Mommy’s Night In

This meme pretty much sums up my life right now…


Don’t laugh, but I’ve perfected the art of eating breakfast in the shower.  It’s actually not as hard as you might think (just as long as I forego shaving my legs.  But seriously, who shaves their legs in March anyway, am I right?).  😉

The struggle to make time for myself is real, but it’s a worthy cause.  (I realize this, even though I – like many moms – need to do a better job at having the time to unwind and refresh a bit).  Honestly, ‘me time’ – no matter how simple it may be – makes me a better mom and wife.  It means renewed patience, enthusiasm, and energy.

It’s a new outlook on life and a greater appreciation for what I have.


I had my bestie Liz over last weekend for a mom’s night in that included healthy (but also yummy) snacks, nail polish, lots of girl talk, and a chic flick.  Our babies slept; while we laughed, chatted, and just took the time to sit down and relax.  I mean, what else could a girl ask for??

Speaking of yummy treats, have you tried these Yasso frozen yogurt bars before?

Chocolate Fudge Yasso

The chocolate ones taste like fudgicles…  Sooooo yummy!

Plus there are only 80 calories per bar, which means you can totally eat two of them for less calories than one bowl of icecream.  Not that we’d do that…  But okay, sure we did.  😉  Hey, what happens at mommy’s night stays at mommy’s night!  (Until I blog about it and tell the entire world about our fudgicle-eating ways).

Our movie of choice was Mom’s Night Out.  Gosh, I love that movie!  It’s such an honest – and hilarious – reminder that being a mom is tough… but so worth it.  It was my second time watching it, and I think I might have enjoyed it even more the second time around.  (And I’ve already told Nate that I’d love my very own copy for Mother’s Day).  😉

At the end of the night, I had pretty nails and a renewed sense of purpose.  I felt healthy, inside and out!  🙂

I SO need nights like that sometimes…  I wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything in the entire world, but sometimes I just need that time to step back and be refreshed!

Have you seen Mom’s Night Out?  



3 thoughts on “Mommy’s Night In

  1. I loooove Yasso bars! I always buy them and then somehow eat them all before my husband gets any! So then I buy more and the same thing just keeps on happening….poor hubby!

  2. So, so glad you got the chance to take care of yourself and hang out with a friend! Taking that time to just relax can be tough (especially as a mom, I’m sure!!), but it is 100% worth it because like you said, it makes you better because you’re refreshed!

    I haven’t had a Yasso bar, but it sounds great!!

    Also Mom’s Night Out is SUCH a great movie. It had me laughing and crying and smiling the whole way through!

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