New Year’s Eve 2015

As much as I absolutely adore everything about the holiday season, I can almost feel myself sigh with relief when it’s over.  The stores will settle a bit…  My house can return to a state of normalcy…  I’ll no longer eat like Santa trying to fill out his jolly red suit…  And life in general just slows down to a familiar – slightly more manageable – state of busy.

At the same time, one of my favorite ‘seasons’ begins with the arrival of New Year’s Eve.

I think I’ve gone out – or hosted a large party for friends – on New Year’s Eve only a handful of times, because I so cherish the simple tradition of ordering Chinese food with my parents, sister, and hubby.  We eat our fill, and then we play games before turning on the TV later that night to watch the ball drop in NYC.  It’s simple, delicious, and fun.  And, quite frankly, very much appreciated after the awesome craziness that Christmas usually is.

Normally my parents host the family get-together at their house, but they graciously agreed to come to me and Nate’s house this year.  (We figured that it would be easier to get Brady to sleep on time if we could put him to bed in his own crib).  Originally I had planned to pick up some fun party decor, but apparently the stores have skipped over New year’s and instead jumped to Valentine’s Day.  (I think Brady was slightly traumatized by all the pink…).

So I took my money and ran to the grocery store next store and bought a shrimp cocktail instead.  😉  Honestly, it was a WAY better way to spend my cash!  Yum!!

My parents are the ones who treat us to dinner (since they’re awesome like that), so I usually offer to make dessert.  I was just recovering from a stomach bug though (which hit one day after I recovered from a bad cold), so let’s just say that I kept dessert easy-peasy this year.  😉

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with fruit, chocolate, and sugar cookies, am I right?!?  🙂

Dessert isn’t the only thing that I decided to keep easy this year.  Normally I dress up cute and sparkly for the festivities, but I am a mom now.  So my plaid jammies were calling my name.

Soooooo, I may have worn my new Christmas sweater from The Loft… with my jammy bottoms.  That’s classy right there, folks!  (I’m not a drinker, so that’s a refreshing wine glass full of cranberry juice).  🙂

Another New Year’s Eve tradition is that my dad and sister pick up the food together.  They say it’s special bonding time.  My mom, Nate, and I are fairly certain that it’s their chance to swipe an extra egg roll and fried shrimp for themselves…  😉

Thankfully, there’s always plenty anyway!

Although we don’t believe in fortunes, opening our fortune cookies and sharing them is definitely part of the fun.  It was Brady’s first time having his own ‘fortune’, and – like a new mom – I felt a little choked up when I read it.

I pray that his fortune comes true.  🙂

A very serious game began once the little guy went to bed, and I lost quite badly.  (That’s usually how it works.  I’m generally not a huge fan of playing board games, and I tend to be quite bad at them).  But still, it was a ton of fun!

Here’s to a new year of health, happiness, faith, family, and fun!



14 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve 2015

  1. Happy New Year! I pray Brady’s fortune comes true, too!! That’s a good one. I knew a family that used to get Chinese food on NYE, too!! Is that a “thing” (like turkey on T-giv), or just something you guys have always done?

    I’m so sorry you got hit with a stomach bug! That is the worst. A few people from my church got it on Sunday and I’m hoping it doesn’t spread to everyone–eek! That’s the only thing I dislike about this time of year! Otherwise it’s beautiful. I am so with you on feeling relieved once things calm down after the holiday season to a normal busy level!

    Love your NYE outfit and cranberry juice in a wine glass!! Totally something I would wear and do 🙂

    1. Around here, the Chinese food places are SWARMED on NYE, and we have to order our food hours in advance. (If you try to order right around dinnertime, you probably won’t be eating until midnight). LOL! So that’s a good question… I wonder if it’s a New England thing, a state thing, or if other people around the country do it too? Now I need to look into this… Ha, ha.
      And I agree! I don’t like the flu and cold season at all (especially now that I have Brady). I honestly think it’s been rather bad this year, because we’ve had such unseasonably warm temps. That always seems to make the flu bug worse for some reason. Hopefully this recent cold front will take care of those germs. 😉

  2. Oh no! I can’t believe you got the stomach bug too! Girl, you need to stay healthy!

    That picture of Brady in the Valentine’s Day aisle cracked me up. He does look a little traumatized by all the pink! And that fortune for him… I’d tear up too! Precious!

    I love the way you guys celebrated. I so love that you get to see your family so much!

    1. I got hit hard, but I’m happy to say that I’m completely better now! 🙂 And thank goodness, neither Brady or Nate caught the cold or the bug from me. (I was quite shocked, but I’m definitely not complaining)! 🙂

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