did! 🙂 Brady went to bed promptly at 7:30pm and slept ALL night, waking up around 7am. It was just the sleep / rest that this mama needed!!

    1. Oh, I have my days, trust me! 🙂 Lack of sleep really hits us moms hard sometimes… I try to see the humor but I definitely have cranky days too. 😉
      I hope you get more sleep tonight!!

    1. I made banana muffins today, so I got my muffin fix! Still working on the king sized bed situation… 😉 Ha, ha! But I guess smaller beds are better for snuggling. 🙂

  1. I just adore the way you share the reality of motherhood–the hard stuff, the funny stuff (Brady calls you both daddy, LOL), and the little moments that make your heart so full. What a beautiful mess!

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