TV shopping

Winter has eased its way back to New England after a very mild start, and with it has come a dusting of white stuff.  And I couldn’t be more excited, because now I have a little buddy to play outside with.  🙂  Brady, like me, has absolutely no issues with going outside into the cold, as long as he’s bundled up well.

Although we don’t have enough snow to go sliding, Brady and I have had fun chasing snowflakes, making footprints, running through snowbanks, and slipping on ice.  Well, maybe that last part hasn’t been so fun…  But it’s all a part of the adventure that come with wintertime!  🙂

Our latest wintertime adventure, however, happened indoors and most definitely was not planned.  As many of you already know, Brady found the power button on the side of the television and proceeded to turn it on… and off…and on… and off… until the TV was properly fried.  Nate and I were more than a little stunned that our thirteen month old had so easily broke our TV, but we somehow managed to keep our cool.

I don’t know that anything surprises us anymore…  😉  He’s a stair-climbing, would-rather-be-running-than-walking, dancing little tater tot.  And he’s ever curious, which means he keeps us on our toes.  Although he’s only just over a year, silence already means trouble is brewing, and Nate and I have to make sure he’s always within our line of sight (no matter how dedicated we have been to baby-proofing).

Still, I was very proud of how calm Nate remained, when he realized that the TV was dead.  He proceeded to open a bag of chips and to start munching for the next 20 minutes.  (Apparently girls aren’t the only ones who stress eat).  😉

At first, we shrugged and decided to give up TV for awhile.  But then Nate thought about football.  We remembered our weekly movie nights with my sister.  I thought about how much Brady loves to snuggle with me in the afternoons while we watch Curious George together.  (Gosh, I cherish those 30 minutes during which he happily sits still and cuddles on my lap).  And although we do have the projector in the basement, we really can’t afford to heat the downstairs on a regular basis.

Sooooo, we figured out our budget and piled into the Jeep to go TV shopping.

We did end up finding a TV, although it’s smaller and not quite as good quality as the last one.  (Or at least that’s what Nate says…  He’s all into sound and picture quality and all that.  For me, as long as the TV can show Curious George, it’s a winner).  😉  But it seems to work just fine, and it will give me my relaxing half hour every day when Brady is content to watch Curious George.  😉  Plus Nate and I get to keep watching football, which is especially important now that our team is in the playoffs.

Soooo, yeah, I love our new TV!  Ha ha.

Oh, yeah, and now we have a baby gate going around the TV to keep it safe.  Ha, ha!


4 thoughts on “TV shopping

  1. Hahaha! The baby gate around the TV cracks me up! But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! Smart move. Glad you guys found a good TV for what you need! Maybe when Black Friday rolls around you can sell this one and get one that will be up to Nate’s standards. 😉 But either way, congrats on keeping your cool (both of you)!

  2. Little boys sure have a way of keeping us on our toes ;)… but hooray for a new tv! My little guy was obsessed with Curious George for the longest time, and it is still one of my favorite cartoons for toddlers. Glad you will keep getting your cuddle time in!

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