Jumpstart – The Weight Loss (Part 1)

hate talking weight loss or dieting on my blog, mainly because I’m a proponent of women loving their bodies.  I don’t believe there’s a magic number, shape, or size that we’re meant to be.  Also, I struggled with an eating disorder when I was 16 (something that I’ve yet to blog about), and I don’t want to ever trigger the struggle in anyone else.

But here’s the thing….

Sometimes, there does come a time when you have to lose a little bit of weight for your well-being.  And that’s the bandwagon that I’m  jumping on right now.  I’m not going to count calories or stand on the scale every-other-day.  I definitely want the focus to be on long term commitment and my overall health.  So while my focus isn’t on becoming ‘skinny’, I do know that I need to lose a little bit of weight.

I put on about ten pounds when I got married, because my guy likes meat and potatoes for dinner instead of salad.  😉  I also wasn’t living at the gym like I had been before.  But that was okay, because – quite frankly – my original routine was tough to keep up.  It’s not healthy if food and exercise is restricting your life, so I embraced a slightly curvier version of myself.  And it was great; because I still felt ultra healthy, had lots of energy, and felt confident.

(this is me and Nate back in 2008…  We look like a couple of kids!)

After Nate was assaulted three years ago, however, I started to stress eat for the first time in my life.  I exercised on and off, but I wasn’t committed to it.  My focus was on taking care of Nate, and – when we realized that he could no longer run due to his injuries – I kind of gave up the running as well.  (We had always done it together, and it was difficult – during that time – to do it without him).  So I put on another 10 pounds.

Then, just over a year ago, I jumped into the world of motherhood.  I already wasn’t committed to working out, and so it was really tough to get a routine going.  I had signed up for five 5k’s to encourage me to start working out, but I ended up just running the 5k’s… and not training for them at all.  *sheepish grin*  And with the rigorous and exhausting routine of caring for a newborn, teaching piano, keeping a home, and being a wife, eating healthy fell off the bandwagon as well.  I just didn’t have the time, or the energy, to go for a run and then prepare a well-balanced meal.

I easily put on another 10 pounds.

So while I like to say that I gained the Freshman Mom 15 pounds, I’ve definitely put on more than that over the past few years.  😉  Now I’m not obese by any means, and my doctor isn’t concerned.  Nate has always liked me curvy, so there isn’t even any pressure from that side.  (Yeah, my guy is insanely awesome).

(I have absolutely NO idea what I’m doing with my face here, other than the fact that I had just drank coffee… and I was hyper.  Ha, ha)!

But eating healthy and working out is something that I need to do for ME.  Although my focus isn’t on weight loss, I know that it will be the result of exercise and choosing healthier foods.  And I know that additional benefits will include more confidence and just all-round feeling better.  (Because let me clarify…  It’s not the curvier version of myself that is making me feel less-than-confident.  It’s the fact that I have less energy and that I don’t feel strong like I could.  I just don’t feel healthy, because I’m not taking care of my body like I should).  THAT is why I believe it’s so important for me to include weight loss (a.k.a. a healthier lifestyle) into the journey to find – and take care of – myself again!

I am well aware of how difficult it is going to be…

But I have a PLAN!  🙂

(… to be continued)



5 thoughts on “Jumpstart – The Weight Loss (Part 1)

  1. I look forward to hearing more about your plan!! Girl, I totally hear you on how exercising regularly and eating right make you feel so much better! I go to the gym every weekday morning (not always to lift or run, but if nothing else to at least MOVE) and on the days when I have to miss my workout, I notice. Especially if those days start to pile up on each other. I have more energy and feel way better if I’ve been able to exercise that day! And eating right does a world of good for my tummy and energy levels too! You’ve got this, friend!

  2. “It’s not healthy if food and exercise is restricting your life”—> SO TRUE! I could not agree more with what you said and also about how you want to feel and be healthy, and that you’re not trying to just lose weight and look a certain way. I wish more people had this mindset when thinking about health and wellness!

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