First vlog of 2016

My mom turned – ahem – 35 again the other day…  😉   And Brady broke our TV.  And Brady ‘meowed’ like a cat.  Sooooo, you know, I vlogged to capture the day’s memories.

Happy Birthday, Mom!


7 thoughts on “First vlog of 2016

  1. Ugh – I get so overwhelmed in the shampoo aisle. So many choices.

    Brady’s laugh!! So sweet. And his meow is so deep and serious. Love it!

    We have one cat door in our house. Their litter box is in the laundry room so we have a cat door on that door. To muffle the sound of the laundry machines and, umm, the smell of the litter box at times. 🙂

    Happy belated birthday to your mom!

    1. Right? It’s so unfair that each shampoo offers something that I’d like. Why can’t I find one shampoo that offers all the great qualities?
      And we first put a cat door in our house for the same reason (to hide the occasional smell of the cat’s litter box). 🙂 Then one day, I came home and Nate had put a cat door in our sliding screen door so that the cats can let themselves out onto the porch. Then he put one into our bedroom… I can’t remember why he did that (since we usually sleep with the door open anyway). I think he was just on a roll and was kind of obsessed with putting in cat doors. 😉 Ha, ha!

  2. Love the mason jars! I’ve wanted to get some for ages, but every time I pick them up, I remember that I live in a rainy country where we can never eat outside!

    1. Everything seems to taste better when served from a mason jar, doesn’t it? It’s too bad you can’t enjoy eating outside more… But you have beautiful scenery to make up for it! 🙂

  3. Ahh! We even use the same brand of shampoo! And like you know, I’m obsessed with Pioneer Woman too! So good to know that we are still the same (I’m trying to get over the shock of the Harry Potter thing, haha!).

    Brady’s little laugh! So cute! And the “meow”… killing me with the cuteness!

    Love seeing all the footage of your family together. You guys are awesome! Sarah has dance skillz! Happy birthday to your momma!

    1. Ha, ha, ha!! I’m so glad that you can still see me as a friend, even though our ‘one difference’ is something that you’re so in love with! 🙂

  4. First vlog of 2016… with your NEW camera?!?? Does it have the screen where you can see yourself while filming?

    Brady’s teeth! That laugh! He just hysterically laughs and then dead stops. hahahaha. Too funny.

    I envy your cat doors! I wish my bathroom had one. That sounds weird, I know, but for some reason, my two kitty dorkbobs are extremely curious as to what goes on in there and they’ll scratch at the door until I open it, at which point I leave, so they leave… Odd creatures.

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