Jumpstart – The Weight Loss (Part 2)

I tend to be an ‘all-in-or-nothing’ type person.  That’s why starting a workout regimen or healthy eating lifestyle tends to be so difficult.  Once I have a routine going, I hate missing a daily run, and I’ll do whatever I can to make sure I get one in.  But it is SO tough to get to that point if I’ve lost the habit.  Because when I’m not in the routine of working out, if I mess up – even a little bit – I usually think, “Oh, well, I’ll start again on Monday.”

Oh, wait, everyone else in the world does that too?

I'll start dieting Monday. Swear. Wait.. Do I smell brownies?!? :: xLaurieClarkex~ visit www.hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com for the original meme ;-):

So much for thinking that I had a revolutionary thought.  😉

Knowing my tendency to do this, however, encouraged me to undertake my get-healthy journey a little bit differently this time around.  Because I always see getting healthy as a lifestyle commitment, it’s easy for me to push off the changes for another week.  I always think, “Eh, I’ll just start next week.  I have the rest of my life to get this figured out, so what’s a few more days?”

But what if I had an actual end-date in mind?

Soooooo, although my plan is to adopt an exercise and healthy eating routine that I can incorporate into my life (for the rest of my life), I decided to pick a date as my grand finale of sorts.  At the end of August (the exact date is still to be decided), Nate and I will go out to eat at a nice restaurant, and we’ll stay overnight in a hotel.  An adorable new dress will also be a must… of course!

I haven’t thought of what the special day should be called, but it makes complete sense in my mind anyway.  🙂  Just like my wedding day was major incentive for me to work out and eat healthy, this special night away with my hubby will be encouragement to make time for my physical well-being.  This will remind me of how important it is to make that time to work out and eat healthier, even if it might not be what I feel like doing at times.

And hopefully, once the day arrives, my exercise and healthier eating routines will be habits!  

Here’s the thing…  I think this is going to work!  My alarm went off bright and early yesterday morning, and my first instinct was to ignore it.  But then I thought about the warm sun of August and about buying a brand new dress to celebrate a healthier me.  And, my friends, it gave me the motivation to jump out of bed and run nearly 2 miles before Brady woke up for the day!  🙂

This morning, I wasn’t able to run early in the day, because of a super early appointment.  But I made it out for a 2 mile walk this afternoon!

I don’t have a definite amount of weight that I plan to lose.  I don’t have a pant size that I need to fit into.  It’s just about making the time to feel healthy again!  So often, I come up with excuses that revolve around not having time or energy.  But if I feel healthy and fit, then I’ll only be happier, which will – in turn – make me an even better wife and mom.

Eventually I want to increase the days I work out, as well as add to the miles I run / walk.  (I’d also like to add some weight training at some point).  But I’m starting off slow, because I can’t exercise to the point that I crash later on.  (I have a very energetic little boy who I need to keep up with during the course of the day).

So my goal for the time being is to exercise three days a week.  Now I don’t want to tackle my eating habits too early on, because I get insanely hungry when I first start working out.  I kid you not…  For the first two weeks, I eat like a starving teenage boy, because I am literally hungry ALL the time.  But once my appetite settles, I will start to really focus on things like portion sizes and healthier snacks.  (I am already going to try to drink more water though, because that will help me keep my hunger in check.  😉  And I’m focusing on reaching for healthier snacks – like fruit or whole grains – when I’m feeling hungry).

Over these next few weeks / months, I’ll keep you all updated as to my progress, challenges, successes, and current goals!



10 thoughts on “Jumpstart – The Weight Loss (Part 2)

  1. Aw! What a great idea that you’re giving yourself a date with your hubby as an incentive to get in gear! I know what you mean about wanting to create a lifestyle that you can still LIVE with, but this sounds like a great start! Plus, I think once you start seeing/feeling results, you’ll probably want to stick to a healthier lifestyle even more 🙂

  2. I like your plan of having a specific big date to look forward to. It’s like a Victory Night! You are going to rock these goals! Especially as you start to feel better as you are exercising. I am the same way about being RAVENOUS when I first start a new exercise routine. It helps me to have lots of healthy snacks on hand and no junk food in the house. I know you aren’t too concerned with eating right now, but if you need inspiration for good quick snacks that keep you full, our favorites are: boiled eggs, beef jerky, hummus with carrots, and unsweetened Greek yogurt. 🙂 Anyway, you’ve got this, friend! I’m so proud of you for getting up and getting moving even when it’s not easy!

  3. I’m trying to do something similar-no amount of weight or strict diet, just be healthier. This year I actually get a summer vacation and we’re going to be at the beach, so that’s my motivation!

  4. Go you! It sounds like you have a great and sustainable plan. I love that you are giving yourself some incentive and something to look forward to in August. Good luck – you’ll do awesome at this and feel your best this year!

  5. I love your plan of action. I have been trying to figure out what will work for my schedule now that I have two little guys at home. I think it is a great idea to pick an end date to look forward to. I can’t wait to read all of your updates, and see the cute dress that you pick out in August!

    1. Thank you, Melissa!! Having an end date is REALLY helping me out sooooo much! I ‘messed up’ a few times this week (gosh, why do I allow pudding and peanut M&M’s in my house), BUT the awesome thing is that I still worked out. It’s definitely about baby steps, and I’m happy with my week one. It wasn’t perfect, but it was BETTER! YAY!!!

  6. I think this is an awesome goal! Again, I love that you’re not set on a specific size or weight, but more set on feeling and being healthy. I think that makes all the difference! I am so excited for you for August now!

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