Let’s Get Summer Started!

If it were possible to fit summer into one day, yesterday would have been it.  Honestly, I’m not sure if there has been a more perfect Father’s Day spent with my hubby and Dad (despite the fact that I ordered their gifts too late and so I had nothing to give them on their special day).

*insert sheepish grin*

Still, it was one of those lazy, summer days that seem to drag on forever… but not in a bad way.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m on vacation now, so I’m taking a bit more time to smell the roses.  😉  But colors just seemed brighter.  The sun felt warmer.  Time slowed down a bit, and it was easier to just live.

I’m sure that the Starbucks coffee didn’t hurt anything either…  😉  Gosh, it doesn’t get any more refreshing than that!  It’s as though someone bottled sunshine, happiness, and a burst of energy into a jug.  (These bottled, Starbucks iced coffees are becoming a treat for my family’s get-togethers; but no one tells anyone else whose ‘job’ it is to pick some up.  So we ended up with three jugs this time.  Ha, ha.  Sooo yummy!!).

(No, Starbucks didn’t sponsor this post; but if they want to send me free coffee, I totally wouldn’t object).  🙂

Wait, what were we talking about before I got side-tracked by coffee?  Oh, right!  Smelling roses…

I struggle with that a lot… slowing down and just living in the moment.  I feel as though I’m doing better, but I want this summer to be all about that.  Although we’ve made some fun plans for the upcoming warm months, I’m looking forward to waking up and realizing that I have absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to be for the day.

That goes against everything within my Type-A personality, but – at the same time – I’m learning to appreciate some down-time in my life.  I’m realizing that there are benefits to spontaneous moments.  To quiet moments.  To moments that happen because they’re meant to and not because they were planned.

And this summer?  I want free time for soaking toes, licking icecream cones, climbing playgrounds, grilling burgers, exploring beaches, blowing bubbles, and watching movies.  Oh and water fights!

I’d forgotten how much fun it is to chase my sister around the house with a water ‘gun’.  😉  Of course, Nate saw it as an opportunity to join in the fun and drench me in return.  (We’re not competitive at all).  Ha, ha!

Thank goodness Brady didn’t mind sharing his Dory-inspired water toys, because we had way more fun with them than he did.

Or maybe it was a tie…

Yeah, I just have good feelings about this summer…

And if it’s as good as today was, then I think the summer of 2016 will be pretty special.




9 thoughts on “Let’s Get Summer Started!

  1. I know you mentioned on Instagram that you didn’t just love the green nail polish, but I love that it matches the Starbucks logo! You are like a walk advertisement for them! 😉

    Nate’s expression in that Dory-toys photo! You guys look fierce! I’m glad all of you had so much fun together! And spending father’s day with Nate and your dad is awesome! So special. 🙂 I hope this summer is full of many stop-and-smell-the-roses moments!

    1. I officially didn’t hate the nail polish color as much, once you pointed out that it matched the Starbucks logo! LOL! 🙂
      And I agree, Nate really pulled off the intense look quite well. Ha, ha!
      (P.S. I have a half-finished email for you that will hopefully be sent out tomorrow! 🙂 Brady is going through a sleep regression, and he’s been going to bed past 8:30pm… and then waking up around 6am. So needless to say, this mama has virtually no free time these days. So I’ve been writing bits and pieces!). 🙂

  2. ahhhh I will never get over how adorable and loving and fun your family is!

    When you talked about there being a benefit to spontaneous moments that weren’t planned, oh girl, you know that hits home! I’ve been learning that over the last six months or so. I’m feeling MUCH better and I’m glad you’re experiencing the same! Long distance high five for that! Aw heck, let’s just hug it out!

    Will sibling movie nite continue over the Summer or will you guys do something different?

    Hope the fun continues for you allllll Summer long!

    1. Long distance high five right back to you! Look at us, learning how to be more spontaneous! I’m SO proud of us!! 🙂
      I’m not entirely sure about movie night, to be honest. We’ve had to cancel the last few weeks… And Brady is going through a sleep regression, so his bedtime has been pretty late (while we like him to be asleep by the time we start a movie). So we’ll have to see! I’d hate for it to end, so we’ll have to figure something out. 🙂
      And I hope this is the BEST summer yet… for both of us!!

  3. Looks like you have a great summer planned! I’m planning to spend lots of time at the park with my girls (to help make up for our distractedness with our new business!). This is the first summer I’m realizing how SHORT the summer really is. I’m planning to treat myself to some down time, get back to eating healthy so I can feel better, and I’m working on a new exercise program to heal my diastasis. It’s hard to squeeze in all the fun things too…taking the kids to the fair, getting time at a pool, my daughter’s 4th birthday party…

    Can’t wait to read more posts about your adventures!

    1. Those are some GREAT goals for this summer! It probably will go by fast, so it’s good to have some plans and expectations. It’s easy to get caught up on being busy (goodness, I sure know), so it’s great to also focus on sitting back and just enjoying the warmer days sometimes.
      (And wow, I can’t believe your daughter is already turning 4)! 🙂

  4. This post makes me so happy! I love that you guys ended up with three jugs of Starbucks iced coffee! That’s amazing, haha. Also, how funny that you guys enjoyed Brady’s water toys as much as he did! That’s the best 🙂

  5. This looks like such a fun start to summer. Slow family days are the absolute best! I hope I slow down and enjoy the little things more this summer too.

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