You Know You’re the Mom of a Toddler When:

1.  Your house exists in three stages – messy, messier, and oh-my-gosh-we-live-in-a-barn.

2.  The messy version of your house starts to feel clean, because it’s only messy.  There are two much worse levels…

3.  You realize that there are benefits to the toys scattered about your living room floor.  It distracts visitors from your crazy hair and the bags under your eyes.  “Oops, I’m sorry there are so many lego’s scattered about.  Why don’t you carefully watch your feet and try not to look at my face too much…”

4.  You’ve got mom guns and can lift a 30 lb toddler while carrying groceries, talking on the phone, and dodging pets.  America Ninja Warrior has nothing on you.

5.  You’re really good at picking up stuffed animals with your feet.  (Anything to avoid doing one more squat while holding your little one… who – for the record –  doesn’t feel all that little anymore).

6.  You wear leopard print, not because it makes you look fierce, but because the pattern hides milk stains, chocolate stains, poop stains, Popsicle stains, and gravy stains.  Leopard print is the ultimate stain hider.  It’s like precious gold in cloth form.

7.  If you close your eyes, you can see spots.

8.  Forget heels, polish, lip gloss, and jewelry.  Your epitome of THE perfect night is now a hot bath, bubbles, flickering candlelight, and a bowl of peanut m&m’s.  Ahhh, feel that stress slip away…

9.  If you don’t have time for the hot bath, bubbles, or flickering candlelight, then the peanut m&m’s will do!

10.  Caffeine is your best friend.  You love it even more than you love leopard print.  Or m&m’s even!


You have more love in your heart than you know what to do with.  🙂



14 thoughts on “You Know You’re the Mom of a Toddler When:

  1. Haha I have never seen a more perfect list to show you’re a mom than this one. I can so relate to the three stages of messy. My husband is also always commenting on how I pick everything up with my feet. Now at least I know it is just a mom thing. :p

  2. Love this! Especially the leopard print!! So true. Whenever I wear black I regret it. Shows kid snot like nothing else.

    Is Brady really 30 lbs??? Man no wonder you are getting buff. Alsea is 21 lbs, but she’s definitely on the small end of the scale.

    1. Yes, Brady is a big boy… 😉 The kid likes to eat. Ha, ha! I feel bad, because he likes me to hold him and walk around at night when he’s sleepy. But he’s getting too heavy for me to do that much longer! My arms just can’t handle it…

  3. Love this post! My little guy is only 3 weeks old, but I know I’ll join you in toddler world before too long! Guess I should go ahead and get some leopard print now! I’m already good to go with the peanut m&m’s!! Have tried the new coffee nut m&m’s…so good!!

    1. Ha, ha. Yes, definitely stock up on leopard print! 🙂
      (Wait, there are coffee nut m&m’s?!? I’ve never even heard of them!! But it’s the best of both worlds! Coffee AND m&m’s in one candy? Yes, please! I need to find them…).

    1. Thank you, Rachel! I’ve painted my nails twice in one month, and that’s huge for me. 😉 I’ve rarely done them since Brady was born, but I’m trying to do it once in awhile now. It makes me feel pampered and a little more feminine (a.k.a. human). 🙂

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