Frothy Milk and Latte’s at Home

I’m not sure when I first tried a latte, but trust me when I say that I’ve been hooked ever since.  It’s my coffee beverage of choice, whether it be iced or hot…  Decaf or full caffeine.  Flavored or original…

I’d like a decaf with soy milk (or skim), if you please!  🙂

Sooooo I was kind of excited when Nate received an aerolatte milk frother for Christmas (along with four glass mugs).  Coffee was rather a theme for him this year, as he also received a coffee grinder that will make using his French press coffee maker that much easier.  It’s kind of like having our own little coffee shop at home (except it’s cheaper, and we get to choose the ingredients that go into our beverages).  AND, even though it’s his gift, it’s kind of like I got a new toy too.  😉

I mean, that’s not to say that I don’t absolutely love ordering coffee out. (Why is it that coffee always tastes better when someone else makes it?  Or when it’s served in a to-go cup?).  But honestly, I can’t complain about the coffee that’s served here at home.  It is quite good these days!

I tried out the milk frother this afternoon with some hot 1% milk (although I think vanilla soy milk would have been absolutely amazing) and decaf Keurig coffee.  Because I’ve been on such a peppermint mocha kick, I added a packet of mint Swiss Miss hot chocolate to the hot coffee before pouring it into my frothed milk.

It was soooo delicious, you guys!  It was the perfect treat for a rainy afternoon during which I’m trying to recover from this nasty cold!

Have you ever tried a milk frother?  What’s your coffee, go-to beverage of choice?


14 thoughts on “Frothy Milk and Latte’s at Home

  1. How fun that Nate got so many coffee gifts for Christmas! It’s the best when you can get a lot of things that pertain to your hobby (if that makes sense?!). Plus being married and getting to share toys is kind of awesome :). When Jimmy and I first got “into” coffee (maybe like 6 months ago?) we went hard. We gave always drank coffee, but now we’re into buying good beans and grinding it, etc. We have a milk frother too, and I don’t use it enough! They’re so much fun! I love your drink creation. That sounds so good. I hope you feel better!

    1. He was really excited about it! Now he’s talking about starting up his own coffee shop one day. 😉 Hey, it’s fun to dream!!
      And, yes, it really is fun receiving gifts that relate to a theme that you’re interested in! It’s especially fun trying all the new stuff out!
      What are your favorite coffee beans to buy? I love Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts (obviously), but someone recommended ‘365’ from Whole Foods.
      And thank you!! I’m finally on the upswing. 🙂 This was a rough, stubborn cold for sure… and I’m just hoping that the little guy doesn’t catch it!

      1. I would totally visit Nate’s coffee shop!! How cool would that be! Dreaming is the best, and really–you never know what God has in store 🙂

        Right now, my favorite beans are the “Eight O’Clock Coffee” brand, in the original flavor. They’re really good! The coffee has a nice, smooth flavor. To me, the beans taste like Starbucks, which is good because the Eight O’clock beans are 1/3 of the price!

        So glad to hear you’re staring to feel better! I’ll be praying Brady doesn’t catch it 🙂

  2. Those sound like some awesome Christmas gifts! I just bought a keurig last year for my birthday bit haven’t made anything too fancy yet.

    I’m a vanilla latte/frappe person. One of the local coffee shops here has the most AMAZING vanilla frappes. I’m addicted!

    1. Keurigs are so convenient; and I love that you can even buy teas, hot chocolate, and apple cider. There really is something for everyone. 🙂
      And, hmmmm, I LOVE vanilla latte’s! Do you usually order them hot or iced?

  3. We have a nespresso that has a milk steamer/frother and I have such a deep obsession. But as I literally sit here sipping my coffee from a local coffee shop, I’m nodding at your comment about coffee out. Something about that to go cup brings a little happy with each sip.

    1. I’ve always thought that the nespresso looked really neat! That’s so cool that yours has a milk steamer / frother built in! Steamed or frothed milk is soooo good!!
      But, yes, nothing better than treating yourself to a coffee out. 😉

    1. You would love it!! I’m definitely going to buy some actual coffee flavorings the next time I’m at a specialty store (or even HomeGoods and Target has them sometimes). It makes for a more indulgent coffee and is absolutely perfect for a quiet afternoon at home!! (If you get one, let me know how you like it)!! 🙂

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