Pinning It

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Pinterest post!  As I’m busy planning to host Easter dinner at my house, here are some things that have caught my eye recently…  🙂

I want one of these right now!  🙂  YUM!!

Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes - I've already made these twice and I'm making them again tomorrow for company! Just like that classic cake your grandma made but in cupcake form!:


From salsa jar to bunny vase!  How creative.

Before and After DIY Easter Bunny Vases from Recycled Jars:


How pretty is this multi-layered cake?

This Easter Cake recipe is easy to make, pretty to look at and fun to eat! It is covered with a fluffy vanilla bean frosting.:


This cotton-tail bunny frame would be SO easy to make, and it’d be cute on a mantel or a coffee table in need of some spring decor.

Book Page Bunny Art. The website from which this image was pinned said, "While the post is in German, it’s not hard to see how to make this super cute book page bunny art. A great piece that is easy to make and perfect for the entryway or mantel. ":


How adorable is this sock bunny craft?



I’m not talented enough to do these nails, but I’ll bet some of you ladies are!  🙂

Best Easter Nail Designs for Girls | Young Craze:


This would be a fun activity for the kiddo’s!   (Granted, my little guy is too little for scavenger hunts right now…  But he’ll probably have fun trying to find plastic eggs).

Once the Easter baskets have been torn apart and the egg hunt is over, you can entertain the kids with this free Easter Scavenger Hunt printable.:


And we can’t forget the spring fashion!!  🙂  Here are some cute outfit ideas…



9 casual pastel Easter outfit ideas to try - Page 2 of 9 -


Such a great color of jeans and the detailed cardigan is really nice.:


Just a Tina Bit: Falling for Florals:


Who else is excited that spring is just around the corner?!?  🙂


10 thoughts on “Pinning It

  1. There’s something wrong with that colorful cake… no sprinkles!!! haha

    I’m totally ready for Spring, mostly because I’m ready to get OUTSIDE!!! (And I hate Spring… it’s my least favorite season, so that’s saying something!)

    1. That’s too funny, that’s what I thought when I saw it too! A cake that colorful definitely needs sprinkles! 🙂
      That’s right, I forgot that you weren’t a fan of spring. You must REALLY just be ready to get outside then. Ha, ha. I feel the same way about needing the warm sunshine to get here. I want to play outside every day! Ha, ha.

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