Let’s Go On a Date

I have to laugh sometimes…

I mean, there are ‘those days’ during which I feel my patience being stretched just a bit too thin.  Because – let’s face it – all moms have days like that from time to time.  But still, can we pause a moment to reflect on the fact that most us of us are living a life so much more entertaining than reality TV?   Or even a TV sitcom?

It’s hilarious.  And chock-full of learning opportunities.  And sometimes maddening; but those make for the best stories afterward, so it’s all good, right?  🙂  There are times that you have to be real and have that cry.  But there are other times that it’s just not worth stressing over the spilled milk, and you just have to laugh.

Or shake it off!

(See that reddish dot on the lower side of my face?  That’s totally a blob of spaghetti sauce that followed me from lunch… to the mall and then to the movies.  No, I didn’t invite Mr. Blob to come with me on my date, but he decided to play third wheel anyway.  It’s a classy addition to this classic photo, I know!).  

One of the ways that I refresh and give myself the attitude jumpstart I need – when it’s needed – is go on a date with the hubby.  (Making time for morning devotions and exercise are huge mood boosters too, AND I couldn’t survive my day without prayer)!  But my husband is my best friend, and the reason why I’m the mom to a beautiful little boy.  Quality time with him is everything sometimes.

When you’re a parent, it’s SO easy to forget that you and your soulmate should put each other first… (I feel almost guilty even writing that, because every bone in my mommy body fights it.  But it’s true.  My husband does have to come first).

I actually have a friend who has a rule that – while there are pictures of her children throughout the home – there are no pictures of the children in the bedroom she shares with her husband.  At first, I balked at that idea and thought it strange.  But she later explained that it’s to remind her that she first vowed to love her husband, and that their marriage needs to always come first.

I’m not sure that I’d take it to the extreme that I can’t have pictures of Brady in the bedroom, but I completely understand the point she’s trying to make.  I just have one child right now, but he is my entire world.  Still, my marriage should always come first; because if it does, Brady will grow up in a home surrounded by stability, commitment, and love.

Nate and I are partners in this journey called life.  We are strongest when we’re together!

But let’s face it, when you’re running around the house wiping snot off of little boogie noses, cleaning up stinky diapers, and washing load after load of laundry, it’s hard to remember the romance that brought you together.  That’s where the little quote “marriage takes work” comes in.  You’ve got to work at making quality time, romance, and friendship a priority!

This past weekend, my mom babysat the little guy so that Nate and I could have an entire day to ourselves.  An entire day!  (Not gonna lie, we originally asked her to babysit, so that we could spring clean a few rooms.  😉  Instead, we decided to play hooky, because we so desperately needed some fun time together).

The day was a serious flashback to our dating days; because it was simple, and silly, and somehow perfect.

When we were dating, Nate and I always did random things, and our day together this past weekend was no different.  😉  The important thing really is to laugh and to not take yourself too seriously.  Or at least I told Nate that, because I wanted to convince him to join me in posing beside grills and ovens in a local Sears.

(“Smile, Nate.  Being silly is good for our marriage!”).  

After enjoying food at a local restaurant for which we had a gift card, we decided to end the afternoon at the movies.  It was Nate’s turn to pick, since I chose a Disney cartoon last time; and he picked 10 Cloverfield Lane.  I really can’t do psychological thrillers, and – although I’m sure this was pretty mild when compared to other movies – it still freaked me out.  I hid my face in Nate’s shoulder a few times and whispered to him, “We should have gone to see a comedy!”

Never again, my friends.  Never again.  😉

Life does feel like a crazy TV show sometimes.  Or a wild ride.  But holding onto the people we love reminds us to see the good, to focus on the positive, and to laugh until our ribs hurt.  It’s medicine for the soul, and it’s why God created family in the first place.  He knew that we’d need each other.

I know that I need my husband more than words could say.  And spending such a simple, fun day with him over the weekend was just what this mama needed!  🙂










4 thoughts on “Let’s Go On a Date

  1. So glad you got a fun date day!! Strangely enough, we don’t have any pictures of the kids in our bedroom. I don’t feel like we made a big rule, but everytime I would mention maybe putting some in there, my husband would say, “Nah.” I make a pretty big effort to keep our room from turning into the junky catch all of the house, so it really is a haven for us.

    1. Our bedroom has always been a junk-catch for laundry and such, but I’m turning that around by redoing the bedroom! I agree, you need that haven at the end of the day. 🙂 I’ve been deep cleaning it and decorating it to make it cozy. I think it’s important for married couples to have that!

  2. Oh girl, you are brave for seeing a movie like that. I wouldn’t have made it 5 minutes, haha! I do love the picture of you guys in black & white – perfect!

    I’ve heard other people say the thing about not having pictures of their kids in their bedroom and I’ve thought it was a good reminder. If nothing else, it’s causing you to be intentional and think about why you’re doing something.

    I’m so glad you guys had such a good date day! It sounds like it was definitely needed!

  3. Haha I died over the spaghetti sauce blob worn all day… that is something I would totally find on my face at the end of the day. Glad you got out for a date with your hubby. You are so right about how important (and often difficult) it is to put your marriage before your kids.

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