Gone Fishing

Not really…


But “gone fishing” sounds better than “gone unplugging”, so there you go…  For the month of May, I’ll be “gone fishing”… although I’ll be doing absolutely everything but fishing.

Does that make sense?  (Please understand that sleep has been hard to come by lately, so my sense of humor has been a lot cheesier lately).

I just really, really need to unplug this month.  I need to brainstorm and sit with a clean notebook in my hands and let the creativity run wild.  Every once in awhile, I just get tired of staring at a laptop and at my phone, and so I decide to take a break from them for a few weeks.  It just feels good to do that sometimes.  (I still have to check Facebook Messenger and email occasionally, because that’s how most people touch base with me.  But still, I’ll be checking that a lot less

However, I’ll still be updating Instagram; so you should definitely follow me at Just Live It Blog to see what we’re up to.  🙂

I always miss blogging when I take these breaks, but – at the same time – I always come back feeling refreshed and inspired.  🙂  I’ll be back the first week of June, and there will be a fun summer ahead (which makes for great blogging material).  I have three, two-night vacations planned for this summer, AND I’ve signed up for an awesome 5k.  Plus Crazy Cooking with Nicole and Sarah vlogs will finally be back as well.

(While we’re on the subject of blogging material, leave a comment and let me  know if there’s anything that you’d specifically like me to cover when I’m back to blogging again!  Is there anything that you want me to write or vlog more about)??

For now, I’ll be chasing around a toddler, prepping for a piano recital, and enjoying the last bit of a Dunkies gift card.  😉

See you all in June!  Until then, just live it!!!  🙂


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