Just Gotta Laugh

Holding onto sanity when you’re the mom of a toddler is rather like wrestling a crocodile… while you’re talking on the phone, chewing breakfast, and folding laundry.  It’s this unbelievably amazing experience that takes your breath away (along with your sleep, body, and fashion sense).

Oh, yeah, I totally meant to wear my sweatpants inside out, along with my clunky winter boots.  It’s kind of the fashion now.  …or it will be once I’m done rocking this look.


You kind of just learn to not care.  (And when something happens that is maybe a little bit more on the embarrassing side than normal, you just have to wait five minutes.  You’re way too busy juggling life’s to-do list to remember something that made your face turn red).

Oh gosh, that was embarrassing.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to live this one down.  I don’t…  Oh, look, we have five eggs left!  I can totally just make scrambled eggs for dinner.  But first, laundry!  Oh, wait, the baby’s awake…  Wait, what was I worried about, again?

Such is the life of a desperately happy housewife.  Life is good… but you are oh-so-losing your mind!  But although there are moments during which your tears mix with the hot spray of a morning shower, you honestly wouldn’t change a thing.  Because when you snuggle your precious baby close, you know that you’re holding a miracle; and the love you feel cannot be explained.

So you learn to laugh at the ‘mommy moments’, whether it be involving your fashion mixups, inability to form sentences, or your adventures in the grocery store.

Oh, that’s right…  I haven’t told you about my grocery store adventure yet.

First of all, can we pause a moment and reflect on how awesome it is – as a mom – to go grocery shopping alone?  I sip my coffee… I people watch… I share sympathetic looks with other moms who are chasing after their hyper children….  It’s kind of like ‘me time’ while being surrounded by chocolate, potato chips,  bread, cheese, and icecream.

Oh yeah, and veggies.  There are veggies there too.

Anyway, I had apparently decided to walk down aisles at just the same pace as a male shopper, because we kept running into each other halfway down each aisle.  That wouldn’t have been such a big deal had he not made a big deal of it.  But he made eye contact every single time, gave me this smile that I knew was meant to be flirtatious, and even winked once.

I’m not sure what was more awkward…  The fact that this flirtatious man had his son with him. Or the fact that he was a skinner version of Fabio.

There was no disputing the fact that he was strutting his stuff and of the opinion that he was ‘all that’.  After a few aisles of smiling and nodding (during which I seriously contemplated skipping an aisle just to avoid him and this awkwardness), his son happened to run right in front of my carriage.  He called the boy over to his side and then sent me a toothy grin and said, “I am SOooo sorry.”

Wait for it… wait for it…  He quickly tosses his head to throw hair off his face.  

Now I should have shrugged and said, “No worries.”  Or “It’s okay!”  But instead, I said, “Oh, you’re fine!” which is something I tend to say to let someone know that no apology is necessary.

But then I kept repeating it.  It’s like something in my brain broke, and I was a skipping record stuck on the same phrase.  I probably told him about five times that he was fine.  

You’re fine…  You’re fine… You’re fine… You’re fine…

Meanwhile, as I was speaking, in my head I was telling myself to stop opening my mouth already.  Seriously, Nicole!  The guy already thinks he’s a model.  Now you’re telling him that he’s fine??  Stop talking!!

It was one of those ‘too exhausted to function’ type moments more than anything else.   He honest-too-goodness wasn’t my type… AT ALL.  I mean, even before I was in a committed relationship, I always said that I’d never date someone who was prettier than me.  😉  And, as you already know, I am madly in love with my husband.  So put those two things together, and I promise that I wasn’t flustered at all because of a sudden crush.  Nor was I trying to flirt.

No, I was just having a desperate housewife, embarrassing moment.

I finally ducked my head and ran (because – at this point – he was even looking a little weirded out).  I skipped two aisles and finished my shopping in peace.  I then made my way home, rushed into my kitchen, and exclaimed to my husband, “I’m never going grocery shopping without you again!”

Lack of sleep, balancing too many things, and not having much down-time can definitely mess with a mom’s mind.  But you know what?  Sanity is a small thing to give up for someone so beautiful and precious!

And after all, the crazy moments sure do make for some great blog posts!  🙂






5 thoughts on “Just Gotta Laugh

  1. Oh goodness! What an experience! I just want to know how much success he’s had at picking up women at the grocery store! So odd! I’m glad you’re able to just laugh it off! I have so many awkward moments and I’m so bad at letting them go. But I mean, what else can you do, but laugh? 🙂

  2. Oh this post made me laugh!! Being a mom sure makes for awkward moments, whether it’s because your kids are present or because you’re so exhausted that you start doing weird things. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten my kids date of birth at the dr office. “I swear they are mine!! I’m just too tired to remember when they were born!”

  3. Haha so funny! I hate when I say something without thinking and then regret it the whole way home. I think it should be automatically excused for overtired moms. 🙂

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