Leap Day 2016

I have to say, there should be a Leap Year more than every four years, because today was pretty awesome.  🙂

Our winter here in New England has been incredibly mild this year, and we really didn’t even have any major snowstorms.  Like not any…  How is that even possible?

I’m not complaining, of course!  I like snow for Christmas, and maybe a storm or two in January.  But after that?  I start to count down to spring…  And this year, we’ve had springlike weather already.  In fact, today, the temps almost reached the 50’s!

What, what?!?  🙂

Brady woke up this morning, ran to the window, and pointed outside exclaiming, “Dat!  Dat!  Dat!”  He was more than ready to go outside and play.  I made an iced coffee, poured it into my favorite travel cup, and off we went to play in the woods.

We walked about 2 miles, but it was slow-paced since we had to stop and pick up every other pine cone and rock.  😉  I didn’t mind.  It just felt really good to be outside in such warm weather.

Rain arrived later in the afternoon, so we spent the rest of the day playing.  Somehow Brady managed to take off his shirt… which led to his discovering his belly.  😉  He was quite intrigued.

I couldn’t stop laughing…

I finished off the day with a 1 1/2 mile run in the basement.  It’s definitely tougher than it should be, BUT slow and steady wins the race.

SUCH a good day!!  I can’t wait for the next Leap Day.  😉  Ha, ha!


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